Forex no deposit bonus 2019: detailed list and overview

As the Forex market keeps evolving and growing each day, so does the competition between brokers. They are trying their best to attract traders and make them stay as a result. Thus, you may often see the ‘Forex no deposit bonus 2019’ grabbing media headlines in digital space. Nowadays, more and more brokers are eager to offer you to obtain their no deposit welcome bonus. Just because they need to do something extra and keep their positions on the market. And, of course, as it always happens, people are going for it. They often perceive this as a great opportunity to received some free money and don’t expect negative consequences to follow at all. But isn’t free cheese always in a mousetrap? Let’s find it out together.

Nature of a no deposit bonus and the reason it was created

To start with, let us explain the essence of a no deposit bonus Forex 2019. And discuss why was it established by the brokers in the first place.

Worth admitting that those no deposit welcome bonuses are the most spread and widely known source of leverage for trading newbies. As that is presumably the easiest way to actually start trading on the Forex market without spending any of your own money. Moreover, with the help of the bonuses, brokers are creating a strong bond with the traders. They are establishing trustful relationships and show that Forex trading is not that risky and complicated. Well, at least they are trying to create an illusion of that…

Usually, you need to deposit funds to your account balance in order to start trading with the broker. However, in the case of no deposit bonuses, you don’t need to spend a cent of your money to start making a profit. As the amount of approximately €20 to €25 or $15 to $25 will be transferred to your account straightaway after the application for the bonus.

Beware: the issue-free process of funds withdrawal might be expected only if that is a reliable and trustworthy broker that has been on the market for a while and does not have any bad reviews from the users who have already been trading with it. Overwise, you shall be ready for the things to go wrong that will result in you losing money or maybe even owe the brokerage. 

Demo account vs. No deposit bonus

When it comes to novice traders, the choice between no deposit bonus trading and demo account trading is a constant struggle. As that is debatable which option will be the rational one in that case. Therefore, let’s discuss both and highlight the pros and cons of those.

Demo trading account

That is an option available on nearly all trading platforms. For instance, XM Forex broker allows the users to register a $30-worth demo account where they can start trading without actually spending money.

Among the advantages of such option we may indicate:

  • the lack of risk
  • the simple registration procedure
  • the flexible trading funds

No deposit trading bonus

That is yet another option the newbies are often going with. As you can trade on the real market without spending any of your money. But still, you can obtain experience of real-life trading.

Thus, the advantages of that option include:

  • the real trading experience
  • the limited risk
  • the possibility of profit gaining

However, the registration process for bonus usage might be a bit more complex, as you will most probably be required to provide personal information and complete verficiation with your mobile phone.

Legal updates and the best 2019 Forex no deposit bonus reviews

The financial market is a highly volatile and ever-changing matter. Thus, Forex brokers, being the part of it, are highly dependent on the governmental policies and regulations. Therefore, they are often affected drastically by the activities of the latter. The CySEC regulator, which stands for Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, proclaimed the limitation of the bonus issue for the brokers in 2017. However, the brokers are still allowed to offer other benefits to their users.

Meanwhile, the brokers that are regulated by other institutions like FCA or ASIC were not harmed at all. As they are legitimately allowed to offer bonuses to their clients. Therefore, that might be a good idea for you to try your luck with the Forex welcome bonus 2019.

Below you may find two brokers that have attractive bonuses you can obtain on the adequate means. When we are stating that bonuses are attractive, we mean that after a thorough analysis, we did not face any severe issues and pitfalls.

Get free bonus from XM

The full ranking of the new Forex no deposit bonus 2019

XM Group

XM No Deposit 30 USD Bonus – read an honest review


30 USD


MT4, MT5

Min. volume

0.01 Lots



Markets ZA South Africa No Deposit Bonus





Min. volume

2.5 lots



The table you just saw is based on several factors that you need to consider analyzing as well:

  • Size of the bonus. As if it is more than $50, it is most likely to be a scam.
  • Reliability of the broker. The stronger the reputation of a broker is, the more reliable it might be to obtain its bonus.
  • The expiration time of the no deposit bonus.
  • Opinions of the traders that have claimed the bonus. Users that have experienced anything negative won’t keep themselves from expressing that freely.

Welcome bonuses might be a great opportunity for amateurs to learn to trade, make mistakes without being obliged to pay for them. But still, before you decide to go with Forex no deposit bonus 2019 of any of the brokers on the market, you need to look through the details of such thoroughly and realize if all conditions and terms speak to you.

Again, we do not recommend you to obtain bonuses from unreliable brokers with a bad reputation, as that will definitely not get you anywhere good.

Forex No Deposit Bonus 2018

A general overview of Forex no deposit bonus 2019

The Forex market has experienced several ups and downs during the past few years. Thus, that is no surprise that brokers are still trying to recover and stabilize their positions on the market. And no deposit bonus 2019 Forex comes in handy here. As with it, brokers can create a metaphorical ‘hook’ for those who start to trade and does not want to spend lots of money.

Beware: when you see the no deposit bonus Forex $100 offer, that is when you need to become cautious and attentive. As it is unlikely that this broker is the reliable one. Of course, those platforms are seeking users’ attention and loyalty, but they simply cannot afford that amount of bonus to be given to anyone who registers an account with them.

Unreliable no deposit bonuses 2019

As was already mentioned, no deposit bonuses might be a two-sided coin. From one side, that might be a great starting point for the beginning traders. Yet from another, in case of the broker or the bonus essence is questionable, traders might not only fail to receive the bonus but to lose their own funds.

Getting unreliable free bonuses is one of the bad choices that you can make. Although, it may seem that such deals do not require any commitment or documents from you, sometimes things may turn the other way around and you will owe money to the brokerage. Before taking any deal, we would advise you to read terms and conditions of it and make sure that you will not be required to make any kind of deposit afterward or send your documents to unreliable brokers.

However, the bonus application procedure might vary. Thus, usually, you will be required to create an account, provide your name and valid email address. Sometimes, you might be asked to provide your passport details, which shall be done only after you have checked the reliability of the broker. But most of the times in order to obtain no deposit Forex bonus latest, there is no verification needed.

Some of the brokers do require you to verify your details, not just a telephone number before you will be able to get your free cash, so check twice if your broker is reliable. You can always browse our broker reviews category and find out what we think about a particular broker.

No deposit bonus 2019 application guide

Before you will apply for the no deposit bonus from any of the Forex brokers out there, you need to first:

  • Read carefully the terms and conditions before starting trading or accepting any promotion. It is advisable to download the Terms and Conditions document and ask your personal account manager for a piece of advice in case if needed. Do not hesitate for a minute even, as at the end of the day that is your money you are putting under risk.
  • Check whether the broker is licensed by any of the regulators. As it was already mentioned, even large no deposit bonuses worth nothing if the broker cannot be trusted. You will most likely not even receive it, if not lose your own funds even.
  • Keep in mind that there are some restrictions related to your country of origin, instruments you use, or which platform you are trading with. Make sure that your broker provides you with a widely free bonus account.
  • Don’t succumb to the word “free”. Be careful with those invitations to open accounts with a free bonus. Sometimes they are not really free as you need to deposit or achieve a certain trading volume to withdraw profit. Pay close attention to profit limitations.
  • Check Forex no deposit bonus withdraw profit 2019 conditions and whether they suit you. As that is often a case that brokers don’t allow you to withdraw funds until you reach a certain level.

How to read Terms and Conditions policy?

When you are trying to analyze the trustworthiness and profitability of a no deposit bonus, you might consider checking Terms and Conditions provided by the broker. That can actually become a great instrument of doing so. Thus, we have decided to provide you with the points you need to check in the first place on the example of XM Forex broker.

Once you open the file, you need to check:

  • The am0unt of the bonus offered. XM offers a $30-bonus that will be transferred to you once you complete an SMS-verification.
  • The terms of funds withdrawal. That FX broker enables its users to withdraw funds any time they want.
  • The terms of trading. XM states that the trader’s account needs to reach at least 10 micro lots and the one shall perform at least 5 round turn trades in order to withdraw money from an account.

You may also find it useful to check the examples of the bonus allocation in the paper.

Why not take a no deposit bonus?

After all, we have decided to show you the real picture and explain why relying on and taking a no deposit bonus might be not the best idea in the first place.

Firstly, those bonuses are connected with the profit withdrawal issues most of the times. Let’s imagine you were given a $300-worth bonus. Great, you have money to start trading with. However, it is not that simple. As you won’t be able to withdraw money in case of urgency or if you simply want to switch to another broker. Why? Because when you sign for the bonus, you won’t be able to withdraw funds until you earn $3,000,000. How so? Simply because you have to gain $10,000 profit for every $1 of a bonus given to you.

Secondly, those bonuses are mostly oriented to naive traders or newbies. Moreover, they are usually offered by mediocre brokers who have not yet gained enough acknowledgment and are seeking some kind of promotion. Thus, it is easy to conclude that free bonuses are not free money. And it will most probably be connected to a certain level of risk.

Lastly, the amount of the bonus is pretty small to take a risk and bear consequences that might come as a result. Eventually, you can end up losing your time and not obtaining any trading experience in return.

Bottom Line

Choosing the broker to go with and the no deposit bonus option might be tempting and confusing especially for those who have recently started trading on Forex market. However, you shall never fall for promises coming fr0m brokers. ‘Never judge by appearance’ is definitely a universal proverb that is also applicable to the Forex trading as a whole. As you shall always seek transparency and clarity of brokers’ activities and conditions of trading.

When choosing no deposit bonus Forex 2019, you need to keep in mind several factors. First, look into the reputation of the broker. That can be done by undertaking simple research online. Usually, traders who have been trading with the broker before, won’t hesitate to tell others if they have experienced anything negative.

Another point worth your attention is the regulation of the broker. If the broker was licensed, that means that can be trusted and is operating according to the established security policies.