XM Deposit Bonus

XM Deposit Bonus




MT4, MT5



Min. volume

0.01 Lots

Prepare yourself to trade on XM’s web platform, MetaTrader 4 or MT5 with your expanded account balance! Reliability is vital for one to make a deposit with a broker and this is why we are presenting you this XM Deposit Bonus review. This is a broker you should go for, if you are looking for a trust and reliability. However, now without any hidden conditions, XM gives you an impulse with their new deposit bonus for you to start trading right away. Should you or shouldn’t you go for it? Find out in the XM Bonus Review!

XM Deposit Bonus Description

XM Forex broker guarantees that your account will be increased by 50% for the next $1,000 you deposit, which is quite engaging. If you are looking to deposit around $1,000 – you may think of trying XM Forex broker as it boosts your account for some 500 USD. However, withdrawing your funds from this broker is not as easy as it is to get a bonus. Well, the bonus does not end here. For additional deposits over $1,000, you will be given an extra 20% bonus from XM Forex broker.

This means if you deposit an amount of USD $23,500; your account balance will become $28,500. The math on this is pretty simple and you can see it in this table:

XM Deposit Bonus
Any account holder can have his own bonus! No matter if you are a new customer or have been trading with XM for years. However, as you see from the table above, the biggest bang for your buck can be achieved with actually 1,000 USD deposit.

XM Bonus Limitations

This is not a limited one-time deal offer. If a client deposits $250 four times, $125 will be added each time to the account until he reaches the $1000. However, the maximum bonus a person can receive is $5,000. Trading Bonus is there to help new and existing clients to hold their positions open for a longer period. Trading Bonus is not eligible for clients registered under Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd and Trading Point of Financial Instruments UK Ltd.

XM Broker Advantages

Even though we would recommend you to open an account with XM, there is one big benefit of the XM Deposit Bonus. It comes with a multi-account availability. When a deposit comes into an account and then it’s transferred to another one, the bonus value will be transferred as well! The system calculates the share of the bonuses that should be transferred and makes sure you get the equal proportion on your other account! This is quite comfortable, as many brokers would simply remove your bonus if you try to move funds from one account to another.