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Plus500 Trading Platform reviewAn effortless yet substantial platform comes to carve itself a niche in the rapidly expanding foreign exchange market. After years of dedication to the production and creation of Plus500 CFD broker, traders can use one of the highest-quality trading platforms. This article aims to introduce you to Plus500 Trading Platform, features and chartings, along with its advantages and disadvantages. A good read for anyone who is inquisitive about this reputable broker but also needs to know about its drawbacks, if there are any. So, read Plus500 Trading Platform review in order to decide whether this platform is good enough for you!

Reasons to choose Plus500

Plus500UK Ltd authorized & regulated by the FCA (#509909). A number of traders are interested in the Plus500 CFD trading platform reviews due to platform simplicity and enourmous promos. However, it is a truism that Plus500 is not suitable for everyone since this CFD broker does not offer any MetaTrader trading solution. It is not a secret that most traders use MetaTrader 4 or cTrader when they want to make use of EAs technical analysis, scalping and algorithmic trading. The fact that Plus500 offers a unique proprietary trading platform is particularly resonant, since it is the only choice to its clients.  If you are willing to put your trust on Plus500, we invite you to read full Plus500 Trading Platform Review and find out more about the advantages this platform has to offer.

Plus500 Trading Platform Features

Regardless the lack of availability of other platforms, Plus500 CFD Broker offers a very well-organised, neat and almost minimalist interface together with precise chartings in its platform. Actually, Plus500 Trading Platform makes it so easy to trade at the marketplace.

Interface of Plus500 Trading Platform

Plus500 Trading Platform reviewsWhen you see the main window, all of your prices, currency pairs, commodities and indices are well positioned thought-out displayed. Furthermore, you are able to examine open positions and pending orders and to see the trading history in no time.

With the main window screening only necessary things, you can perform orders and implement strategies more easily. We could say that the greatest advantage is that you do not have to switch screens while doing so, because it is all well-organised and divided into four parts. For instance, the ‘quotes section’ provides the information of price movements, so you are able to enter orders more effectively. This can be changed and separated with the instrument list, which allows you to choose trading instruments and create more categories.

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Moreover, it is very easy to switch between demo trading and live trading since Plus500 Trading Platform is integrated with the trading room on the broker’s site, meaning that both options located in the same place. This is a great advantage because you won’t need to install the platform or adjust any account settings. You just switch account and start live trading right where you left demo.

Plus500 Platform Review Charts

Charts are also part of the main window providing a graphical interpretation of the price movements. You can even calculate future price movements, since you are allowed to apply a certain amount of indicators without difficulty.Plus500 Trading Platform reviews

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In the lower left part of the screen, at the bottom of the window, you can see the account information, giving you access to the funds in the trading account and the equity and the profit or loss. You are also allowed to make withdrawals and quick deposits in this area.

Finally, the charting area may be also attractive because it is simple at first glance, but when it comes to customizing their own custom indicators, Plus500 Trading Platform Review highlights that it has some limitations. Remember that Plus500 CFD Broker does not have MetaTrader 4, meaning that you cannot go with algorithmic trading. This is certainly a disadvantage, not to mention small amount of available indicators. Just 15 indicators and 10 time frames –so you will lack most of the possibilities in comparison with other platforms.

Plus500 Platform Review Conclusion

Plus500 Platform is an exclusive CFD trading software that stands out immediately from the others due to its simplicity. However, there are some drawbacks that cannot be ignored. For those advanced traders who are interested in customized indicators and trading advisors, it is better to go for a more advanced trading platform. Those looking for a powerful, effective platform should go for other trading solutions. Keep in mind that Plus500 offers no more than the indispensable bottoms, with a very friendly interface within its own online trading platform.

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*76.4% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

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