Best No Deposit Bonus of 2024

Surprisingly, for every trader and trading enthusiast, 2024 appeared to be exceptionally successful considering the movements across the Forex market. The year brought numerous insights into how the market can deal with tough times and what opportunities await for the traders in the upcoming months. The Forex brokers became even more considerate and generous in relation to their clients and multiple promotional programs and bonus systems were implemented. Even though, bonuses are no news to neither experienced nor new traders, the 2024 forex no deposit bonus is definitely something worth exploring further. We can dig deep into what no deposit bonuses offer and how both first-timers and existing traders can benefit from them.

When it comes to Forex trading, knowledge and experience might be two crucial factors in determining the success of the trader. However, understanding the basics of Forex, and learning the simple strategies of trading is something that almost anyone is capable of doing. Considering the fact, that the introduction to trading requires some time, and involves the risk of losing money, no deposit bonuses are perfect solutions to the problem. No deposit bonus means that whenever you register for a real account with the broker, the bonus deposit is placed on your account. The users can start trading using the bonus money without further need for the initial deposit from their side. If you earn profits by trading with no deposit money then the earnings belong to you and in case you lose the amount, well, the loss does not affect your personal finances.

Brokers with no deposit bonus 2024 will often allow you to claim the bonus immediately after registration. The registration process is very simple and the bonus rules are simplified as well to make it available to broader audiences. In contrast to depositing money from your personal funds and risk losing due to inexperience or miscalculation of your strategic steps, no deposit bonus serves as armor guarding you against first-time losses. The bonus amount will vary from broker to broker, however, the main point is to offer enough bonus amount to allow you to start trading, even if it means that your profit might not be huge in the beginning. Since most of the time, it is quite overwhelming to decide to take up trading, when your funds do not give you the freedom of taking some necessary risks, the best brokers will make sure that their bonus system is perfectly suited to minimize risks of losing your personal funds.

Many of the no deposit bonus brokers 2024 will state the eligibility criteria, bonus rules, withdrawal conditions, and limitations very clearly when launching the bonus scheme. However, the information can be misleading or confusing sometimes and would need further clarification, especially when choosing among the best available broker services. We have done our research on the current opportunities for traders, accessible bonus schemes offered by the top Forex broker firms and determined the most beneficial no deposit bonus within the easiest reach in 2024.

Best no deposit bonus of 2024

When choosing the best broker, one has to pay attention to a number of factors, most significantly the credibility, reliability, and the benefits that the users will be entitled to receive. XM Forex broker is one of the leading brokerage service providers in the industry. In order to be able to retain this reputation, XM has spent years providing steady service, making sure they never have issues with their licensing and that their customers remain satisfied. XM is famous for its special attention to clients, its reward system, and the best bonus schemes on the market. This may be one of the primary reasons for awarding XM the title of one of the best 2024 no deposit bonus forex brokers that the market has seen this year.

What is the XM No Deposit Bonus?

XM no deposit bonus is the most exciting reward program implemented by the broker on their platform available for new users who register the real account with them. The verified real account owners will be eligible to receive a $30 no deposit bonus automatically after the registration and verification process. The users can start trading with the no deposit bonus as soon as it is credited to their accounts. The bonus itself cannot be withdrawn without using it for trading. The withdrawal conditions state that the clients can draw out the profits generated by the no deposit bonus provided that they have 5 round turn trades completed and their trading volume is at least 10 micro-lots. However, the no deposit bonus is available as a one-time treat only, meaning that if you decide to create another account from the same IP address, the bonus will not be credited to your trading account. Similarly, if you try to transfer the bonus money between your two XM accounts, the bonus will be canceled by the system.

Claim the $30 XM no deposit bonus

How to claim XM No Deposit Bonus?

The registration procedure for XM forex no deposit bonus 2024 is very simple. A few necessary steps have to be taken in order to set up and verify the real trading account. We will go through the step by step guide on how to claim the XM no deposit bonus:

  1. When opening the home page of the website, two options will be given for the registration. You should pay attention that you open a real account instead of a demo account, as a demo account does not come with the no deposit bonus.
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  2. The registration page will ask you to fill in the data regarding your personal information. You have to insert the correct info, exactly as it is provided in your legal documents, such as ID / Passport. Write the correct First Name and the Last name, country of residence, and the preferred language that you would like to have a website translated to, valid phone and email addresses. Also make sure to provide the email address that you will be using throughout your experience with XM, as it is not allowed to use multiple addresses for the same client.
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  3. You have to choose the corresponding entity according to the location of your residence country. XM Global – Regulated by IFSC 000261/106 is not authorized in the European Union and in the scope of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive. Therefore, in such a case, you should instead mark XM CY – regulated by CySEC 120/10.
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  4. Choosing the trading platform type is very important if you have a specific goal of trading with various products. The type MetaTrader 4 (MT4) was particularly designed for the traders interested in Forex and it is recommended that you choose MT4 as your trading platform type if you are planning on entering the Forex market. Otherwise, MT5 would be a wise choice, if your trading goals include focusing on CFDs on stocks, equity indices, metals, and energies. In addition, please pay attention to the account type that you are going to choose on this step, as several accounts are not eligible for the no deposit bonus forex 2024. The Ultra Low and Shares accounts should be avoided if you are intending to receive the bonus, any other account type is good to go. You can check for more information regarding the available account types on the official website of XM.
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  5. During STEP 2, you will be required to fill in the information regarding your personal and address details. Please note that you should be of legal age in the country of your residence in order to verify the XM account. Choose the correct date of birth. Indicate your legal address exactly as it is displayed on your supporting documents (such as the proof of residence), including the city/town, street number, residential address, and postal / zip code. Also, choose whether you are a US citizen or not.
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  6. You should also write down the trading account details, choosing the account base currency. The leverage will be chosen for you automatically by the FX system. Make sure that you indicate that you would like to receive the account bonus. Next, move to fill the investor information with the approximate amounts of the planned investment in USD. Also, choose the intended purpose and nature of transactions. The form will require employment status and in case you are employed, you will be asked to choose the nature of your business. Finally, you should choose the level of education, your total estimated income, and total estimated net worth in USD.
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  7. For the best possible trading experience, XM asks the new users to provide information regarding the knowledge and experience that they have in relation to the trading. Select the professional experience or qualifications which would assist your understand of XM’s services along with how many times you have traded over the past three years. You should also select if you have traded at least 25 times on a demo account for the past 12 months. Set your password for your account and keep a record for it, as you will be asked for the password for the future logins.
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  8. As soon as you complete filling the forms, you will be taken to the login page at the Members Area. Before you log in to the webpage, make sure that you check the email address that you have indicated during the registration and click on the confirmation link sent by XM. After activating your account, you will be given a username, which you should use during the login procedure at Members Area.
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  9. At this point, you are all set! You are registered with a real account at XM Forex broker and you are ready to claim your no deposit bonus 2024. Click on “claim now” along with the $30 bonus. Please note that you only have 30 days after the registration to claim the bonus. In order to claim $30, you will have to verify your identity using the identification documents and proof for your residence. After which, XM will credit the bonus amount to your trading account. After verifying the identity, it will take a maximum of 24 hours to process and display the bonus on your account.
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In case you have trouble at any stage during the registration process, feel free to contact the FX broker through their support page.

Get No Deposit Bonus from the XM Forex Broker

Who can use XM no deposit bonus

The no deposit bonus 2024 at XM is available for the citizens or residents of South Africa, at this stage. Considering the increasing popularity of Forex trading in South Africa and the loyalty from South African traders towards XM Forex broker, XM decided to reward the country as an exceptional member of the trading community. If you are a newbie or experienced Forex trader currently residing in South Africa, or you hold the citizenship of South Africa then you are perfectly suited for the no deposit bonus program. Follow the steps explained in the above step-by-step guideline to claiming the bonus.

Some of the previous no deposit bonuses worth mentioning

There have been quite a few Forex brokers that acknowledged the importance of no deposit bonuses as a way of encouragement for new traders. Most of such rewarding programs appeared to be successful both for traders and brokers. We already had a look at the 2024 forex no deposit bonus offered by XM. Let’s give the credit to some of the past no deposit bonus offers worth mentioning.

FXTM No Deposit Bonus

One of the leading Forex brokers, FXTM designed a decent promotion for the new clients – no deposit bonus worth 10 USD. After opening up the real account with FXTM, the users were given a 10 USD preloaded on their trading accounts. The account holder had 30 days time limit to use the no deposit bonus for trading. All the profits generated by no deposit bonus were free to claim and withdraw at any stage, however with a condition that traders completed at least 2 standard lots along with the 10 USD deposit from their side.

UFX Free Bonus $50

UFX came up with another attractive offer for the traders – Free Bonus worth $50. In order to activate the bonus, all users had to do was to register a real account on the platform of UFX and go through the phone number verification. As soon as the phone number was verified, the no deposit bonus of $50 was credited to the trading account of the client. However, the bonus rules stated that the client should have started trading with the bonus within 7 calendar days after opening up the account. The withdrawal of the profits generated by the no deposit bonus also came with few conditions, such as completed KYC form (know-your-client), at least a single trade opened, reached a minimum trade volume of $250 000 and having at least $70 available balance. No Deposit Bonus was one of the few Forex brokers who initiated the no deposit bonus program ZAR250 or 25 USD. Likewise to other broker offers that we have discussed in this article, the first step to claiming the bonus was opening the live account with The bonus was immediately credited to the account and could be used for trading instantly after verifying the account. The withdrawal conditions of for the profits earned during the trading with no deposit bonus was as follows: the client should have completed the trading volume of 2 500 000 ZAR, nearly 2 standard lots and the client had to go through the verification procedure providing the proof of Identification Document and Residence.

PaxForex $7 No Deposit Bonus

PaxForex has been in the center of attention for many different reasons and their no deposit bonus forex 200 was no exception in attracting the traders to discuss the controversial topic of whether it is worth dealing with the particular offer or not. The initial offer was to instantly credit the newly opened accounts at PaxForex with the no deposit bonus of $7. Even though the process of claiming the bonus was relatively easy, the conditions for withdrawal were quite dubious. The terms and conditions described that in order to be able to withdraw the profits generated by the no deposit bonus, the client had to trade at least 1.5 lots, which would allow him or her to draw out $5 from the account. Additionally, terms restricted the withdrawal with a minimum possible withdrawal of at least $25 and a maximum of up to $100.


Should you trust any offshore brokers?

While here are some trustworthy offshore brokers, however, not all of them will be what you are looking for. There are actually a number of brokers who have a proven track record of reliable operation over the years, with many user reviews and a number of professional reviews out there to vouch for their operations. The problem with these companies is that it might be a little harder to find them. Despite this, you should not be discouraged from looking for them. The best way to go about finding them is to understand the license they are operating with and the regulatory body that has provided them with the license. The most telling part about any promotion is whether the promotion itself seems to be realistic. If you see a no deposit bonus Forex 250 USD, you might want to turn away from that in favor of a bonus offer of $30, simply because it is way more likely to be true.

While the EU might have restricted the offering of no deposit bonuses within its borders, for companies licensed to operate within the EU, no such thing has happened with offshore accounts around the world. It could not have happened since there is no one unified government or a legislative framework controlling all of the offshore financial institutions and Forex brokers. As a result, there are many brokers located in international waters that are currently providing no deposit bonus forex 2024 offers. Moreover, these brokers are able to offer these deals to clients all over the world, since they are not limited to working only within the borders of their countries. The only limiting aspect stopping them from offering these promotions to everyone in the world is the local legislative limits imposed on international financial institutions you see in many different countries around the world.

Are there any Forex no deposit bonuses that don't require verification

The answer to this question is yes, there is some forex no deposit bonus without verification 2024 available. There is actually a very large number of them, but the most common problem with the majority of them is that – not all of them are legitimate and some of them are downright scams. You see, the reason that brokers require you to verify in order to receive a bonus is to make sure that you are an actual person, and not simply a bot or some kind of program looking to manipulate the market, somehow, with the bonus funds you receive. They also make sure they are paying out to the right person. Brokers that do not require verification are more likely to be scams, which do not intend to pay out to you in any way but are simply looking for a way to take your funds, information, or something else from you. So if you want to receive a forex no deposit bonus without verification, you need to be very careful about how you go about it.

How do you find a legitimate Forex no deposit bonus broker?

The process of finding a legitimate Forex no deposit bonus, with a legitimate Forex broker might seem daunting to some, but it is not as complicated as you would think. There are simply a number of issues and items you need to be aware of and consider when looking at a bonus and the broker that is offering it. You need to remain aware of the amount of money being offered and decide whether it is a realistic amount, or if it seems to be unreasonably high. A no deposit bonus Forex 200$ is likely to be a scam, while a $30 offer is more likely to be legitimate. You also have to consider the history of the broker and whether they have been known to scam, cheat or somehow deceive their users and if they have, stay away from them. You also need to consider their terms and conditions, in order to be sure that the bonus is actually valid and not simply a way to attract innocent people and take their money. Once you remain vigilant of these issues and start considering every aspect of the bonus and the broker, in order to make sure they are legitimate. While this might be a time-consuming process, it is one worth the effort as otherwise, you might end up in danger of losing a lot of money.

Are Forex no deposit bonus withdrawable?

The forex no deposit bonus withdraw profit doesn’t seems to have been that high and you might ask why? Well, that is because while bonuses are withdrawable, they are not immediately available for withdrawal, once received. Most brokers understand that if they did not have some requirements or certain rules applied to when and how users get to withdraw their bonus funds, the users will simply end up withdrawing the bonus funds and never trading a single lot in their life. This is why there are rules terms and conditions associated with withdrawing the funds that get deposited into your account in the shape of a bonus. If you want to be able to withdraw these funds you will usually have to have verified your account, traded the amount of the bonus, or even more – such as a requirement of a number of lots being traded before a withdrawal is possible. With some companies, you might even have to have deposited money first, to be able to withdraw the no deposit bonus and the profit that you have made off of it. Thus, this is the reason as to why the no deposit bonus withdrawal profit in 2024 seemed so low – not everyone gets to withdraw the funds, as not everyone complies with the conditions of the no deposit bonus that they receive. So, keep this in mind – you cannot withdraw your bonus deposit funds as soon as you get them and you need to read the terms and conditions before you even start considering doing so.

Are there Forex no deposit bonus offers in the UK?

Yes, there are and there is quite a large number of them. You may have heard that the European Union recently introduced legislation that disallows brokers from offering no deposit bonuses. But since the UK has been in the middle of Brexit ever since before the legislation was introduced, the rules have not applied to them yet. As a result, brokers in the UK are still allowed to offer no deposit bonuses. Although, you won’t find too many of them and the ones that you find will have several qualities, if they are legitimate offers of course. The first quality is that they will be very small, ranging somewhere between 5 pounds and 20 pounds so that not all users will find them attractive. They will also have strict requirements of you, such as identity proof, account verification, phone number verification and so on. Finally, you will also discover that there will be certain brokers that will require you to make a deposit with them, in order to be able to withdraw the funds. While in many cases we would go on to warn you about such no deposit bonus Forex offers, in case of the UK, and in case of highly trustworthy brokes, we would say it is a standard practice, often seen in the UK area of the industry. It allows the brokers to verify that the person requesting the withdrawal of the no deposit bonus is actually a person and not simply a bot.

What are the differences between a Forex welcome bonus and a Forex no deposit bonus?

All no deposit bonuses are welcome bonuses, but the thing is, there are many kinds of welcome bonuses and not all of them are welcome bonuses. The range of types is wide, and usually includes deposit matching schemes offered by brokers from around the world or personal manager services offered by certain brokers to people who register with the company in a certain amount of time. So the answer to this is mixed and a little more complex than a simple yes or no. Most no deposit bonuses are directed at users who are on the verge of starting with the company but need a slight push in that direction. They are there in order to convince users to try the broker’s services and maybe start working with them on a regular basis. The differences are not that many, as all no deposit bonuses are, after all, welcome bonuses.

How to identify Forex bonus scams in the US??

There are numerous indicators that a person should pay attention to when examining the legitimacy of the broker. Just like with most other complex operations, it is important to know what you are looking for and why are you looking for those things. The most important step to take is to check whether the broker is licensed by the National Futures Association or not. It is crucial to only trust brokers which are licensed and regulated, as there will be no regulated scam firm existing anywhere. If you want to take things a step further, it might be a good idea to check for online reviews and find out how people are reacting to the service they are providing and what experts have to say regarding the broker. Just like with any other country, there are certain indicators that give away whether a company is a reliable one or if it is simply a scam.

Are there any no deposit bonus offers for EU traders?

Due to newly established policies in the European Union, no bonus deposit encouraging programs are not allowed within the operations of the brokers. There are numerous reasons for this, according to the regulatory body that recommended and made the final decision on the subject. Some of the representatives have stated that this allows for better protection of vulnerable groups that might have been unaware of the risks associated with working in the industry. Therefore, if you ever end up encountering a broker, claiming to be originating and licensed to operate in Europe, but they are offering a no deposit bonus in 2024, then you know to stay away from them. No licensed broker within the borders of the EU is allowed to offer such a product to any user, whether they be a local or international. Brokers that claim to be offering such a product are likely to be unlicensed brokers and most likely scams. They are making such a claim to attract your attention and make you deposit money, in order to never return it to you. This is why we highly recommend that you always check the background of a broker and all of their offers before you get into dealing with them.

Why were the bonus without deposit offers disallowed?

The decision to do so was a part of a slew of regulatory decisions made in relation to the Forex and general financial asset trading markets. It was a complex set of legislation that was introduced as a result of several issues that arose from a less regulated financial assets market. The issues ranged from users that were not aware of the risks and not understanding of the markets losing large amounts of money with no way of recovering or insurance, as they had access to high leverage; As a result, scammer had easy time of blending in with legitimate brokers, and costing users caught in the net thousands of Euro in deposited money; Bonus deals also resulted in harm to both the brokers and the users alike, as inexperienced users were roped into working with high volume, high leverage brokers. The introduction of the legislation was quick and resulted in many brokers having an adverse reaction. There have been many critics of the program to date, but the direct results on the market have yet to be uncovered.