Sirix WebTrader Review

sirix trading platform reviewBored of the same old Forex trading platforms? Do you want to try something new? This time, Leverate, a Forex-related software provider, has developed Sirix, a web-based and contemporary Forex trading platform of easy access.

It integrates a variety of tools such as social trading system along with store and a functional web-based interface in a simple and audacious appearance. Reed full Sirix WebTrader Review to see how it compares to other trading solutions.

Sirix Web Platform Review in Details

The Sirix WebTrader is based on the advanced programming language HTML 5, making it available to a wide range of customers. In addition, the platform offers a turnkey solution meaning that the software is ready for immediate use, making it mostly appealing to newer traders.

From the point of view of Sirix Review, five sections compose Sirix heavy platform at least: quotes, multipurpose, charts,order list history. Each section includes expand and collapse buttons. Nevertheless, Sirix Interface might seem dazzling and clear at first glance, but it is quite crabbed instead. For example, there is no enough space for the expandable chart since it overlaps other sections if they are opened at the same time.

Sirix’s Menu Bar is formed of an Economic Calendar that enables the trader to have an adaptable calendar based on time zones and filtered results by only clicking this option. So, knowing the following high-impact news will be a cinch because this section pops up this information; and, having an own calendar will be dispensable when trading. This helpful option together with Newsfeed represents an advantage for traders since there is no need to open a new desktop or close repeatedly platform windows to check current news. This WebTrader integrates all.

SIRIX webtrader review

The Menu Bar also includes a Black/White theme change button, one-click trading activation button and an order menu. Moreover, there is a Quotes section that can display currency pair quotes in cubes or lists. The cube display facilitates selling or buying any pair of your choice.

The Chart, placed on the middle of SIRIX interface, is both the forex trading core and a platform weakness: it does not allow the trader to show multiple charts simultaneously despite the nine timeframes to choose; it does not enable to attach an own or third party indicator either. Indeed, the list of indicators provided is slightly different from the one available in Metatrader4. Some technical indicators are very common, such as Moving Averages and MACD; but some others are strange to old-school trader ears, such as of Gopalakrishnan Range Index or Aaron Oscillator.

Sirix Mobile & Tablet Platforms

Sirix Mobile & Tablet PlatformsThe same features that Leverate offers to the Sirix WebTrader are available on versions for both mobile and tablet devices (Android, Apple and HTML5 compatible devices). Of course, as with any mobile and tablet version, some limitations appear in terms of size and format, and design.

All and all, the Sirix Tablet and Mobile Platforms is just a condensed version of the platform, however it is still a great opportunity for traders to keep on trading and joining their social trading network wherever they go. Actually, experts say that Sirix Tablet and Mobile are quite superior and user-friendly when compared to other brands.

Sirix WebTrader Review Opinions

Sirix review thinks that this platform is very simple! Forget about dealing with annoying process of downloading and installing. PC installation is not needed. It would be enough having a good bandwidth, a fast internet speed and a steady connection to access from the browser of your pc. It takes a little time to load in its official site though as well as to open it simultaneously with other heavy pages. It comes in mobile and tablet version- very different from its site version- appropriate for people who live in everyday rush.

Plus, SIRIX is available in demo. Whether it suits for you or not, you can decide it by trying. You must try it as a copy trading fan! This platform has shown itself very competitive by having a growing forex traders and brokers’ community of more than 100,000 associates. Many brokers have used this brand-new forex platform despite its unpopularity highlights Sirix WebTrader Review.

Those who are into Forex trading, but also seek to explore the social trading networks can try out the Sirix retail trading software. The robust Sirix Trader platform from Leverate is gaining momentum among brokerages. Offered as an online standalone product, but also available on mobile and tablet versions, Leverate provides a turnkey technology that makes it appealing to many traders. For all of these reasons, a number of reputable brokerages are offering this platform to their clients. Keep reading to find more about the Sirix WebTrader, and Sirix Tablet and Mobile Platforms.

SIRIX webtrader review

However, everything is not shortcoming in here. Options such as the Order features are very similar to other forex trading platforms as well as the One Click Order and the pending order choices selected with the current S/L and T/P settings. Furthermore, four symbols at the right side of the chart display a specific characteristic individually in the rightmost section of the platform.

The Social Trading System, News Alert, Trading Central and SIRIX Store are very accessible to the trader. On the one hand, the Social Trading System shows high ranked and featured traders in the system and transactions done, simplifying the modifications needed to incorporate this kind of social system. On the other, Trading Central is a leading investment research provider that gives advises and analysis to traders. Lastly, SIRIX store offers indicators and a large trading selection of SIRIX in beta platform.

Sirix WebTrader Review Conclusion

Sirix Trader platforms diversify the scene and offer new features like the social network and news functionality. The fact that the platform supports a wide range of devices from different brands is certainly a huge advantage. Only in terms of advanced functionality the platform may be fighting a losing battle against its competitors, but it will take no time to gain reputation. For all of these reasons, Sirix WebTrader may appeal to beginners, and to those who are interested in enhancing charting methods and social trading functionality as well.

If you want to trade with Sirix WebTrader, we recommend you to pick a broker from the list of the best ones here.

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