Neferma Review

Neferma Review

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Neferma is an online forex broker which is most known for its no deposit bonus. It was started in 2016 and is still relatively new. Nweferma allows their clients to trade forex pairs and CFDs. If you heard about Neferma and are interested in registering, make sure you read our Neferma forex review before you sign up. 

Neferma Regulation

Neferma Forex Scam

Regulation is an important thing to consider when registering with a broker. The reason is because, in the recent years, a number of scam brokers have popped up on the scene with huge claims and are really out to rob people of their money. This is why we always encourage you to register with a broker that is regulated, while it is not a guarantee, it is far less likely that you will be scammed by a regulated broker than a nonregulated broker.

That being said, our research has shown that Nerferma is not a regulated broker. Which is a major red flag but what makes things even worse is how their company is set up. Their website states that their Call Center is located in Seoul, Korea, the headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark and the technical office in Sharjah in, United Arab Emirates.

However, we found out that they do not actually have offices in these locations but rather an offshore one in the Seychelles Republic. This is another reason why we are extremely suspicious of Neferma. Their lack of regulation and lies show that their business is far from legit. And there are numerous Neferma broker reviews from traders who have been duped by Neferma before.

Nerferma Customer Support

The customer support which Nerfema claims to offer is nonexistent. While the Neferma website states that you can contact them via Skype, email, telephone or livechat, the truth is you will not get any responses whatsoever which are funny given that on their website it is also stated that customer support is offered 24/7.

This is another reason why Neferma is shady. There is no actual support or support team there to answer questions and assist with issues which may arise.

Neferma Bonus

Bonuses are a great way to increase your trading capital. we have said this many times before and encouraged you to register with legitimate traders that offer great bonuses.

As we mentioned before, what Neferma seems to really be known for is a non deposit bonus. In fact when we did our preliminary search on the company, what popped up was their $150 no deposit bonus.

We have mentioned before how no deposit bonuses not only benefit you but brokers as well because it is a great way for them get new clients. Well, that is true and it seems that is how Neferma got plenty of their first-time clients but this bonus is nothing more than a trap.

What Neferma has done like many other scam brokers before it is they promise you a no deposit bonus and all you have to do is input your credit card number when registering. What then happens is they rob the money off your card and you are none the wiser until it is too late. That is what the Neferma forex scam has done like many other brokers. And it just one of the many reasons why you should avoid them at all costs.

Neferma Accounts

Neferma Forex Scam

The Neferma broker currently claims to offer three different account types:

  • ECN Swap Free ($10 Minimum deposit)
  • Cent ECN Swap Free ($10 Minimum deposit)
  • Classic Account ($10 Minimum deposit)

ECN Swap Free

The ECN Swap Free account is a no swap account. Neferma claims that it has a tight market spread from 0 pops along with market execution. The leverage is stated to be up to 1:500 with Stop Out at 10% and commission at $15 per lot.

Cent ECN Swap Free

The Cent ECN Swap Free account claims to offer exactly the same features as the ECN Swap Free account.  Exactly the same market spreads, leverage, stop, execution and commission.

Classic Account

This account, on the other hand, differs from the other two but not completely. Neferma claims it offers market swap along with fixed spreads from 2 pips and $0 commission per lot. The market execution, leverage and stop out are the same as the ECN Swap Free and Cent ECN Swap Free Accounts.

Neferma Platforms

The platform offered by Neferma is what they call the Neferma Trader which they claim is one of the most popular platforms used for trading forex and CFD.

But we want to ask you, have you ever heard of the Neferma Trader?

And when you think of the most popular CFD and Forex platform, which one comes to mind?

MT4, right?

Exactly and that is because that is exactly what Neferma is using and dubbing it as the Neferma Trader which is, even more, reason why Neferma cannot be trusted. No legitimate broker tries to pass off another platform as their own. While MT4 is indeed customizable, it is still the MT4 platform. Not the Neferma Trader.

Neferma Review Conclusion

Thanks for reading our Neferma scam review. From the nonexistent customer support to the offshore account and lying about their location and not to mention trying to pass off the MT4 platform as their own. Neferma is nothing more than a scam, plain and simple. We strongly advise you stay clear of them and warn your fellow traders about them as well.


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