IQ Option Review

IQ Option Review

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There are so many brokers today that it might take a whole day for you to just look at a list which features every single one of them. What’s worse is that some of these brokers remain unreviewed, giving them the opportunity to pounce on an unsuspecting trader. If you are a trader and are looking for a broker, please always try to read as many reviews as you can about them. It is in our best interest that you stay safe when choosing a broker. So can IQ Option be trusted? this is a very common question it doesn’t need to have a specific broker’s name but the fact that we will be reviewing IQ Option today made this statement relevant. Everyone knows that they should avoid scams at all costs, but some people still get tangled up in them. Today’s review will show you how a reliable forex broker looks like.

IQ Option review

IQ Option Review

We have mentioned this before that first impression always matter. These first impressions are always delivered by the Website’s homepage. In our other reviews where we look at scammers, we see impeccable designs and quite a smooth user experience. Those scammers know that first impressions will make people want to invest with them. With IQ Option website we didn’t really have a good impression. The website is lack-luster and hard to navigate through. But once you are able to understand it’s layout all the company will be in front of you to study and observe. IQ Option scam was actually the first thought that went through our minds because of the bad impression the website left on us. But honestly, there were a lot of better impressions after digging deeper and more thoroughly.


IQ Option Fraud and why it’s impossible

When we are trying to see if the broker is a fraud, the first place we go to is their website’s About us page. Even though the page can be heavily modified and could potentially be a complete lie by itself, we can always identify it. This page is mostly full of useless information by scammers, like how they work, what’s their vision and what type of people they hire. Pretty much gibberish that nobody wants to see.

With IQ Option we were happy to see that they had quite a lot of information on their About us page, all of it was quite useful. They even featured the awards they have received in the industry. Their application has earned them these rewards and trust us it was deserved. IQ Option WebTrader is probably the best software you can get when trading.

IQ Option WebTrader

It was also delightful to find out how much area coverage the broker has. It has been increasing pretty much every year since it was founded in 2013. Every year new countries have been added to their list of potential customers. They currently feature 4 offices in Russia, the United States, Cyprus, and the United Kingdom. Their regulatory body turned out to be CySEC, which is quite complimentary to their popularity. A popular regulator for a popular broker.


IQ Option Forex broker also has a blog!

IQ Option also caught up with modern types of trading, they understand that people sometimes don’t want to commit to a broker just because he offers market training for a small fee. Even that small fee is not enough for potential traders, therefore IQ Option has designed a blog which you can access and see numerous insightful information about the markets. Obviously, the information will not be very in-depth and numerical, but you will be able to see the news sources and tools that traders on IQ Option use when opening or closing their positions.

Ease of information

IQ Option FX brokerage already understands what customers are looking for when choosing a broker. It knows that the more information it will give out and disclose, the more trust it will accumulate within the years. Therefore IQ Option is probably one of the most transparent brokers we have ever had to deal with. Their information was pretty much played out in front of us, all we had to do is just read it out. What’s also amazing about the broker is their numerous social media pages, which allows the community to communicate very easily between each other and share their experiences. If there is a small delay with the support system on the website then you can always opt for a user advice on one of the pages.

We want this IQ Option review to be based on facts, therefore we will try to be as numerical as possible. Starting with 78 customer service specialists in 2017. The number of customers increased so much within just one year that IQ Option had to double their employee count in the service department. What’s even more amazing that you will most likely get your service within 5-10 minutes of you contacting them.

The numbers

Nearly 26 million registered accounts were cited in 2017 alone. Hopefully, by the end of 2018, we will receive information on how much that number increased. What we do already know is that 2017 was able to nearly double the number of registered accounts on the platform, making them one of the best performing brokers out there. IQ Option rating directly correlates to the quality of the service. For example, the withdrawal features they have on their platform is just out of this world, adding the amazing customer support makes us see why they have become such a magnet for traders.

IQ Option withdrawal

The withdrawal features of IQ Option are quite remarkable. But we have to warn you that the feature doesn’t accommodate traders of every caliber. The withdrawal system they have is mostly designed for high volume traders, who withdraw $500+ at a time. The reason why its more accommodating for these traders is because it is fixed. For every single withdrawal, there will be a fee of 25 EUR. It may be discouraging for beginner traders, but most of the times you won’t be withdrawing low winnings anyway.

What’s even more amazing about the IQ Option withdrawal system is that it takes only 1 day to process and be approved. We understand that there are brokers out there who may offer you approvals on the same day, but just think about the number of people that are registered on the platform. In 2017 there were 26 million and they are sure to have multiplied by now. If we hypothesize and say that there are 30 million accounts existing today and 15 million of them are active. It still makes like 1-2 million withdrawal requests to process within a single day. it is quite remarkable.

IQ Option WebTrader

As we have already mentioned above, IQ Options features an award-winning WebTrader. The reason behind this is quite simple. The design of the spreads is just so good that people have an increased chance of making a profit. It is a shame that they don’t feature MT4, MT5 or cTrader for the sake of variety, but we think that regardless of that variety their application would still be the most popular platform for them.

Final words for the review

Even though our first impressions were not very good, IQ Option managed to win us over with its amazing features. This further proves the fact that first impressions are important but not necessary. The opposite sometimes happens with scammers when they leave a good first impression, but ultimately fail in everything else. IQ option is a good choice if you are looking for comfortable ways of trading, where not only the company is supporting you, but the community as well.

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