Trading 212 Review

Trading 212 Review

Minimum deposit

100 GBP/EUR,150 USD



Maximum leverage


Year founded




Trading platform

Trading 212

Trading 212 Forex broker is one of the companies that have a base of loyal customers who are trading with them for several years. The broker is operating worldwide under the companies Trading 212 UK Ltd and trading 212 ltd. Trading 212 UK Ltd is regulated by the FCA – one of the most reliable and respected financial authorities, Trading 212 Ltd is based in Bulgaria and is regulated by FSC – The Financial Supervision Commission of Bulgaria. The regulations allow Trading 212 to provide with the investment and trading services and removes the Trading 212 fraud possibilities.

The broker is offering various tools for trading, one can trade Forex, cryptocurrencies, indices and more with the broker.

  • The minimum deposit is 100 GBP/EUR or 150 USD.
  • The broker offers 1:300 leverage to the professional traders, otherwise leverages are different for various products.
  • Trading 212 has several payment methods available including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Skrill, and Wite Transfer.
  • Trading 212 customers can enjoy the trading app that is rated as the number one investing and trading app in the UK as well as Germany.

As you might already see there is no possibility for the Trading 212 scam to be real, but even so, is this broker right for you?  let’s see what are the features that the broker has to offer in details.

Trading 212 review

Is trading 212 legit?

As we mentioned above the Trading 212 has two companies behind its name, one is registered in the UK and the other in Bulgaria. Trading 212 UK Ltd is regulated by FCA and there cannot be the question marks about the company legitimacy as the UK watchdog is very strict when it comes to the wrongdoings of the brokerage firms.  However, only the residents of the UK and Germany can register their account to the UK based company, citizens of the other countries are automatically registered with Trading 212 Ltd that is based in Bulgaria.

That caused doubts in many traders who thought that maybe the Trading 212 is treating fairly to its customers in the UK but for the citizens of other countries Trading 212 fraud could be an actual thing. However, the Trading 212 Ltd is fully authorized in Bulgaria by the financial authority FSC. Being regulated by the European regulator is always a good reason to consider that the broker is legit, moreover, as our team found out Trading 212 had never had any violation of the regulations, was never fined, did not have any court cases and overall has a very good tracking record. This gives us the confidence to say that the broker is not a scam or fraud. review

One can say that the Trading 212 is legit after seeing its website. The website is very well designed, is secure and fast. It is available in 10 languages that add points to the Trading 212 rating as not many brokers are offering this wide choice of languages. The navigation on the website is very simple as well, the trader can find all needed information very easily. There are several categories on the website that helps a visitor find what he or she is searching easily: The account- where you can open an account or manage your funds, trading products, conditions and more.

Trading 212 offers a wide selection of educational content on their website. One can find a basic guide and explanation on the website itself such as the Forex glossary, how to use charts, economic and indicators and etc. more can be found in the videos, besides that Trading 212 is hosting a blog that is accessible for anyone on the website, the blog has several categories such as trading education, trading psychology, weekend reads, news and many more. Speaking of the education, the Trading 212 Forex broker has a Youtube channel for those who are interested in trading, the channel has more than 260K subscribers and the broker is placing new video content weekly. Besides a Youtube, the broker has accounts on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, meaning that the broker is accessible in many ways for the customers.

Trading 212 fraud

What does Trading 212 have to offer?

The nicely designed website and educational content are, of course, good but it is important to see what does the broker has to offer in terms of the trading conditions. Trading 212 offers various trading tools to its customers such as Forex, currency pairs, indices, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Trading 212 scam

Leverage deposit, and withdrawal

As the Trading 212offers various trading tools the leverages for them are different and can be checked on the broker website. However, the broker offers 1:300 leverage to its customers if they are the professional traders, which is very nice.

Trading 212 minimum deposit is  100 EUR or GBP, but for those who have an account with USD minimum deposit is 150 USD.  Depositing your funds can take from 10 minutes to 2-3 business days depending on the payment method you are using. If it is done via the credit card it takes 10 minutes after the approval, but for bank transfers, it needs 2-3 business days.

The same goes for the Trading 212 withdrawal, the process is easy and fast as many other brokers make the customers wait for a week to receive their money, but with Trading 212 you can get it only in 2-3 business days.
One thing to consider is that for the security reasons the broker will make the payment back with the same way the customer has made the payment.  The minimum amount of money that can be withdrawn is the same as the min deposit: 100 EUR or GBP and 150 USD.

Fees and payment methods

One of the advantages that the Trading 212 FX broker’s customers have is trading with zero commission. Commissions are not applicable to deposits and withdrawals as well. Although, there is an inactivity fee for CFD accounts. The inactivity fee – 9 GBP/EUR or USD applies on the accounts if there are no transactions generated for six months consecutively. It is never good when the broker has the inactivity fee but taking account the fact that the amount is too low we can say that it is not a big disadvantage.

The broker has various payment methods available, the traders can use Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Wire Transfer or Skrill. It makes trading with the broker easier and definitely raises the Trading 212 rating.

Trading 212 accounts

Trading 212 does not have various accounts, in fact, there is an only trading account. The trader can open an account with the currency of their choice – GBP, EUR or USD and can hold several accounts if they wish to. Trading 212 demo account was very popular amongst the beginner traders and was separated from the live account. However, now the trader that has a live account can switch to the demo account with just one click. This way, there is no need to have two different accounts. Those, who just want to practice and do not want to open the real account yet, the broker gives the possibility to practice on the website without even registration.

Trading 212 platform

If you have not heard anything about this broker the first thing you might see about it is the fact that Trading 212 app was named as the best investing and trading app in the UK since 2016 and the #1 trading app in Germany in 2017.  Many of the Trading 212 opinions emphasize that the platform is very nicely designed, it is sophisticated and intuitive, it runs fast without the problem and makes trading easier. Usually, it is preferred when the broker is using the platforms that are used widely such as MetaTrader, but the fact that the broker’s app is regarded as the best one and the customers enjoy it we can say that it is another advantage of the broker.

Trading 212 app

Trading 212 customer service

It is not news that customer service is one of the most important features of the broker. The customer must be sure that there is always someone from the broker side that can assist in case of any issue or just a question. The good thing about the Trading 212 Forex broker support team is that they are available 27/7. The bad thing is that you cannot start the chat session right away as you need to fill in some information. Although it is done by many brokers to avoid the crowded chat and give the assistance to those in need of it straight away. To start chat one needs to write their email, the initial question and mark the topic they need assistance in, categories you can choose from are: technical assistance, billing, and account activation. Otherwise, getting the assistance from the support team is easy and comfortable as they answer in a timely manner. One can also reach the broker via phone or an email as well as fill the contact form on the website.

Customer reviews

It is always a good idea to check the reviews that are made by the customers who have had real experience with the broker. If the customers are satisfied with the service they got and recommend it to others – that’s great. If the customers do not recommend the broker to others and have logical reasoning then it is a good idea not to start trading with it. The majority of the Trading 212 opinions by customers are positive, most of them underline the highly professional customer service via chat, the platform and overall experience with the Trading 212

Trading 212 Review Trading 212 opinions

Summing up

The legitimacy of the Trading 212 cannot really be questioned. The broker is regulated by one of the trusted financial authorities in the world and has a pure history it can be proud of. Trading 212 review assured us that the broker has one of the best platforms for the trading, professional and helpful support team. The wide selection of the tools they are offering and the trading conditions they have can be satisfactory for all kind of traders. These together create a smooth experience for their customers and their reviews are only confirming it.

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