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by Irakli on March 6, 2024

XM Copy Trading

In the modern fast-paced world, where time is a precious commodity, getting involved in the intricacies of investing and trading can be a tremendous challenge. Successfully navigating financial markets demands dedicated time and effort. It quickly becomes a luxury to have free time, which only few can afford amidst the ever-demanding world around us. Enter copy trading — a trading and investing method offering efficiency without sacrificing precious moments. Copy trading is for people seeking financial growth while sacrificing minimum effort and time in the process. This service, offered by reputable brokers like XM, allows individuals to mirror the profits of seasoned traders seamlessly.

What is Copy Trading?

Copy trading simply means copying trading positions from other traders. This service was further refined by brokers to make it automatic and transparent. XM Broker is one of these brokers offering copy trading services to its clients worldwide. Investors can replicate the trades of other traders, and strategy managers can allow others to copy their trades for profit share. Since the process became automatic, traders can copy trading strategies with minimum effort simply by clicking on the copy button from their dashboards. This simplification allows them to invest their money and make passive income while doing their everyday business without interruptions. XM copy trading allows traders who have profitable strategies to share it with other traders and get up to 50% profit share from follower traders who copy their trades.

XM Copy trading guide

XM is a heavily regulated broker that is a very reputable and popular option for many Forex and financial traders. This characteristic of reliability is critical in financial trading as the industry has been full of scams and fraud and finding reliable brokers is very important. Because of its reliability, XM’s copy trading services are legit and offer investors the ability to make passive income from their investments. It takes around 100 USD to start copy trading and replicate performance from profitable traders. Traders who offer their strategies are called strategy managers and can earn up to 50% of profits made by followers. This can be super profitable for traders who have profitable strategies, increasing their profit potential even further.

So, XM offers both successful traders and investors with available capital to make money by sharing their strategies and capital. Below is how XM copy trading services work in practice.

XM Copy Trading Guide

There are several steps before the trader can apply for copy trading and replicate successful traders.

Step 1: Accessing copy trading service

To access copy trading services, traders have to be logged into their member area on XM’s website.

After accessing the Copy Trading page, they have to click on the “Explore XM Copy Trading” button to be redirected to the main dashboard of the XM copy trading.

Step 2: Navigating an advanced dashboard

The dashboard provides all the necessary tools and filters to select exactly which assets to trade using copy trading and to select strategies with the lowest drawdown. Low drawdown by XM filter provides the list of strategies that have 15% and lower drawdown to reduce risk exposure for investors.

Step 3: Creating an investor account

Before traders can apply for copy trading, they will need to open an investor account, which takes a few seconds and clicks. Traders will have to agree and click on the creation button.

Step 4: deposit and copy trading strategies

After creating the investor account, it is necessary to deposit a minimum of 100 USD to be able to copy strategies. After funds are deposited, traders can select options for the stop loss and take profit amounts to further minimize their exposure to risks and click on the copy button to successfully subscribe to the strategy.

FAQs on XM Copy trading

What is XM Copy Trading?

XM Copy Trading is a service provided by XM Broker, allowing individuals to automatically replicate the trading positions of experienced traders.

How does XM Copy Trading benefit traders and strategy managers?

Traders with profitable strategies can share them with others, earning up to 50% profit share from followers who replicate their trades. Investors can invest their capital and replicate the performance of successful traders.

Are XM Copy Trading Profits Guaranteed?

Profits made through copy trading services depend on the trading strategy profitability of the strategy provider and are not guaranteed.

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