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by Gerard on April 7, 2016

Best Available Bonuses

If you are a long time reader of our site – bonuses are your passion. The thing is, by now you should have tried a few types of Forex bonuses and are most probably trading with a certain broker. Even though we are absolutely in love with currency trading, sometimes it might get boring. Also, it is often the case that you feel burnt out with trading and want to try something new. This is where bonuses that are not related to Forex trading come handy. In this article we will uncover the bonuses that have nothing to do with FX, CFDs and trading in general.

Poker bonuses

Some of us enjoy competing. This is why we start looking for different Forex trading contests. The most exciting thing about such contests is that you not only compete against the market, but are also playing against a whole bunch of traders from all over the world. If you like this – you would absolutely love poker. Similar to trading contests and Forex no deposit bonuses, poker rooms often offer freeroll bonuses aka sign up bonuses.

To get a poker bonus you would need to create an account. This often requires only email verification, but in certain cases a phone verification may be required too. Once you have gotten an account, the bonus size varies from $5 to $50, depending on how trusted the poker room is.

Most probably such a bonus will not bring you a fortune, but it is a good way to spend an evening or two without trading.

Online casino bonuses

Poker might be complex, especially for the rookies. If you only know the meanings of the hands – poker can be nothing more than a pure matter of luck. Why would you go for it if you can just try out your luck with online casinos? As a matter of fact, from all of the places you can gamble, bitcoin gambling seems to be the most attractive one. This happens for a few reasons.

First of all, there are . You can get a regular free spins bonus that allows you to play slot machines online without depositing a dime. And if you get lucky – the cash is yours. If you are into higher stakes – some bitcoin casinos will provide you with a deposit bonus of 100% or even more.

Betting bonuses

If you are into sports, there is nothing better than watching a game with a cold beer. Wait, there is something better. Doing the same with a chance of making money on your predictions. Lots of betting houses offer all types of bonuses, this is why you can easily spice up your evening by placing a bet of a few dollars on the team you support. Typically the size of the bonus is not big at all and is around $10 on average. However, there are not limitations on your bet, so you can easily place 10 or more bets.

By Gerard

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