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by Gerard on June 2, 2016

What are the best bonuses in Scandinavia?

The online investments in various instruments from currencies to commodities became more and more popular over the years and spreads worldwide. The Scandinavian Peninsula with a rather stable economy entered the online trading world as well, with international companies that came here to offer investors trading platforms or with investment banks from the Peninsula that decided to diversify their portfolio and enter the less tapped territory.

Forex with benefits

Let’s see what the Scandinavian investment community has at its disposal in terms of investment opportunities and bonuses in the new age of money making. Well, from bitcoin gambling to Forex trading or regular Casino, they can use all the instruments available in online investments. Some of the brokers who entered the Scandinavian markets offer quite significant bonuses in their attempt to attract the traders, some others relate on their name and successful track record to attract their investors (e.g. Danske Bank, Saxo Bank or Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB). The bonus in Forex comes mainly in two options: either a no deposit bonus offered more or less to test trade or bonuses following opening an account with certain broker and receiving up to 100% of this account for free trade. This comes with a catch – you need to trade quite a significant amount until you can cash in the bonus.

Free transactions with binary options

Another option available on the Scandinavian market is the Binary Options. Not as exciting as bitcoin gambling, but based pretty much on the same principles. The binary option lets you gamble on the quotation of a currency at a specific point in time. Again, brokers offer welcome bonuses, either up to 100% of the initial deposit, which is about 200 USD, or several free transactions, until you familiarize with the product and the trading characteristics. The countries in the Scandinavian Peninsula apply rather strict rules when it comes to FX trading, and some of the brokers are banned to work here. However, the authorization process can take a while, and the broker still works. The regulated ones have the approvals of the financial institutions in each peninsular country, such as .

Casino bonuses, sky high

If you are more of a gambler, and enjoy the rush of a casino, Scandinavians offer that as well, with some online gambling available. Again, here the player can benefit from several sorts of bonuses, either in the form of gambling money or in the form of free spins, up to 1,000 of them. Not both at the same time, though, in many cases. So, bonuses range from 100-500% (even more in some cases) of the initial deposit, or free spins, some online casinos, not many, even try a mix of those two.

Another interesting development in the online casino businesses is that they are willing to accept bitcoin gambling. There are quite a few online casinos in Scandinavia and to find the best bonuses we would recommend you to , a website that lists best places for to gamble and get a bonus.

To round up, the compensation schemes offered in online investing is more or less a pattern, and Scandinavian markets are no exception – the bonus lures traders and keeps them playing. A good teaching tool in some cases, a nice hook for brokers in others.

By Gerard

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