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There are many sites that offer you Forex trading tips, market forecasts and so on. We will not explain you the basics of trading, nor we provide here the regular trading strategies. We are here to guide you in Forex bonus tricks and provide you with the best of the bread Forex bonus strategies. Browse the articles below and share them with the community!

What is a Forex Bonus?

Many newbie traders think that a bonus is a gift from a broker. It certainly is not. Find out that the bonus is and how to gain the most benefit out of it.

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No Deposit Bonus Tips


Are you curious how to trade no deposit Forex bonus the right way? Check our best tips on choosing, trading and withdrawing your free bonus!

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It is no secret that almost all humans love free stuff, and that is why we are sometimes so gullible and even stupid when we see the flashing signs of various bonuses and promotions. The same principle applies to the world of Forex trading as well, and our guide on the best Forex bonus tips will provide you with a bit more information on the topic of those “generous gifts” and various rewards. Almost every broker company in the current market is using bonuses in their daily operations and activities, and these incentives are used for different purposes and goals. However, they all have one thing in common – they are making the Forex trading even more attractive and exciting.

What exactly are trading bonuses?

Before we give you any Forex bonus advice, we should probably explain what are trading bonuses in the first place. Even though most of you may be familiar with the methodology and the system that lies beneath the bonuses and promotions, new traders may not have a clear picture of the concept, and this could cause them a lot of problems and frustrations. As we already said, bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, and that is why it is vital to understand what they are and how they work.

forex bonus tips

Well, Forex bonuses are gifts and rewards that you can receive when dealing with a trading company, and these bonuses can increase your trading amount or bring some other benefit your way. In most cases, bonuses are tied to terms and conditions, and that is why traders should always be cautious and careful when they are signing up for a new bonus.

The role of Forex bonuses and bonus tips

In the modern Forex trading world, bonuses are one of the primary reasons why people sign up with the broker houses in the first place. What this means is that lucrative rewards can attract and entice new visitors, i.e. new investors, and because of the ways of the human psyche – we are quickly drawn towards these gifts, like moths to a flame. Even when we do not have a reliable and verified Forex bonus recommendation, we are eager to explore new promotions, and this can often lead us into well-prepared scams and similar traps. Besides being used as a motivation to visit a site, bonuses can also serve as a retention tool, or in other words – their role can be to keep the clients loyal to a particular broker company. That is why our guide about Forex bonuses will give you enough tips and reliable advice on how to start your career in the Forex market.

Types of bonuses and bonus tips

Our Forex bonus guide will provide you with everything you need to know, and after reading this article, you should be able to grasp the basics and start trading in no time. Since we already explained the essence of what a Forex bonus actually is, we could move on and expand on that knowledge by presenting you with the most common types of bonuses. Also, we will include our opinion about each category, and these tips could serve as guidelines for your future investments.

Welcome bonus

Starting off with the first gift that awaits you once you enter a trading site – the Welcome bonus. This bonus is given only once, at the beginning of your “relationship” with the broker in question, and our tip is to read the terms and conditions as meticulously as possible before signing up for this trading incentive. Most of these bonuses are very generous, and they can significantly boost your trading amount, but be careful about the trading volume that is required before you can withdraw your profits.

No deposit bonus

No deposit bonus is also a very useful and helpful bonus, and our Forex bonus tip would be to accept this gift whenever you have the chance. Of course, caution is in order here as well, but no deposit bonuses are awarded without you spending your money, and this significantly lowers the risk of being robbed or scammed.

Deposit bonus

The deposit bonus is a common occurrence in the Forex market, and this type of reward is connected with the amount of money you deposit into your account with the broker company. What this means is that broker will add a small percentage onto your amount, and the size of that bonus can vary, depending on the broker house. For instance, you could receive bonuses of only 10% while some broker houses will provide a deposit bonus of 200%, or even more!

Other bonuses and promotions

When it comes to other gifts and other FX bonus tips, everything depends on the nature of the broker house. They all have different ideas of how a bonus should look like and what kind of wagering requirements it should contain, but the majority of trading providers offer similar trading incentives. Those benefits include reloading bonuses, VIP and special loyalty programs, Refer-A-Friend rewards, and so on. Even demo accounts could be considered a bonus feature since brokers will provide you with virtual money to explore the features of their trading platform without spending your personal funds.

How to find good Forex bonuses

The first step towards finding a good Forex bonus starts with signing up with a reliable and professional broker company, and that is why you should always look for a regulated broker house. After that, traders simply have to educate themselves about the characteristics of the bonuses that are on offer, and this usually involves a fair amount of reading. You could read various reviews and accept or decline some of their FX bonus suggestions, or you could dig deep into the terms and conditions of each promotion and study the wagering requirements in full detail.


Forex bonuses are an integral segment of the modern trading world, and that is one of the reasons why learning a thing or two about these rewards and promotions can significantly help investors with their overall trading results. Our guide on the best tips was inspired by the need to help traders understand the mechanics behind these bonuses, and hopefully, we provided our readers with sufficient information and relevant facts.

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