Ainvestments Review

Ainvestments Review

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Looking for a forex broker? well, then you’ve come to the right place. The fact that you are specifically visiting us for this Ainvestments Review is also good news because we have lots to tell you about this broker. Before we start talking about them we would like to make some key points about the importance of review reading before committing to a broker. Finding a good broker could be hard not only for a potential customer but a reviewer as well. For example, in our case, we were almost sure that we had found a good one. They managed to avoid our scam detecting radar for some time, until we noticed a clear similarity between this broker and the one we reviewed a few days back, Ainvesting.

It is always important for us to include this information in the beginning so that you can spot the moments where we caught the Ainvesments scam a lot more easily.

Our First impressions motto worked like a charm this time as well. We certainly paid attention to it, but ultimately didn’t rely on it in the end to formulate our opinion. The first impressions for the website were that it was not very well designed, but the information could be found quite easily.

Ainvestments Forex broker website

When visiting the website, we didn’t really realize immediately, that the template was exactly the same as Ainvesting. After we searched through their terms and services, we finally managed to see the resemblance, which completely turned us around in terms of first impressions. It soon started to come together, the name, the template, the service conditions. Our ultimate decision has been massively influenced by this predicament. Just look at the pictures below and try to tell us that they’re not exactly the same.

Ainvestments scam Ainvestments fraud

After giving it a second look, we now realize how obvious it was from the very beginning. The fact that the information was covered up by the same level of transparency, was what thew us off guard and clouded our minds. However, the one thing that can never be erased from out minds is the regulators and license parts of the individual broker. That was exactly when we noticed the odd similarity.

Ainvestments regulators & license

We don’t want to start talking too much about this broker’s regulator because we are already 100% sure that it is a fake. However, we will take the time to emphasize the importance of this part, about how crucial it is that you devote quite a lot of time to a specific broker’s regulators and license. Trust us, the deeper you go into research the more likely you are to avoid any type of scams or be aware of potential misconducts that the broker could do.

Ainvestments claims that they are operating within international regulatory standards with ESOS International Ltd. What’s important to note here is that ESOS is not a regulatory body, we tried to dig deeper to find it but ultimately the search amounted to nothing. We immediately deduced that not only was this broker not regulated, but it’s clone Ainvesting, which claimed to be regulated by a Bulgarian regulator, was also lying. On top of that, Ainvestments claims to be located in the Marshall Islands, when Ainvesting as we already mentioned is thought to be Bulgarian.

Ainvestments Withdrawal

Pretty much every bit of service is a direct copy of Ainvesting. All the Account Types that we covered and deemed revolutionary, have also been copied directly. When it comes to deposits, Ainvestments fraud didn’t shy away from the generous policy that its other scam part was offering to its customers. In the words of the broker, not even one deposit or withdrawal request will be subjected to any kind of fees.

However, when you have already deduced that a broker is a scam, withdrawal fees are the least of your worries. It’s about actually withdrawing the funds while you still can.

Ainvesmtents Review summary

I don’t think we need any more emphasizing arguments about the fact that this broker is a scam. Even though it managed to avoid this sentence from the very beginning, our thorough research still managed to unveil the mask of a welcoming transparent broker.

This is what we want all of our readers to remember. Even though a website may seem like a very well thought out and designed project, there is always a threat of potential scamming. When forex brokers scam their customers, they make quite a lot of money, in the millions actually. Therefore it is not a problem for them to invest like 100 grand in a decent website, and it is no problem for them to lie about a regulator, because most of the times, customers don’t double check, and by the time they find out it’s a scam, their accounts will have been scooped up.

Ainvestments Forex broker scam needs to be a clear example for all of us, how much a single broker can do, in order to hide its true identity. Hopefully, this review was helpful to you and gave you new insights about the whole broker choosing process.

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