Why you should rely on AMarkets reviews

Why you should rely on AMarkets reviews

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15% + cashback

Maximum leverage


Year founded



FSA, The Fin Com

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Today, we will be reviewing one of the leading companies of the niche, AMarkets. They’ve been offering services to the traders since 2007. Probably, you have read tons of AMarkets reviews and got fascinated by the idea of experimenting with the company. Attentively read the article, understand the pros and cons and then decide what to do.

As the Forex market gains popularity in different parts of the world, the quantity of the brokers rapidly grows on a day to day basis. That’s the reason there’s a high chance of rooting for the company, that does not even exist. Especially the first-time customers of the trading platforms should take some time to learn the basics and afterwards making the decision will be a surely easy thing to do.

It takes hours of work, years of experience to choose the proper online broker. However, our team of professionals will help you lead in the right direction, decreasing the chances of you facing the failure.

AMarkets Forex Broker Trading Platforms Review

In order to enjoy the trading experience, you should have well-structured platforms to work with. MetaTrader 4 definitely provides the traders with the fastest execution time, varieties of devices to operate from and a chance of having the Expert Advisors’ support. The above-mentioned bonuses definitely differentiate AMarkets Forex broker from its competitors, trying to improve conditions of the market.

AMarkets Forex Broker Trading Platforms Review

Founders of the company have already announced the upcoming release of the MT5. Traders can already download the Windows and MacOS-based versions of the software to experiment with the new features. Hedging options, market analysis, a brand new version of the strategy tester, a wide range of time-frame support and up to 40 indicators make the list of the functions, that the platform offers and have not been yet released into the older versions of the software. It will take the majority of you to get used to them, but eventually, you will understand how things work in terms of the functionality.

AMarkets Accounts Reviews

There's a reason to trust AMarket review

AMarkets Forex broker offers three types of trading accounts. Users can go for Standard, Fixed and ECN options. We’re sure the majority of the first-time customers have no experience in choosing the proper one. That’s the reason why the company itself has the standard feature available for the beginners. Floating spread and transaction-free trading are the main characteristics. As well as, they’re not making users deposit a certain amount of money to the account balance.

Basically, the Fixed one has the same features, that I’ve mentioned above. However, fixed spread option is added into the list of the functions. If you are trying to emphasize on position trading then rooting for this account type might be the best choice, maximizing possible profits of yours.

Nevertheless, some of the traders want to have their orders executed in a matter of minutes. We do recommend registering the ECN accounts to meet the requirement, that you have been looking for. Don’t forget the fact that you will need to deposit at least $200 to start the trading.

RAMM Copy Trading

RAMM is one of the most popular AMarkets services. It is a copy-trading service that allows investors to make money in the financial markets by following the strategies of experienced traders. The system transmits trading signals from the source (i.e. managing trader) to the recipient (i.e. the investor). The signal when a trader opens or closes a trade is copied to the investor’s account automatically. So the investor does not need to open trades manually.

RAMM utilizes a modern platform with a user-friendly interface. Clients can use both a web-based version of the platform or a mobile application. An investor can choose a trading strategy based on various parameters such as profitability, commission%, number of investors, age of the strategy, etc. At the same time, the investor’s funds always remain in his account. He has full control over the investment and can pause the copying process at any time. In the news section of its website, AMarkets publishes the top five best-performing RAMM strategies that showed the greatest profitability at the end of the month.

AMarkets clients can also create their own strategies in the RAMM system and earn additional income from the investments. The trader himself determines the fee rate and commission for copying his strategy. Follow this link to learn more about the RAMM Copy Trading service.

AMarkets Bonus – Definitely the Rarest One

After opening the account, all the users will be given access to the constantly updating list of Forex trading robots. According to their sources, all of them have been tested out in real-time market conditions, decreasing the chances of making issues.

No one talks about AMarkets scam

Basically, the so-called robots will help you easily identify if the certain currency pairs are worth buying or selling, based on the signals. The traders with no experience are definitely in the need of these features because getting rid of the psychological factors are part of the game. Over time, you will no need to use them, but it will take some time to get to that level of expertise.

Is AMarkets Legit?

10 years of experience in providing thousands of traders with the highest quality brokerage services decreases the chances of getting involved in the potential scam. While having a bunch of lifetime members earning six figures in profits on a day to day basis, being a loyal member of the Financial Commission committee and serving more than a quarter of the million people in different parts of the world, increases the credibility and trustworthiness of the company. Even all the AMarkets reviews, tend to be real, having no questions about the possible fraud.

Is There Any Disadvantage?

The online broker does offer customer support services, claiming to operate 24/7. We tried to get in touch with the team with no success for the first time, but then they did reply to all of our questions via email. Surely, it is not the biggest issue to talk about., but could be critical for a small percentage of the traders.

AMarkets Review Conclusion

Hopefully, the above-described AMarkets review was worth reading in terms of helping you make a decision without getting involved in potential technical or financial issues. Nevertheless, you’re always able to experiment with a demo account to test out all the features, promotional offers and various promises, claimed to be working. Once you’ve done research, there’s nothing to wait for. Just register the account and enjoy every second of your trading experience.

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