AvaOptions Review — A platform for simplicity

AvaOptions Review — A platform for simplicity

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AvaTrade is a reputable Forex and CFDs broker offering a multitude of trading instruments in a wide range of asset classes.

The broker provides traders with several advanced trading platforms including MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and DupliTrade. The broker also offers a multitude of Forex options for various underlying assets including Forex and Gold and has launched its proprietary trading platform called AvaOptions.

AvaOptions Trading Platform Explored

AvaOptions is a desktop web platform offering a suitable trading environment for options. It offers several advanced functionality tailored for options. The chart of the option shows historical prices and the Confidence Interval shows where the market could be heading.

Here is a list of functionality for AvaOptions:

  • Profit/Loss chart — indicates the risk and reward of a trader and is updated in a live mode
  • Custom market watch tab to adjust to trader’s needs
  • Implied volatility curve — allowing traders to see the full picture of the market they are trading
  • Visually shown historical and current implied volatility, and realized volatility
  • Setting entry and closing limits directly from the price chart
  • Interactive sliders to adjust or set stop loss, take profit, and limit orders.
  • Selectable trading strategies — 13 trading strategies can be selected right away to trade spot, call, put options, and compilation of them. Spreads are reduced for combination strategies
  • A newly added integrated strategy tutorial helps traders use the platform more effectively
  • Bar charts to see the net exposure by currency pair or single currency
  • Account value tab to see the full stats of the portfolio including portfolio risk, delta, Vega, and theta
  • Open positions page to see details of all open positions and their PnL, etc.

The trading instruments on the AvaOptions platform are cash options. Cash options are settled in cash and are different from CFDs.

The platform has a modern design and offers full functionality, including trading charts and many functions that allow traders to see all the details of each trade.

AvaOptions User Interface

AvaOptions interface

AvaOptions offers a user-friendly interface with ease of navigation and accessibility features. It caters to both novice and experienced traders. It has an intuitive menu where every advanced feature is one click or tap away. For example, to access the list of tradable instruments, users have to click on the name of the pair they are currently trading. After clicking on the preferred instrument, the chart will load to see the price action, and traders have a wide range of tools to choose from. Each instrument has a price range selection icon, types of charts, indicators, and drawing tools to help traders adjust the chart to their trading style.

The top menu bar shows the basic information of the trading account including cash balance, available margin, required margin, unrealized profits, and equity. After this, other important tabs help traders decide the quantity of their trading position, a calculator, and buy and sell buttons.

In the middle of the platform is the price chart showing current price action. It is updated regularly whenever a new price tick occurs. On the right side of the platform, right after the price chart, there are price and options chain functions. Traders can fully customize every detail of their trading to see the full picture before entering any trading positions.

The bottom menu is for trading activities. It shows open and pending orders, risk manager, history of trades, and closed trades. This menu will help traders monitor their trading performance data, which can be used to analyze the effectiveness of trading strategies and traders’ performance.

Traders can sign up for a free demo account and start testing the AvaOptions platform for free. The interface is similar to mobile devices, including both Android and iOS. We will discuss the mobile interface later in this review.

Mobile trading experience review

mobile main interface

To access AvaOptions on iOS or Android, you will need to download the app and log in to your trading account. It is possible to register an account directly from a mobile trading platform, which is very flexible. The app has a modern interface design. The only inconvenience is that it is not available in portrait mode and is always in landscape mode.

Traders can use the main menu to access various important functions including My account, inbox for emails and messages, trader tools (calendars, Autochartist for real accounts only, implied volatility), contact us, edit favorites, tutorials, strategy guide, and log out. The main display of the app shows the list of instruments and traders can switch to charts by clicking on the right side of the instrument name where the high, low, and close prices are displayed.

mobile charts

By clicking on any of these details, the chart will be open and traders can analyze markets. They can also use different types of charts, timeframes, and access strategies similar to desktop platforms.

The account value menu offers full details and stats of the trading account, including deposits and withdrawals and trading history. Overall, the mobile trading app is on par with its desktop counterpart by offering a superior options trading experience.

Overall, AvaOptions is a robust and professional platform that is available on multiple devices including Desktop and mobile, and offers superior flexibility with modern and user-intuitive experience. The platform can be used to trade a wide range of instruments using advanced trading tools, allowing in-depth market analysis and informed decision-making.

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