Blackstone Futures Review

Blackstone Futures Review

Minimum deposit



30% + 20% (30% up to R15,000 deposit + 20% from R15,000 - R100,000)

Maximum leverage


Year founded



FSCA FSP#49846

Trading platform

MT4/ CloudTrade

Blackstone Futures is a South African Forex broker that has been operating in the country for several years now. They are a proud holder of the FSCA license and are featuring some of the best conditions for local traders. We used our opportunity to make this Blackstone Futures review in order to showcase their features and dig deep to find something that may not be as good as the company markets it.

The company boasts leverage of 1:100, alongside quite tight spreads of minimum 1 pip, with a minimum deposit of around $350. Despite all of the legitimacy of being a regulated South African broker, Blackstone Futures doesn’t really have the best features out of the choices that an SA trader might have. Let’s try to dive deeper and find out more.

First impressions

The website for Blackstone Futures Forex broker is immaculate, we couldn’t find any type of error or an empty page, however, it needs to be said that the information about trading conditions is not the easiest to find. At some point, we were even pondering to google them to see if anyone else had found them. This was honestly quite a shock and started out Blackstone Futures scam senses to tingle, but soon enough the nice interface and generally good transparency down the line calmed us down. It was nice to find out that the company boasts an FSCA license which can be easily tracked on the regulator’s website.

Blackstone Futures scam

The best thing that we found out about Blackstone Futures was their registration process. It did not require any type of extra personal information. Not even a mobile number, only an email address was sufficient to register on the platform.

Leverage & Spreads

In all honesty, the leverage and spread offered by Blackstone Futures Forex broker is quite disappointing. We have seen much smaller legit companies offer way larger leverage to their customers. The spread itself is nice to have at 1 pip, but we’ve already seen spreads as low as 0.5 or 0.8 pips with others. Sure the features they offer are industry standard, but it could have been so much more. It doesn’t warrant a Blackstone Futures fraud, but we did indeed feel a little bit dissapointed.

Blackstone Futures fraud

Blackstone Futures CloudTrade

CloudTrade is something exclusive for Blackstone Futures customers as they are able to use the cloud-based technology. It resembles something like a WebTrader but is much much faster. If you do not want to get tangled up with the Blackstone Futures CloudTrade, you can opt for the good old MT4. It’s nice to see that the broker is offering at least some diversity in the trading software, even if they are old versions.

Deposit & Withdrawal

Unfortunately, the customers are only able to use banks or Wire Transfer as their means of withdrawing or depositing funds on their Blackstone Futures account. This is obviously the industry standard, but the waiting time for these options is already getting old while some brokers are opting for Skrill or other methods of payment.

Can Blackstone Futures be trusted?

Although the broker does not feature the best trading conditions it is safe to say that there is no chance of a Blackstone Futures scam. Therefore we can just cross it off as our list of things to discover. If you are okay with dealing with small trades even alongside leverage then you will be fine with this broker. The spreads are also good but not great. The greatest benefit you get as a South African though is the local regulation, where you will have complete FSCA guarantee if something shady were to happen.

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