CM Trading FX broker review – Is it legit?

CM Trading FX broker review – Is it legit?

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Based in South Africa, CM Trading is a Forex and CFD broker offering services to many countries around the world. The broker works very hard to make sure that the services that it offers are safe and transparent for its clients. It offers several trading accounts and services that can be enjoyed by any type of trader. Because of such diversity, the broker can be perfect for both beginner and experienced Forex traders.

Forex trading has become hugely popular in the last few decades. Now, it is accessible for everyone around the world, but it has not been like this just a few years ago. Once, only huge financial companies, like banks, were able to participate in this market. Today, after many years, it is available for everyone around the world. People from countries that never had access to the investment world can now very easily trade Forex with the help of the internet. However, there are many challenges that this market faces as well.

Forex brokers like CM Trading are making this market better. This FX broker is working very hard to create a safe and secure place for every investor. Today, we are going to review CM Trading, one of those Forex brokers that are influencing today’s trading market a lot. If you want to learn more about everything that this broker offers, follow our review!

CM Trading FX broker review

Quick background of CM Trading – How did it become so popular?

This company was established in 2012, by a group of international traders who were looking to create a platform that would welcome every type of investor. It represents the largest online Forex broker in South Africa, the headquarters of the company is located in Johannesburg.

Because this broker is located in SA, it is regulated and authorized by a local regulatory agency called South Africa’s Financial Sector Conduct Authority, FSCA. This regulatory body is well-known around the world for offering high-level security guidelines, keeping investors’ money safe and secure.

Over the years, as our review of CM Trading FX broker shows, this company has grown a lot. As of today, it offers several hundreds of trading instruments with the help of one of the best-known trading platforms around the world, MetaTrader 4. The broker also works very hard to make sure that the users can trade with their device of choice, because of which, it is partnering with the top companies around the world to offer a safe and secure mobile trading experience to its users.

The broker claims that over the years, the team behind it was able to use all the experience that they had and create a place that offers safety and security for every single investor.

How does CM Trading keep your funds safe?

As our CM Trading review shows, safety is one of the most important things when it comes to FX trading. For safety and security, the FX broker needs to be licensed by top-tier regulatory agencies around the world. When it comes to Forex, it is already a very risky market, and creating additional risks is not something that investors should be doing. So, it is always a good idea to trade with regulated brokers.

The Financial Sector Conduct Authority of South Africa, better known as FSCA, is the main regulatory agency that takes care of the safety of investors using this Forex broker. With the help of the FSCA regulations, this Forex broker is doing everything that it can to make sure that you are staying safe.

The regulatory agency requires every broker that owns its license to keep the funds of their clients on segregated bank accounts. With the help of this, every single FX broker can stay safe while investing in the world of Forex. Also, no matter what goes wrong, the funds of the clients will remain safe. This happens because the broker does not have access to the funds. Even if the broker goes bankrupt, you will still have access to your funds.

FSCA represents an independent institution in South Africa, which takes care of the whole non-banking financial services sector in SA. This regulatory agency is required to promote and maintain a secure financial investment atmosphere in the country. It is known to work very hard to make sure that everything goes smoothly in the financial sector of the country.

How does FSCA work?

As our review of CM Trading FX broker shows, the regulatory agency, FSCA, is working very hard to make sure that everything goes smoothly on the market. Over the last few years, the regulatory guidelines of this agency have changed a lot and have become a lot stricter, which was done to make sure that every single FX investor is safe in the country.

As of today, the FSCA is now responsible to provide quality education to its customer, it also takes care of the financial stability of the customer. Also, it requires a Forex broker to maintain minimum capital, and the brokers are also required to present reviews to the regulatory agency about the ongoing events. Because the company is working so hard, the Forex trading market in South Africa is becoming more trustworthy than ever before.

Why are regulations important?

Forex trading has always been a very risky business, but in the last few years, it has become even riskier because of the dangers that the market has. Today, many people are having a very hard time finding a trustworthy and safe Forex broker, but the thing is, regulations can help out in this situation a lot.

Regulatory bodies are working very hard on guidelines that can create a safe and secure environment for investors. By creating these regulations, regulatory agencies are making sure that you and your funds are staying safe at any time. There are many regulatory bodies around the world, and the one that regulates CM Trading is one of the best-known ones around the world.

What can you trade at CM Trading?

For a successful Forex trading experience, it is very important that the broker that you are using offers you a very diverse list of Forex trading instruments. There are more than 200 financial products available for trading right now at this FX broker. According to our review of FX broker CM Trading, you can trade the following instruments:

  • Currency Pairs
  • Indices
  • Metals
  • Commodities
  • CFDs

Because there are so many trading assets available at this Forex broker, investors have the opportunity to choose the one that meets their needs best. Below, we will discuss all of these trading instruments one-by-one.

CM Trading assets review

Forex trading at CM Trading

Forex trading represents one of the biggest markets around the world. There are tens of different currency pairs available at your disposal right now, and the number of people enjoying trading currency pairs is increasing every moment. As our review of CM Trading shows, this broker offers 50 Forex Paris, which includes major, minor, and exotic currency pairs. You can trade Forex with very high leverage at this Forex broker, and it can go up to as high as 1:200, but it is not recommended doing so if you do not have enough experience.

Generally, leverage is something that is created for the most experienced FX traders on the market. It can lead to losing huge amounts of money to those who do not know how to use it. Thankfully, this Forex broker offers Negative Balance Protection, which means that you will not end up losing more money than you already have on your trading account.

Indices trading at CM Trading

In recent years, Indices trading has become very popular. It is a type of trading of a group of stocks, which, make up the index. In general, the index measures the value of a section of the stock market and is computed from the prices of the selected stocks. In this regard, there are many things that CM Trading offers. According to our review of CM Trading broker, there are many popular indices that you can trade with this broker right now.

Both indices and stock index CFDs allow investors long or short trading, this greatly expands trading opportunities and gives traders the chanced to profit on the rise and fall of the prices. Indices are known to be very liquid and volatile, which is a huge advantage for any investor. It gives investors the ability to understand the state the economy is in at a high level, which is a great thing. You can trade indices such as S&P 500, Nikkei, Dow 30, and many others.

The leverage for those trading indices at this Forex broker can be as high as 1:100, and you can also enjoy tight spreads and around-the-clock trading.

Trade metals at CM Trading

Metals have been around for a very long time now, these are commodity assets that are mined from the earth. They are best known for the ‘safe-haven’ status that they got over the years because of the stable prices that they have. For centuries now, metals have been something that had a huge role in the everyday lives of people around the world.

You can trade precious metals like Silver, Gold, and many others at this Forex broker.

Trade commodities at CM Trading

Commodities are something that has been around for a very long time now. They have been something that people used for centuries, there generally are two types of commodities, soft and hard. As our review of CM Trading shows, you can trade both of them tt his Forex broker.

Even today, commodities play a huge role in our everyday lives. Soft commodities are those that are a product of the agricultural activity, like cocoa, soybean, etc. On the other hand, hard commodities are those like crude oil. By trading commodities, investors have the opportunity to diversify their trading portfolio. It can be very easily used by both, beginners and those who have been trading for a long time now. You can trade commodities like Gold, Oil, Coffee, Metals, Natural gas, and Sugar at this Forex broker.

As our review of CM Trading shows, commodities are considered to be much safer than other options that people have. For example, in the time of uncertainty, like inflation, for example, the value of commodities tend to go up, it makes trading commodities a perfect addition to your portfolio during these times.

CFDs trading at CM Trading

Contracts of Difference, better known as simply CFDs, are something that is used by millions of traders every day. CFDs give investors the ability to trade without actually having to own the underlying assets. You can trade CFDs is very high leverage, however, keep in mind that it is a very risky thing to do and should only be done by the most experienced Forex traders around the world.

Because there are so many trading assets available at this Forex broker, it is very easy for anyone to find something that they like and enjoy. Every single offering that this Forex broker has is created so that you can easily diversify your trading portfolio, and we think that it is a huge advantage for anyone.

Bonuses & promotions offered by CM Trading

As our review of CM Trading shows, this Forex broker loves bonuses a lot. They are changing the bonuses that they offer very frequently, and the information about this is shown on the website of the broker. Every month, they have something new to offer to their clients.

Over the years, they have offered everything from no deposit bonus to deposit bonuses. Also, they very frequently have a bonus on liking and sharing their Facebook and Instagram pages. Although not active right now, you should follow the updates on the website to make sure that you are up-to-date with the information regarding the bonuses at CM Trading.

Generally, promotions are very popular when it comes to Forex trading. It shows that this broker is willing to offer investors something new that they will enjoy.

How to trade Forex with CM Trading?

Before you are able to start trading with this Forex broker, you will have to register on the official website. There are several account types for investors available at CM Trading, all of them created so that traders of any experience can find something that they can use. You can create the following accounts at CM Trading:

  • Bronze Account
  • Silver Account
  • Gold Account
  • Premium Account

We will discuss all of these account types one by one to give you full insight.

CM Trading's account types reviewed

Bronze Account

This account type is perfect for those who are new to the Forex trading market and are still learning. Although there are not so many benefits available for Bronze Account holders, there still are many great services that you can enjoy. Every user of the Bronze Account is able to enjoy up-to-date market reviews, special E-Book, and webinars that can make Fore trading a lot easier.

Also, spreads are very regular and are not so different from other Forex brokers on the market, and you can trade every available instrument with Bronze Account. The minimum deposit for traders using Bronze Account is as much as $250, and the maximum stands at $999.

Silver Account

As CM Trading review shows, the silver account is the most popular among the users of this broker. To create this account type, you will have to deposit at list $1,000, while the maximum deposit stands at $9,999. This account offers everything that Bronze does, but with several additions. The spreads are significantly low with silver account and stand as low as 1.2, and you are offered 1 risk-free trade as well. In addition, you have the ability to enjoy a personal assistant, who is always available to offer you help no matter what goes wrong.

Gold Account

Gold Account is perfect for those who want to invest a lot of money in the world of Forex. The minimum deposit for a gold account is $10,000 and the maximum stands at $99,999. Users of gold account can enjoy super low spreads of 0.9, 3 risk-free trades, personal assistant, and volume cashback.

All of these amazing offerings give investors the ability to get the maximum out of Forex trading. With the help of amazing educational material, users of gold account will be able to keep in touch with the developments on the market at all times.

Premium Account

If the offerings of gold account are not enough and you are looking for something more exciting, you will love the premium account offered by CM Trading. As our review of FX broker CM Trading shows, this account type is perfect for the most experienced Forex traders on the market.

In addition to very low spreads and amazing education material, it offers investors customized accounts, trading specialists, and access to the trading rooms and new and analyses that can make Forex trading a much more useful and easier experience for every investor. But, this is not all. Premium users will also be able to enjoy specula offerings that are created especially for them.

Demo Account

Are you having a hard time making up your mind about this Forex broker? Then this account is a perfect offering. CM Trading has proved that it has nothing to hide from its investors, which is one of the reasons why it offers traders a demo account. This account can be very helpful for those who do not know much about Forex trading, you can learn more while trading without any risks thanks to the demo account.

While using this account, the broker will give you a certain amount of money that you can use for trading. This virtual money can be very helpful, and the demo account users have access to the real-life trading market, which is not different from the one live account users enjoy at all.

Islamic Account

In the world of Forex, Islamic accounts a halal trading account, which is offered to clients who respect the beliefs of the Quran and wish to invest in the world of Forex. As our review of broker CM Trading shows, this company offers an Islamic trading account. It is also known as the swap-free account, which means that the investors using this account will not have to pay or receive any type of interest.

We believe that it is a great thing that this broker offers this type of account. It is a show of respect for those who follow the beliefs of the Quran and by doing so, this FX broker is giving millions of people the chance to trade with them.

How to create a live account at CM Trading?

Creating a trading account is a very simple thing and it can be done under several minutes. The process is not that different from anything else that you would see on the market. While creating an account, you will have to provide personal information, like your name, phone number, email, etc.

After this, you will have to verify your identity by providing some type of personal document. As you follow a very simple procedure, you will now have to deposit funds on your trading account.

Available payment methods at CM Trading

There are a number of ways you can make a payment at CM Trading. As our review of FX broker CM Trading shows, you can use Wire transfer, Debit/Credit cards, Neteller, M-Pesa, and OnlineNaira as your payment method. If you are making deposits with wire transfers, you will be charged 2 percent, if you are making deposits via crypto, the broker will charge 3 percent. In the case of credit and debit cars, the commission largely depends on the issuer of the card.

For withdrawals, the same methods can be used. We think that since there are so many payment methods available for investors, it means that it will be very easy for traders to find something that they can use for depositing money very easily.

CM Trading payment methods

Forex trading platforms available for investors at CM Trading

When it comes to trading Forex, one of the most important parts is the trading platform. It is something that gives you access to the trading market, and if you manage to find the one that works perfectly for you, Forex trading will become a more enjoyable experience for you.

As our review of CM Trading shows, this broker offers investors the ability to use several different trading platforms. One of them is MetaTrader4, which is well-known around the world. MT4 was established by a Russian company called MetaQuotes exactly 15 years ago, in 2005. Since then, it has been used by hundreds of brokers around the world. More than 90 percent of all brokers are using this trading platform as of today.

Also, this broker uses WebTrader, which gives investors the ability to trade Forex without having to download additional applications. This can be done via any internet browser that people have on their PCs.

Also, if you want to trade Forex with your mobile phone, this can be very easily done with this FX broker. You can download mobile applications on both iOS and Android devices. It is a great offering for every single trader, especially for those who are always on the go.

Learn more while trading Forex with CM Trading

Our CM Trading FX broker review shows that this company offers educational material to its clients. This is a very important thing since it can benefit investors a lot. Education is very important in Forex trading because it gives Forex investors the ability to always stay in touch with the ongoing events on the market. Many people think that education is something important for newcomers, but, in reality, it can also be very useful for those who have been trading Forex for a long time now.

This is especially true in the case of market analysis and news articles. This Forex broker offers these types of articles to its clients, which is very helpful for many investors to make decisions. In Forex trading, the more you know about the ongoing events on the market, the easier it gets to make final decisions.

The website of CM Trading

The website of this Forex broker looks very good, the design is very modern and information on the website can be accessed very easily. The broker makes sure that no matter what type of information you are looking for, you can find it at the website of this Forex broker very easily.

There are many pages on the broker, and the information is divided into these pages in a very helpful manner. Also, the broker has a special page of Q&A where you can find most of the information that might be important for investors.

What about the Customer Support Team?

Our review of CM Trading broker shows that the customer support team of this broker is very helpful. There are many ways you can contact the broker, including:

  • Email –
  • Mobile Phone – Visit the website to see the number for your area
  • Live Chat – You can access the live chat on the website of the broker

We tried out the customer support team on our own, and we found that it is very helpful. They were very fast to reply and the information provided by them was very helpful. The Live Chat turned out to be the fastest way to connect with the customer support team, it took under 1 minute for them to reply.

Final verdict – Can CM Trading be trusted?

While reviewing CM Trading FX broker, we found that it offers some of the best trading services on the market today. After a very detailed review, we are very confident to recommend this Forex broker to our readers. CM Trading offers clients safe, secure, and transparent services that can be enjoyed a lot by investors around the world.

Because of the diversity in account types and a lot of trading instruments, the broker can be used by anyone, no matter what they are looking for in the world of Forex. Because of this and many other reasons, we believe that CM Trading is a legit FX broker and offers some of the best services on the market.

CM Trading FX broker review - Is it legit?
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