Een Market – Should You Trust This Broker?

Een Market – Should You Trust This Broker?

Minimum deposit

250 EUR



Maximum leverage


Year founded




Trading platform

MT 4

Investing in the company requires to have detailed information about conditions, terms, the firm reputation, reviews, and many other aspects to avoid any kind of risk and protect your deposits and earning amounts. Today, the trading market is increasing and the risk with the investment transactions also are rising constantly.

The first thing you can do to check if the film is legal and trustworthy is to review the information about regulations and licenses. If the firm is licensed by any international commission or agency, that means that there is a lower risk in investment but if there is no information about licenses, that means that sure – the company is a scam because all real and legal companies are focused on transparency and give the visitors all required information.

Another considerable indicator is the registration area. Most scam companies are registered in different offshore zones. That is a great way to operate on the market without any legislation regulations, financial taxes, and other requirements. Hiding the real identity and real operating areas is easier if you are registered in the offshore zone.

In addition, most of the firms which are registered in such kinds of territories are not regulated or licensed by any international authorities, which is another red flag with the caution to not invest in such types of companies despite the attractiveness of the offers.

Because the facts of financial fraud are increasing, we are reviewing the firms’ operating history in detail – this can help interested future investors to make secured and profitable decisions. Today, during this Een Market review, we will talk about the company and outline the main aspect of its operating services, offers, reputation, and others.

Brief Overview

Een Markets was founded in October 2021 and the main operating market is Forex trading. The company is registered in the offshore zone of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and is not regulated by any international authorities.

The company claims that they are working remotely. In addition, the film claims that they are one of the leaders in this market and offer the interested visitors the best conditions for investment and future profits. While researching their official platform, you will not be able to find any detailed and proven facts or information about Een Market. That makes them the probable scam company where investment equals loss.

If you want to learn more about what Een Market does for real and if is it worth investing in the company, do not miss our review down below. We are here to prevent you from losses and minimize the investment risks.

Een Market Promotions & Account Types

The main strategy of scam broker companies is to offer the interested visitors very attractive services and bonuses which promise them an enormous amount of profit very easily, after making the first deposit. The main tactic is to offer future investors deposit bonuses. In the Een Market example, according to the official web page, you can earn non-deposited funds which seems very attractive from the first look.

More specifically, it offers the possibility to earn several kinds of bonuses or incentives – in order to withdraw profits, customers have a 25x wagering requirement. This is way above the average and the chances that a beginner trader will achieve this is very low.

When you go to their official website you will see three different types of bonuses but to activate them it is required to deposit at least 250 EUR. After creating the account and placing the first deposit you will take the discount from 15%- to 25%. If you invite your friend to the platform who will also create the account and places the deposit, you will earn a discount from 25% to 30%. Also, there is a Transfer Fund bonus feature that offers you to earn a 30% discount on the amount you transfer.

When it comes to the account types, you have to choose between three. The individual account which is the regular one requires to place a deposit of at least 250 EUR. With the included offers you can trade with Forex, Stocks, and Indices. The leverage is 1:100. Without any commission and spreads, the user has the chance to earn different bonuses, has 24/5 customer support via e-mail and negative balance, and SSL security protection.

On the other hand, you can choose a VIP account where the minimum number of deposits is 2 500 EUR. Out of the mentioned services from the individual account, the leverage for this account will be 1:200. Also, it comes with 0.3 spreads, more bonus offers, daily trading signals, account manager service, zero commissions, IPOs, and compy-paste trade permission. The business account requires a minimum 25 000 EUR deposit and it includes more bonus offers and customer support for the users.

The Website

When you visit the Een Market website you will see a pretty well and simple structured menu and pages with impressive finance-themed graphics and design elements. The important part which outlines that Een Market is not the same as what they claim is the lack of information. They are more oriented to give you the information about the bonus offers, the advantages of different types of accounts, and the advantages of choosing Een Market for investment.

They introduce you to only general information about terms and conditions connected to the withdrawal, payment, and other financial transactions. Also, there is no information about the licenses they have which is another caution fact that Een Market is probably a scam company.

The license

As we mentioned earlier, the main indicator to consider a trading company trustworthy is to check information about the regulation and licensing they have. Unfortunately, within the research or according to the Een Market official website, there is no proof that they are licensed by any international regulator agencies.

First of all, the company is registered in the offshore zone. That means that Een Market is not required to follow any international regulations and conditions about safety and fairness. If the company is operating legally, it will have a license from the UK commission authorities or CNMV. The companies which are under the regulation of these authority agencies are required to have customer protection with high-quality monitoring and management.

Also, they are required to guarantee funds for customers and provide compensation with the maximum amount of 20 000 EUR for each failure. Another EU policy requirements are even more strict and tight with the financial transaction limits and licenses.

Een Market does not have any above which means that the firm is operating in the trading market illegally and is not secured for any future or already existing client.

How Do The Een Market Offerings Present Themselves?

As we mentioned earlier, the website is one of the main examples and proof of illegal operations. Not having information and data about regulations and licenses, already outlines the not guaranteed security. But the main accent of the company is to outline the advantages of offerings and bonuses.

They convince visitors that a VIP or business account is better to create than the individual one. They offer visitors better bonuses with higher discounts and most importantly better-guaranteed services as a protection and security of the funds. They claim that they are offering a great level of leverages and deposits.

To start with deposit requirements, as we saw, for individual accounts the minimum number is 250 EUR and for the VIP account, it equals 2 500 EUR. If we consider other prestigious trader companies in the Forex industry which are licensed by the CNMV or are under regulations of the UK, we will see that the minimum deposit requirements are lower than 250 EUR and they offer more realistic services no matter the regular business or VIP account. So investing in an illegal company with such kind of high requirement means a high risk of loss.

When it comes to the spreads, Een Market is featured with very wide spreads where it starts from 3 pip for FX. When you look at other reputable Forex brokers, you can discover that the maximum pip range is 1 pip for FX majors, which makes the company look even more unattractive.

With the withdrawal conditions, the user of Een Market is allowed to make transactions with credit cards as well as crypto assets. The main difference with the payment methods is that if you are crypto-user there is no included chargeback. So investing without any level of guarantee is not rational.  In addition, similar to many broker companies, Een Market uses MT4 for the trading platform.

Een Market Rating – Should You Trade With It?

As we saw from the review, Een Market is an unlicensed and illegal broker company registered in the offshore area which proves that their conditions and offers are not relevant to the international safety requirements which are the main guarantee factor when the user starts investing.

Also, they are maximally avoiding informative transparency and introducing website visitors to a general overview and data about offerings. In order to access more information, the user is obliged to sign up on the website, and even after that, there is not much you can discover. The bonus policy is unrealistic and fraudulent. Considering all of that, we believe that Een Market is a scam broker company and we do not recommend you to make any investment on its website.

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