FundedBull Review – Reliable prop firm with low fees

FundedBull Review – Reliable prop firm with low fees

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FundedBull is a Forex proprietary trading firm that allows traders to access large funded accounts and withdraw up to 90% of profits. Traders can start from 5,000 to 250,000 in funded options and trade with the firm’s capital. FundedBull was launched by industry experts who have considerable experience in prop trading and are focused on providing traders with the most appealing conditions. The firm aims to stay in the business for the long run and ensures its traders get attractive conditions and educational resources to improve themselves.

FundedBull has very positive trader reviews indicating it is a legitimate and trader-focused prop trading firm which is the most important thing in the proprietary trading landscape. Positive trader reviews also indicate the firm’s safety because they reflect the experience of real traders who have tried the firm’s services.

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FundedBull Funded Account Types

The firm offers three different types of accounts including 1-step evaluation, 2-step challenge, and 3-step evaluation options. There are diverse funded options available including $5k, $10k, $25k, $50k, $100k, and $250k, allowing traders to select trading capital according to their experience and risk tolerance.

The 1-step evaluation is for seasoned traders who want to start trading with real funding as soon as possible. This account allows traders to get funded after they hit the profit target without breaching daily risk and overall drawdown limits.

The 2-step evaluation challenge consists of two phases where traders are tested for their trading abilities and is more suited for traders with average experience levels. They can check themselves by completing two phases before getting funded.

The 3-step evaluation challenge is for beginners who want to start trading and allows them to develop at their own pace which is crucial in financial trading. The best approach for beginners is to start low with a USD 5,000 funded challenge and use FundedBull’s scaling plan to increase their accounts gradually. With the 90% profit-sharing, FundedBull ensures its traders can make a living if they are consistent.

FundedBull Review of trading Rules and Limitations

When it comes to rules and limitations, FundedBull offers a simplistic approach allowing even beginners to achieve success if they follow the rules. These rules are within industry standards.

Here are the main rules for 1-step evaluation accounts:

  • Daily risk limit – 3%
  • Maximum drawdown – 6%
  • Profit target – 9%
  • Minimum trading days – 5
  • Maximum leverage – 1:50

The 2-step evaluation account comes with the following rules:

  • Daily risk limit – 4%
  • Maximum drawdown – 8%
  • Profit target – 8%
  • Minimum trading days – 5
  • Maximum leverage – 1:50

The 3-step evaluation is the most forgiving and suitable for beginners:

  • Daily risk limit – 4%
  • Maximum drawdown – 7%
  • Profit target – 6%
  • Minimum trading days – 5
  • Maximum leverage – 1:50

As we can see, the 3-step evaluation accounts have the easiest conditions with a 6% profit target. FundedBull seems to be focused on beginners while also providing attractive terms for experienced traders.

FundedBull Trading Assets

FundedBull allows traders to access diverse financial assets including Forex, indices, commodities, and cryptos. The firm is working to add more assets shortly to allow traders with diverse trading styles and preferences to take advantage of the low fees and low spreads. The spreads are low at FundedBull as the firm provides pricing directly from liquidity providers on its numerous trading platforms. The leverage is 1:50 which is more than enough to control considerable lot sizes even with 5k funded accounts.

FundedBull Reviews of Trading Platforms

FundedBull provides traders with diverse trading platforms such as DXTrade, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader, and Match-Trader. With these many trading platforms, every trader can find their preferred one and use it without additional learning. MT4 and MT5 allow traders to analyze markets comprehensively using custom indicators and various other tools. They also allow automated trading robots such as Expert Advisors and cBots.

The firm combines prices from many sources to provide the lowest available spreads, which is very advantageous for scalpers. FundedBull offers one of the best trading platform selection options in the industry.

FundedBull Prop Firm Review of Extra Features

Educational resources are plenty at FundedBull, ensuring beginners can start learning important concepts about FX trading for a prop trading career. The firm also offers various discounts and sales for its funded accounts. The current discount code allows traders to reduce the cost of accounts by 20%. There are also tools and dashboards which will enable traders to track and analyze their performance.

FundedBull Profit-sharing and Withdrawals

FundedBull has a 90% profit split which is always available for all accounts. The firm does not require any additional investment or paid subscriptions to get this profit-sharing. 90% is a very high-profit split and allows traders to make a living on the FundedBull funded accounts which is advantageous. Withdrawals are free of charge and processing takes between 1-2 business days which is the standard period in Forex and prop trading.

FundedBull Reviews of Customer Support

The customer support by FundedBull is provided via several channels including email and live chat. Both the website and support are multilingual and offered in more than 5 languages. With responsive and well-trained personnel which we tested ourselves, FundedBull truly offers excellent support, which is crucial in prop trading.

FundedBull Review Conclusion

FundedBull offers a combination of funding options that are suited for both beginners and seasoned traders. The firm has positive feedback from traders which indicates its reliability. Fees are low and spreads are competitive. FundedBull provides traders access to diverse advanced platforms including MT4, MT5, and cTrader. The profit sharing is 90% and $5k accounts will cost around $49 with the possibility to decrease it further with an ongoing 20% discount. Overall, FundedBull offers affordable prop trading possibilities with its diverse funded accounts and 1:50 leverage with just a 6% profit target.

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