FXINPRO Capital Review

FXINPRO Capital Review

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FXINPRO Protrader 3

FXINPRO Capital an ECN/STP online forex broker which was established in 2013 by PFX Financials Professionals Limited. FXINPRO Capital offers online brokerage services to their clients all over the globe. If you are interested in registering, read our FXINPRO Capital scam review before you sign up.

FXINPRO Capital Regulation

FXINPRO Capital is located in Cyprus and are therefore regulated by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission).

FXINPRO Capital scam

However, as of November 24, 2016, the FXINPRO Capital forex broker had their license suspended until December 24, 2016. The reason for their suspension is because they endangered their clients’ interests as well as the capital market. During this time they cannot take on any new clients, advertise services, make investments/trades and must return all funds and profits earned.

This si a clear sign that the FXINPRO Capital has done underhanded deeds which have earned them their suspension. We are not sure what the future holds for them but we caution you if you are an existing client to be wary. And, if you are considering registering, to think about this suspension and what it could mean for you in the future.

FXINPRO Capital Trading Platform

FXINPRO reviews

FXINPRO Capital offers three platforms. These are:

  • FXFIN Protrader 3
  • FXFINPRO Trader Workstation

FXFIN Protrader 3

The FXIN Protrader 3 is an updated version of their initial FXFIN Protrader platform. It is available as a download for desktop installation, web terminal, and mobile app. We really liked that FXINPRO Capital offers multiple trading platforms.

While FXINPRO Capital claims the FXFIN Protrader 3 was built to suit traders at all experience levels. We discovered during our research and experience with the platform, it lacked several effective tools for analysis useful for experienced traders. And seemed unnecessarily complex for beginning traders. This made it ill-suited for either level and in some ways quite useless.


The FXFINPRO MT4 platform is this broker’s version of the highly popular MT4 platform. While the MT4 platform is noted for its smooth operation, we noticed that the FXINPRO MT4 platform was riddled with bugs. This caused numerous disruptions on the desktop and web version as well as multiple mobile app crashes. While we were merely testing this platform and therefore did not suffer any losses, we can see how this could seriously hinder you from earning any profit.

FXFINPRO Trader Workstation

This platform is exclusive to FXINPRO Capital. They claim it allows increased speed and profit and boasts that it can work with 100 stock markets around the globe. FXINPRO Capital also states that the FXINPRO Trader Workstation is organized and fully customizable. We did notice  that it was refreshingly organized, making it much easier to understand. However, we also noticed that it often disconnected and showed trades that our testers did not make. We are not sure if this is due to internal issues with this platform itself or if FXINPRO Capital is somehow manipulating their own platform. But, we advise you stay away from it because you could lose far more than you are prepared to.

FXINPRO Capital Account Types

The FXINPRO Capital broker offers three ECN account options:

  • Micro ($50 minimum deposit)
  • Standard ($500 minimum deposit)
  • Professional ($500 minimum deposit)

All of these accounts have the same minimum trade size of 0.01 as well as the same average spreads at 0.3 pips on EUR/USD. The maximum leverage, however, differs with ECN Micro  having the highest maximum leverage of 1:500, ECN Standard have the second highest at 1:300 and ECN professional having 1:200.

The access to trading platforms also differs with ECN Micro account users only having access to the FXINPRO MT4 platform. ECN Standard account holders have access to the MT4 platform as well as the Trader Workstation platform. The ECN Professional account holders have access to all three platforms.

Customer Support

FXINPRO Capital forex broker

The FXINPRO Capital broker offers many more contact options than numerous other brokers. These are:

  • Telephone
  • Viber
  • Whatsapp
  • Skype
  • Email

They also offer different contact emails for the different departments which include marketing and advertising, compliance, back office.

The varied contact options and designated department emails offer variety and organization which we applaud. However, what we do not applaud their lack of responsiveness.

In regards to emails, the response times are poor, if they decide to respond at all. So far, the quickest response to an email we’ve received is from the Public Relations Department and that response was a week late. This is completely contrary to their 24/5 customer support claim.

Skype is no better, because no matter what time of day or night you send a message or make a call, there seems to be no one available to take it or respond. Our research team also had no luck via Whatsapp as all of the messages sent were checked without any reply. This is completely unprofessional and quite frankly insulting.

Telephone calls were no better. Our calls were constantly put on hold. This happened so often that we had to hang up to save time. This was made worse by the customer service agents who answered because they clearly knew nothing about their company’s policy.

FXINPRO Capital’s customer support was quite frankly a waste of time and energy.

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