Our FXVC Opinions

Our FXVC Opinions

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With crypto CFDs becoming a popular asset quickly, we are stumbling upon more and more brokers that are offering their clients a chance to start trading them. The problem is, not all fo they can be trusted. Though that is not the case with the FXVC. They take upon themselves the process of offering their clients a range of options, in terms of trading, that include FXVC Forex broker services, CFD services and a number of other asset trading services. The wide range, combined with excellent customer service, the easy to use platform and the different account levels offered, creates one of the best brokerages to start trading with right now. Though there are still certain issues that need discussion, we still believe these guys to be better than many of the alternatives currently available online.

General overview

First, let us talk about the general features of the website, the design and the overall qualities that might make it seem like a good place to start working. The very first thing to do is conduct an fxvc.eu review. This way we will be able to tell how useful their website is, how easy to navigate and whether it offers the users a good experience working on it.

The design is rather nice. The developer learned from the many other brokers online and took the best qualities of their websites: pleasant colors, minimalist, scroll design for the homepage that provides information on the platform and on the broker itself, and an easy to navigate structure for the page overall. The pleasant colors and the minimalist style bring important information about the broker and the platform to the forefront of the discussion. The page, despite the abundance of information, is not overloaded with it, which results in a pleasant experience when searching for whatever you want to know.

It is possible to navigate to several, important parts of the page through the homepage. Users will be able to access the browser-based trading platform, the educational center, extra information about the company and the abundant analytical information from the main page. The ease of navigation to the information increases the FXVC rating. Not many websites are capable of bringing this level of navigational freedom to a website.

The page also offers the opportunity to access the Key Information Documents that detail the different aspects of trading with the broker, trading CFDs, trading in different parts of the world and other important details regarding the industry. The list of KIDs is large, but the easy access to them that the website makes going through them a breeze.

Regulation and online FXVC reviews

One of the most exciting things about the broker, and the definitive answer to the question “Can FXVC be trusted” is the presence of a license from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, also known as CySec. If you have been paying any attention while going through our website, you will know that a license from CySec is one of the more valued aspects of a broker’s operation on our website. It is one of the most trusted regulatory bodies around the world and enforces the regulations with a heavy hand. This means that anyone who breaks the law or goes against the rules will be punished. So far, FXVC has not been punished or fined, which means that their track record is as clean as it gets.

This can also be easily seen in the reputation of the broker online. The FXVC reviews by users, online, often talk about the reliable nature of the broker, the fast transactions, the quick trade executions and a range of other aspects of the company that make it the favorite of the many a crypto CFD trader. There are a few negative reviews, as it happens, but they do not seem to be affecting the overall operation of the company or a reflection of it. Further still, the company seems to take good care of its users, as shown by the fact that they respond to negative reviews and try to resolve them with the clients. It seems that the broker goes out of their way to keep their reputation online positive. This results in a very positive experience in working with the broker for many clients.

Products and platform

The trading platform offered by the broker operates in the web browser. It seems to be well integrated with all of the popular browsers available. This means that the browser of your choice will allow you to trade without any issues. The platform has a number of assets that you can trade with. Each type of asset has a separate tab, resulting in four different trading tabs for the platform. Unfortunately, there is not FXVC MT4 available for the use of the clients. The browser platform is also integrated with mobile devices so that users will be able to boot the platform on their phones through the browsers. This means that the traders will be able to access the platform, trade and keep an eye on the markets wherever they go, whenever they need to make sure everything is going just as they want it to.

The platform allows trading with CFDs, Cryptocurrency CFDs, Forex and some other assets. The large range of assets allows the traders to have a way to secure themselves against risks associated with trading. This means hedging against large fluctuations in the market, which is a nice opportunity to have when you invest large amounts of capital into the industry.

The broker also offers a tiered account system. This tiered system allows users to receive special services depending on the amount of money the deposit. So to receive basic service, the users will have to deposit five hundred Euros. Though the services go up to Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP levels. Each level has something more to offer to the users. In our FXVC opinion, the type of account you select depends entirely upon you, though the pricing of having a certain level account might ba little more than you can afford, and that is entirely okay. This way, you are protected from spending more money than you can afford. THough the bonus learning materials, account management, one on one training and analytical tools you get when being at higher levels would also be very beneficial on your trading.

The broker also offers educational services to their clients. The very basic educational materials; guides, articles, and news updates are all free and can be easily accessed from the page of the broker. More in-depth materials are accessed by working with the company and depositing more funds. This goes along with the tiered account system well, offering those who deposit higher amounts a chance at trading better.


In the end, in the humble FXVC opinions of our team, this is one of the best brokers to start dealing with, if you would like to be safe in your trading. They offer the new crypto CFD product to the users and clients who want to see what all the raving is all about. They provide you with the ability to hedge against the risks that once with trading CFDs, and they have a well-maintained platform. The educational opportunities that come with working with FXVC are just a very nice bonus.

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