GIFx Capital review

GIFx Capital review

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With so many forex brokers, one might assume that it is impossible to pick a good one from the rest. Well, a variety of choices does indeed make choosing more difficult, but it is not impossible. Looking at the GIFx Capital scam, for example, it just takes a few clicks around the broker’s website before backtracking and resuming your search. So, what are some of the signs to watch out for?

The obvious signs of a crooked broker

When looking for a broker to trust your money with, it is important that their operations appear to be above board – nothing suspicious. The first red flag upon visiting the GIFx Capital website was the phone number listed at the top of the homepage. The country code is from the US (+1), which is not impossible, but definitely a red flag.

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There are very few forex brokers located in the US, while European brokers are not allowed to solicit US residents for clients. Right away, I go to check for the NFA (National Futures Association) license number and it is not there. Isn’t that odd? What’s more, they claim to be based in Dubai! So, how does a Dubai-based GIFx capital Forex broker have a customer service phone number from the US?

At this point, I would have answered yes to anyone who had asked ‘Is GIFx capital a scam?’ However, I choose to give them the benefit of the doubt, until I run into this block of text. How could a forex broker not be able to hire a writer with good enough command of the English language to put something down that actually made grammatical sense? Besides, didn’t they claim to be fluent in 13 languages, yet can’t even master the most basic one.

Now we’re dealing with a broker without a license or a clear base of operations, not the sort of company you would want to send your money to, is it? Did I mention the crappy website? Perhaps not, because most of the links on the website do not work, especially the ones at the bottom of the page – more questions pop into my head.

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Go ahead and try it yourself, and then ask yourself why you would make a deposit on such a broker’s website. Remember, scammers come in all shapes and sizes, and you have to be careful especially when entering sensitive data. If a website does not even have active links to crucial pages, how much could you trust them with your credit card or bank account information? It could easily be just a bunch of hackers waiting to pounce.

Speaking of internet security, the SSL certificate on the browser isn’t active. The SSL certificate is the one that turns the URL from http to https for added encryption and, thus security. Without the SSL certificate, your information is not encrypted and can be accessed by anyone. The GIFx Capital website does not have this SSL certificate, and I would recommend you don’t enter any personal information there.

GIFx is not scoring any points so far, but for the purpose of education, let’s assume everything obvious was above board, what sort of deep and miniscule details under the hood point to a scam operation?

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What others have to say

I was curious to find out how successful GIFx Capital was at recruiting new clients, so I checked for GIFx Capital opinions on several broker review websites. I wasn’t surprised that the little GIFx capital reviews I read were negative and even sad. Former clients complained of everything from the broker’s services to their trading conditions. I left my own GIFx capital review so no one else would fall for this scam – I’m kind to strangers that way.

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