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Investous Review

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Finding companies that want to scam our users is one of my favourite things to do because then I can sit and rap on them for a while, while also giving our users a chance to learn how to identify scams in the future. Which is why I am so hyped for the Investous review. Just from a general overview of the entire website, you would be tempted to conclude that, they, this is a pretty amazing broker to start doing business with, let me get onto their platform and start trading. Watch out my dear user, because that is the mistake most people make and so easily too, without ever realizing how big it is. Look closer at the website – isn’t it a bit overproduced, aren’t there some weird award mentioned and isn’t there a weird video sticking out at the bottom?

Yes, you will say, yes there is. So, let’s investigate and see what it all os about!

Investous Review


Investous up close

The first thing you are going to want to do is some research online, which you are doing currently. Well, it was the first thing I did and I discovered something. There are no Investous reviews online. Not a single one that takes a closer look at the company and tells you about anything the company actually does. Just general mentions of hey, these guys are legit. Well, this is the first sign that something is not entirely right with the company. If there are no reviews, that means nobody is really using the platform to trade with it or maybe there is someone out there actively suppressing Investous reviews? Let’s not get too carried away with theories, but let’s just stay aware – bad sign.

The next thing you want to look at is the homepage, a bit closer. Scroll down a bit and you will find a very interesting little detail about the company – the fact that they won 2018 awards from the Forex Awards. When I saw that I got excited – hey, there is actually someone legitimizing the company! But you shouldn’t get excited at all. You see, when I traveled to the website, the announcements for the 2018 winners were not made at all. The guys that have posted up that they have won the award have actually not really won anything, or are just predicting their victory. Which makes me lower the Investous rating even further.

Investous Scam


But hey! They have a legit educational centre up in the navigation bar you might say. That should give them points back right?

How many times do I have to tell you to stop getting too excited about things? If you actually navigate through the drop-down menu, you will see that their educational stuff is really just low effort, short descriptions of a couple of concepts in the Forex world. That does not count as an educational website, that counts as prettying up the website for the purpose of making the answer to the “is Investous legit?” be yes. It should not make the answer yes, if anything, it should make your scam senses tingle and your legs prepare for running.

Account types

So far so good right? At this point, you might be distrustful of the company. Well to hammer t last coin into place, and make sure you understand that the Investous scam is just like every other scam, I would like to point two things out to you. The first thing is their account scheme: they give you four account types. The basic, silver, gold and platinum. One thing that bothers my OCD is that they didn’t even name the lowest account type Bronze. Keep with the theme guys. The second thing is that the Gold account type is being pushed very hard onto you. One because it offers so many benefits over the lower to and the Platinum doesn’t really have that much more to offer (barely one thing). Then there’s also the fact that the website tells you to pick it. Like what?

Investous Fraud

They also have it marked as the most popular option. Which is weird because if it is the most popular option, how can the senior manager they have currently be tending to all the client, one on one, at the same time? I don’t think there are enough hours in a day to do that. Either the guy is not a senior manager and we’re being lied to, or that feature is a lie, and we’re being lied to. Either case, we’re being lied to. Not cool yo. Thank god I am here to do this review and keep you safe from harm this Investous fraud.

So, can Investous be trusted?

No, it cannot. Just with the information provided above, you should already be out there, looking for other Forex brokers to play around with. If you are not, let me reiterate – these guys are a scam and you should avoid them. Go do something better for yourself, like find a better broker.

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