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KeyOption Review

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KeyOption seems to be a binary platform that is seriously trying to position on the market and attract traders. Therefore we decided to have a KeyOption review, to determine their strong points as well as to seek potential off points that would prevent us from investing with them.

We turned to the official information first, as available on their web-site. So, they are a service offered by Nuntius Brokerage & Investment Services, an independent firm holding a license from Hellenic Capital Markets Commission (H.C.M.C). Nuntius is also regulated under MIFID law for reception and transmission of orders, execution of orders on behalf of clients, investment advisory, and investment portfolio management.

KeyOption Review

KeyOption Platform Review

The legal issues were checked, so let’s move on. Trading platform. For a platform that wants to “become a global brokerage company, focused on the interest of our partners and customers”, using an obscure self-developed, online platform seem at least strange. We wanted to know the traders’ opinion, and checked out some KeyOption reviews in this respect – conclusion: not many heard of it or used it. This is one of the first red flags. But let’s keep counting. Moving on to the trading procedures.

KeyOption demo account review: zero

Do you want to check out the platform before deciding to trade with them? Well, good luck with that. KeyOption broker does not provide such a solution. If you are interested in how the platform works or if you can adapt to its “uniqueness” the only solution would be to read the reviews (some less impartial than others, some free, some not) and determine from the pictures and comparisons with other trading systems if this is the solution for your needs. Rather primitive advice, we know, but it is the only possibility that we found at least to take a peek at the system.

KeyOption demo account review

KeyOption demo account is inexistent, they do have a picture of the platform and they expect you to decide right then and there if you like it or not. And just to help you make up your mind, you only have the “opportunity” to check out stocks, but not currencies, commodities or indices on the trading section of their website.

KeyOption demo account review

High stakes for low outcome

Well, let’s just say you are willing to give it a try and set up an account with KeyOption binary broker. They offer several types of accounts. The lowest starts at 500 USD, a rather high stake for this kind of blind trading, in our opinion. This is the micro account, while the standard starts from 1,000 USD. And for that type of account you do get a trading tutorial, and one-month access to trading central signals. For 2,000 USD (premium account) you gain three months access, and for 5,000 USD (deluxe account) you get permanent access. Of course.

KeyOption Scam review

KeyOption review of bonuses

This seems more or less regular terms and conditions, despite the fact that the mini account starts from quite a large amount. But for such high stakes, they must have some sort of rewarding system, correct? Most of such brokers have, so let’s check the KeyOption bonus system. Or, rather, the lack thereof. Because no, they do not offer such a system. At a certain point in time, the platform offered an alias of bonus, meaning a one risk free trade, but also at least 30% deposit bonus, depending on the type of account you had. The bonus could reach up to 100% of the deposit, but this was an option only for those having the VIP account (that doesn’t exist now, and that had a 10,000 USD deposit).

What happened to this bonus system? No one knows. The only certainty is that such an offer is off the table now, and all the accounts are bonus free. This makes our KeyOption opinion to gather more and more negative points. First of all, it is rather peculiar to have such an incentive system in place and then to drop it altogether, without replacing it with some other solution to reward, and, ultimately, to retain those who decide to trade using your platform. Worst-case scenario: the broker became overwhelmed with the amounts it had to pay its traders and decided to drop it. But this is just a speculation. The fact remains: you need to trade quite large sums, but with no incentives whatsoever.

Phishing practices?

Moving on, the brokers’ voice on this platform doesn’t have a very nice tone. KeyOption opinions from those who actually trade tend to be less than favoring. More and more tend to apply the scam etiquette due to a few facts that shatter their confidence. Some of the reviews say this is a phishing like product, with so-called employees that call potential investors from private numbers to try and convince them to place their money through KeyOption, promising sky-high winnings. Disturbing is that they know the trading history on other platform for the respective investor. Accessing these kind of information is anything but correct business conduct, but it may be some isolated incident.

KeyOption review of currency values

Before concluding, we leave you with this “fun” fact: in their FAQ section, they announce the minimum deposit amount is of 250. And here is the trick: in the currency of your choice: USD, EUR, GBP. For such an experienced broker, understanding that those currencies do not value the same, is disturbing. Not to mention that the minimum deposit amount doesn’t match the one they announce in the specific section of the site (500 USD).

KeyOption review of currency values

Rounding up: they decided not to invest in a reputable trading platform, they stopped offering bonuses, and they use rudimentary techniques to reach potential investors. All in all, we do not believe this is a recommendable platform, but rather seems to be KeyOption scam. Too many cons and too little pros to take the risk with this platform. We advise you to register only with reliable brokers, you can check them in our binary broker reviews.

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