M4Markets Review – Can We Trust Them?

M4Markets Review – Can We Trust Them?

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Once you decide to start investing and make deposits at a specific Forex brokerage, it is important to know every important detail about the company. The first impression is always positive but the reality often reveals the opposite picture. Today, because of investors’ high and permanently increasing demand and interest levels, broker companies often lie about their conditions fairness and security systems. So, no matter whether the investor is new to trading or has already collected enough experience, everyone can be scammed by impressive offers.

In this M4Markets review, we aim to prevent the interested people and future investors from the big financial losses and risks that this Forex broker might cause.

From the first look, the company looks very impressive and a great option for future investors but in reality, the conditions, and terms are irrelevant to the level of safety and fairness. The lack of informative transparency is the first red flag that makes the M4Markets suspicious trading company. With the reviews and experts rating, we consider that it is needed to describe every trading detail that the broker has to offer.

If you are interested in how M4Markets scams people, make sure to check out the review down below.

Brief Overview

M4Markets was founded in 2020 and the owner is Trinota Markets. The specific owner of the company is anonymous which is the first suspicious fact about this organization.

The company is registered in the offshore territory of Seychelles. M4Markets trades with Forex, commodities, and different indices and shares. Out of these trading assets, the company has offered interested people a demo account which is free to create, and in addition, traders can also open an Islamic account. Traders from the USA are not accepted on the website.

Despite the fact the company is regulated by FCA, it does not have a good reputation and is not considered a trustworthy trader company. Furthermore, M4Markets is blacklisted by SC Malaysia which is another red flag for every person who is interested to invest in this trading firm.

With the offers, M4Markets is pretty impressive because it is oriented to be a comfortable, affordable, and conveniently profitable platform for every user. That is why the firm uses the low amount of minimum deposit, great bonus offers, free demo account availability and for more accessibility, different online trading platforms.

With the demo account, the firm uses the MT4 trading platform which includes real-time data, virtual deposits, and other conditions with the test strategies and offers. The usage of the demo account is risk-free, as you are trading with virtual money. To create the demo account on M4Markets, users need to register and fill out the simple form.

At the moment, the platform is available in several languages. More specifically in English, Italian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Vietnamese, and both styles of Chinese. They have more than 60 assets as trading instruments in total and several deposit methods are available. The most popular ones include Union Pay, Alipay, Skrill, Neteller, China Union Pay, and others.

The speed of payments is pretty short and most of them are instant. On some occasions, it needs one or two working days to complete. With the withdrawals, the company does not have any commission fee and it needs one business day to confirm.

As for customer support, M4Markets does not offer anything special and the answers take quite a lot of time. We also couldn’t discover their official office address which is also suspicious because if the company is fair and safe, the addresses will not be confidential.

The Website

M4Markets website is similar to other Forex broker companies. The design is relevant to the theme and impressive from the first look. The structure, offers, menu, and each element is oriented to make sure the visitor creates the account. They offer impressive profits, a low number of deposits, and other fascinating suggestions but in reality, if you look deeply at the website, it is clear that the company is not very transparent.

The information only includes profitable offers but not about the detailed conditions and terms. The visitor can not find any specific information about the company and its regulations, or reviews.

The License

M4Markets is regulated by FSA which is the international regulatory agency. This ensures investors that they have some basic level of safety, but unfortunately, other facts about the company do not give guarantee financial security.

FSA includes the basic regulations about data safety but the guarantee with deposit security, and other financial aspects are not completely included. The fact that M4Markets offers are blacklisted by Malaysia and the United States of America, creates a valid suspicion about the company’s safety system and the level of trustworthiness.

How Do M4Markets Offering Present Themselves?

As we mentioned before, from the official website, M4Markets seems trustworthy with impressive offers, but the facts are outlining another reality. M4Markets does not include any specific bonuses and only offers several basic promotions after placing the bet. It offers the minimum deposit amount of 5 USD which seems impressive from the first look, but in reality, the firm claims that if you want to create a good account with the guaranteed profit, you need to place at least 50 USD for the first deposit.

There are many safe and prestigious broker companies where a person can invest with less than 50 USD and be safe with their financial transactions.

Another issue is the leverage ratios. More specifically, it offers up to 1:1000 which is paranormally high compared to the broker companies which are regulated by prestigious agencies and are completely trustworthy. Their leverage is up to 1:500. So the fact that M4Markets offers very high leverage from the first look, seems like an enormous profit possibility but in reality, this is an enormous risk of high losses.

With the account types, the user has to choose between three types of accounts. These are standard, premium, and Raw spread accounts. The standard account requires a minimum amount of deposit of 5 USD  but also, claims that 50 USD is a better place for a better income. The average spread is 1.1 pips with leverage of 1:1000.

VIP account requires the deposit amount of 500 USD and includes 1:500 leverage and 0.0 pips. On the other hand RAW spread account which is called Elite account includes leverage with 1;500 and 0.0 pips at least. The minimum deposit amount is 10 000 USD.

What Do We Think After The M4Markets Review?

M4Markets seems a pretty good trading platform from the first impression but in reality, there are many suspicious facts. First of all, the company is anonymous and the lack of published information and less transparency decreases trustworthiness.

The high leverage and deposit amounts with the reputation they have are not rational and safe because many reputable broker companies offer investors realistic leverages up to 1:500 and lower minimum amount of deposits.

Finally, because the platform is prohibited in many countries and the conditions are not confirmed with the safety, we do not recommend M4Markets for investing because there is a high probability that the broker is a scam that hides very effectively.

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