The Oinvest review with benefits described in detail

The Oinvest review with benefits described in detail

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The number of brokers seems to be ever changing and ever increasing, and the addition of the Oinvest Forex broker to the list is a welcome one. After all, any good broker is welcome to the mix. The market is already seemingly oversaturated with companies that are simply there to lie and deceive potential clients. Thankfully, there are more and more companies like Oinvest entering the market. While not the greatest thing to happen to the Forex industry, these companies are able to provide their clients with a respectable service that users will be able to enjoy without an issue. While exploring the nature of Oinvest and the type of operations it conducts, we have decided that it is one of the better opportunities for Forex trading in South Africa.

Is Oinvest legit?

The first thing we do, when trying to determine that answer to this question, is whether the company presents itself appropriately. Appropriate presentation implies that the broker has done its best to allow its users a smooth experience of interacting with them. The first level of interaction with their clients is through the website that the broker has. The website is designed rather well. The combination of the blues and whites might remind some of Facebook, but the way the two are combined is not in any way reminiscent. The design is rather pleasant, with the pictures being present on the website in order to support the information provided on there, instead of supplementing it. The page is easy to navigate and provides access to all parts of the website simply. The navigation menu is basic, and easy to use so that the users won’t be hassled in the process of figuring out how to get to one or another part of the website. The entirety of the information about the company is easy to access and acquire, whether it be licensing information or about the offers they have for their users. This results in us having very nice Oinvest opinions from the get-go.

The entire website is rather small, with only a few pages. This makes it rather easy to find the information you need, and it also makes the entire relationship with the website simpler. It is easy to get in touch with the support team, who will get back to you relatively soon. The broker is small right now, so they might be overloaded at times, which is why they might take time replying to you. But on the other hand, the small size allows the company to establish stronger relationships with their clients. As a result, the Oinvest FX brokerage has a seemingly personal relationship with their clients, which is not something you will get to see often in the industry. In the end, we have discovered that at the two initial stages of engagement, Oinvest is legit, even if a little slow in response time.

Oinvest review of spreads, leverage, and platform.

In their scramble to produce a unique opportunity for their traders, Oinvest has invented the bicycle, again. The broker now offers a tiered system of levels, in terms of the advancement of the user, depending on the deposit they make with the broker, initially. The three tiers are Silver, Gold, and Platinum, and each offers benefits over the other. The users that choose to be of a higher tier will be able to access better deals. Users with a Platinum account will be able to trade with lower spread values, making trading cheaper for them, and higher leverage, which might result in higher returns on their investment. They will also be able to enjoy certain platform benefits, such as news alerts and a free VPS. The Gold and Silver account types will have relatively wider spreads and lower leverage, but the users will still be able to enjoy the potential for a high rate of return.


The tiered system might seem like a “Pay to win” situation that many gamers have criticized over the years. In reality, it is a way to protect traders from themselves. Only those who are able to afford large investments will be able to access high leverage when Forex trading. This way to the broker is making sure that the traders are not inexperienced and can actually afford to trade with the money they are planning on trading with. Although there could be other safety measures installed to protect the people from themselves, the tier system might be more or less useful in this purpose.

There are a number of platforms that the broker offers to their users. The one that is most popular is Oinvest MT4, but the broker also has a web trader and a mobile platform, which are all easy to use. All three platforms are well organized and built and have been highly regarded by the users of the platform. Each has their own preference, but the MT4 platform is by far the most popular. still, the relative versatility that the broker provides to its users is highly appreciated and puts it a step above other brokers in the country.

User Oinvest reviews and licensing

One of the best things that Oinvest has going for it is the fact that the majority of the reviews online are positive. This is not something that happens often and is usually only possible as a result of the company being rather young and performing its duties rather well. Oinvest is a rather young company, but it has managed to keep its reputation very clean, thanks to the fact that they treat their users very well, as mentioned before. This has resulted in the majority of their users coming out and saying that the broker is definitely one of the better online. There are, of course, negative reviews as well, but the presence of those only means that the company is legit. There is no single company in the world that has only positive reviews. In a way, the presence of such commentary answers the question “can Oinvest be trusted?”. The fact that they are not going around and trying to get rid of negative reviews means that the company understands the importance of honesty and that they can, in reality, be trusted.

The broker has a license from the FSCA, the South African financial regulatory body in charge of overseeing any kind of financial company that operates within the country’s borders. This license guarantees that the company does its best to comply with the rules and that it has done everything it can, in order to not be fined. The FSCA is a relatively trustworthy regulator that is not well known internationally but has a growing presence, now that the South African Forex markets are coming more and more to life. A license provided by this body guarantees that Oinvest scam is not something you need to worry about.

The bottom line

While the company is relatively young it has managed to create for itself a status as a reliable and worthwhile broker. The number of users leaving positive reviews for it is rather impressive. The broker has a number of points that are impressive to us and result in us creating quite a positive rating for it, but the lack of Oinvest fraud does not mean that the company is the best. There are things that it can improve on. Some time needs to pass before we are able to assign the title of the best to the company, so for now, only a three to four-star level rating will be what the company receives.

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