PipFarm Forex Prop Trading Firm Review

PipFarm Forex Prop Trading Firm Review

Minimum deposit

10,000 USD


25% discount on first purchase

Maximum leverage


Year founded



Not required

Trading platform


Unlike Forex brokers, proprietary trading firms operate differently. While Forex brokers provide access to financial markets and provide platforms for that, prop firms will evaluate traders to determine if they can be trusted with large capital. Traders have to pass an evaluation challenge and show their performance to get funded. Prop firms give traders trading capital to speculate on markets, which is very advantageous for traders who have low budgets. If a trader is profitable, then it is a better idea to get a 100k USD funded account and generate much larger profits than with your own budget. Prop firms charge small fees for taking evaluation challenges and when traders get funded they keep a small portion of profits for providing capital. PipFarm was established in 2024 and provides traders with seed capital challenges, where the trader has to show their performance while not losing a certain percentage of trading capital. Now, many scams and frauds claim to be prop firms and who are just collecting the fees. However, the PipFarm scam is highly unlikely as the prop firm has only a few rules, meaning it is genuinely trying to attract profitable traders and share profits by giving them capital. Profit sharing is 90% meaning traders can keep 90% of their profits in trading activities, which is more than enough to trade for a living.

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PipFarm Brief Background Overview

PipFarm is a relatively young prop trading firm that offers several funding challenges to attract profitable traders and generate profits from market activities. The firm offers very competitive conditions in the industry and aims at amassing a profitable trader base. The rules are very simple and allow traders to implement any trading strategy they think is suitable, which is very flexible. While many prop firms have hidden rules that are not visible right away, PipFarm has no hidden rules and everything is clearly given on the website.

Here is the quick PipFarm specs:

FPA Score Not yet rated
Year founded 2024
Headquarters Singapore (The parent company is based in Singapore)
Minimum audition fee 125 USD
Fees on withdrawals Unknown
Minimum funded amount 10,000 USD
Maximum funded amount 200,000 USD (up to 500k with scaling)
Allowed daily loss 4%
Profit target 12%
Maximum trailing drawdown 8%
Profit sharing (Payouts) 90%
Trading Platforms cTrader
Available trading markets Forex, commodities, indices, cryptos

PipFarm Prop Firm Overview of Funded Accounts

PipFarm funding programs are diverse and range from 10,000 USD to 200,000 USD. PipFarm scaling plan is also very flexible and allows profitable traders to scale their accounts up to 500,000 USD, which is very attractive. Starting with a low account balance and increasing it to 500k seems like a very good idea. The rules for the scaling plan are simple, traders should hit the profit target of 12% to be eligible for scaling and the plan is activated every month.

fees and accounts

Here is the list of seed funding options offered by PipFarm with the corresponding maximum scaling amount, and profit target in dollars:

  • 10,000 USD — 25,000 USD max funding — 1,200 USD profit target
  • 20,000 USD — 50,000 USD max funding — 2,400 USD profit target
  • 50,000 USD — 125,000 USD max funding — 6,000 USD profit target
  • 100,000 USD — 250,000 USD max funding — 12,000 USD profit target
  • 200,000 USD — 500,000 USD max funding — 24,000 USD profit target

The evaluation is 1-stage, meaning after traders pass the first phase, they are free to start trading on a funded account and make and withdraw profits. The firm will keep 10% of profits for providing fair trading capital. There are no expensive add-ons which is also very good, traders receive what they see without hidden extra costs. With this approach, PipFarm seems a super friendly prop trading firm for beginners. The evaluations are super positive on Trustpilot from traders which is always a good sign. Couple these good reviews with the few rules set by the firm, and we can assume PipFarm is a very promising young prop firm offering value for traders.

PipFarm fees

PipFarm fees are competitive as the firm offers a 25% discount on the first purchase, which decreases prices considerably. Here are the fees for the corresponding funding options offered by PipFarm:

  • 10,000 USD — 125 USD
  • 20,000 USD — 225 USD
  • 50,000 USD — 475 USD
  • 100,000 USD — 875 USD
  • 200,000 USD — 1675 USD

The audition fee for the small funding account of 10,000 USD is 125 dollars, which is further reduced by 25% if you are purchasing the PipFarm challenge for the first time.

PipFarm trading commissions are competitive for FX trading at 6 USD round turn per lot traded. The spreads are also low from 0 pips which is perfect for scalping strategies.

PipFarm Review of Rules and Risk Limits

When it comes to prop trading firms, the number one considerations for traders are the rules and risk limits imposed by the firms. PipFarm rules are very forgiving as there are no other rules except the main ones. The daily loss limit is 4%, meaning traders can not lose more than 4% of their account balance on any given trading day. The maximum drawdown limit is set at 8% and traders should deploy trading strategies that allow for such risk parameters. The profit target is 12%. Except for HFT (High-Frequency Trading) bots and trade copiers, all strategies are allowed. Traders can trade the news and hold open positions overnight and over the weekends. Crypto trading is allowed 24/7 and the firm offers support around the clock also. The reason why HFT and trade copiers are not allowed is the difficulty of replicating these strategies.

Stop loss orders are required unless the trader reaches a certain rank when the condition is deactivated.

PipFarm Trading Platforms and Assets

PipFarm allows access to diverse markets of Forex pairs, crypto assets, metals, energies, and indices. The maximum leverage is capped at 1:30. Stock trading is not available at the moment, but considering the firm is young, we hope they add stocks in the future. The number of trading instruments in each asset category is:

  • 6 metals, including Gold
  • 3 energies including oil
  • 10+ Forex pairs
  • 14 indices
  • 6 crypto assets including BTC and ETH

All these assets are accessible through the advanced trading platform cTrader. cTrader just like other advanced platforms offers inbuilt technical indicators and advanced chart analysis tools. There is a possibility for custom indicators and trading bots called cBots as the platform offers c# programming language support.

PipFarm Review of Extra Features

PipFarm provides a 25% discount on the first purchase, which is very attractive for new clients. Another feature of PipFarm is its XP and ranking system. The firm allows traders to earn experience points when trading and they can increase their rank. After unlocking rank 1, traders are free from the stop loss conditions. After achieving rank 3 traders start to get real benefits. Here is the list of ranks and their benefits:

  • Rank 1 — No longer stop loss requirements
  • Rank 2 — extended inactivity period from 14 days to 28 days
  • Rank 3 — Series D funding to increase maximum funding even further
  • Rank 4 — 50% lower commissions
  • Rank 5–1:50 leverage
  • Rank 6 — Payouts allowed at any time (processed under 24 hours)
  • Rank 7 — Daily loss increased from 4 to 5%
  • Rank 8 — 10% capital added to funded account
  • Rank 9 — only 15 days between each scaling (instead of standard 30)
  • Rank 10 — Free 100k test account
  • Rank 11 — Absolute drawdown calculator changes from relative to absolute (fixed risk allowance)
  • Rank 12 — Double scaling unlocked

There are also quests to gain more experience points including making 100 pips profits (2 XP), a 5-day win streak (5 XP), and 50 pip profits (5 XP). Traders can not lose XP, which is advantageous for achieving higher ranks and gaining more benefits.

PipFarm Review of Education

PipFarm lacks comprehensive educational resources. The firm only has a blog which consists of guides about the firm’s rules and other important information and also provides an FAQ section to assist traders get answers to all questions. There are no trading courses offered at this point.

There is a dashboard and the firm offers a detailed guide for beginners to familiarize themselves with the platform. A dashboard is a handy tool for traders to check their performance and conduct other functions as well.

PipFarm Customer Support

PipFarm excels in quality customer support services with several different channels including live chat and email support. The website and support are only available in the English language. The support personnel is well-trained and offers detailed information about the firm services and assists traders to solve their queries fast and efficiently.

PipFarm Prop Firm Review Conclusion

In the end, PipFarm is a promising prop trading firm, offering unique opportunities for traders to use their skills without high initial investments. The firm was founded in 2024 and offers only a few rules to follow. The range is between 10k and 200k, with a scaling plan of up to 500,000 USD in funding options. With competitive fees and a 25% discount on the first purchase, PipFarm is an attractive company. The profit share is 90% as well, which is super attractive. PipFarm stands out for its simple rules, absence of hidden fees, and a wide range of trading assets accessible through the cTrader platform. The firm is young but has already managed to amass positive reviews on Trustpilot for its trader-friendly policies.

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