TDS Capital Group rating is legit – broker needs more attention

TDS Capital Group rating is legit – broker needs more attention

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Credibility and trustworthiness are among the most important traits every broker should have. That’s because they’re the ones that guarantee a smoother trading experience, which is itself pretty dangerous and doesn’t need additional security concerns – which the scammer brokers invoke.

The TDS Capital Group Forex broker is one of the most popular brokerages on the internet with its mixed reviews and opinions. And it’s pretty difficult for inexperienced traders to determine, whether they can trust this broker or not, especially when they see a fancy trickery with visual effects and high numbers.

However, our goal is to see through such offerings and reveal the real picture. And that’s what we’re going to do in this review.

Educational Center

One of the main mandatory requirements for licensed brokers is to have a well-designed and easily-distinguishable education center. This section on their website will be dedicated to the beginner and not-so-experienced traders who want to attain more knowledge in the field. And while TDS Capital definitely has the educational page, it certainly doesn’t stand among the quality pages by any stretch of the imagination.

having the correct understanding of TDS Capital Group is key thing to know

This is the first section that arouses the TDS Capital scam suspicions in our minds. On the one hand, the broker is trying to paint itself as a licensed and customer-focused entity. On the other hand, however, when you actually read the tutorials and listen to the videos, they aren’t very insightful nor accurate to the actual Forex trading techniques. It seems to us that the broker has paid a modest amount of cash to the copywriters who came up with the “educational” articles on their own.

Trader Tools

Usually, the majority of digital asset exchange platforms don’t offer any additional tools. The shortage of having the right software increases the chances of facing financial loss. That was the reason why the online broker decided to launch the tool section, offering varieties of calculators, including Pivot, Fibonacci and Deal Size one.

However, the seemingly good intentions don’t necessarily translate into real-world effectiveness. These tools may seem effective on the outside, but using them in real life isn’t as smooth as the broker wants you to believe. Many traders find it difficult to understand which tool they’re using and what it does. Therefore, this offer certainly doesn’t improve the current atmosphere of the TDS Capital Group review.

The variety of trading accounts

Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum membership are available to worldwide members of the trading platform. However, take some time to see the list of restricted countries and you’ll find out that these accounts may not be as powerful as possible.

The broker may claim that the differences between each kind of account lie not just in the initial deposit size that you will have to make, but also in the benefits that you shall receive from trading with these guys. However, the real-life experience proves something else: the accounts are really different from one another in terms of the minimum deposit requirements.

And while the basic account has a $250 requirement, which is marketed as beneficial to the beginner traders, even that amount is high for those traders who want to gain some knowledge and experience without risking too much of their money. Sure, there are higher leverage and lower spread offerings the higher you go to the level ladder, but the difference isn’t something to be excited for. Therefore, the question “is TDS Capital legit?” doesn’t miraculously get a positive answer in this instance.

the varieties of memberships affect the TDS Capital Group rating

Sure, everyone is given a chance of selecting the right account, starting from the inexperienced traders all the way to the ones, who are ready to invest entire capital, worth millions of dollars in digital assets; the so-called VIP members are provided with trading signals in order to increase the profit margins; however, if someone wants no spreads or easily controllable positions, or even the ECN capabilities, they might want to look somewhere else because this broker certainly doesn’t offer that. Which is what causes the TDS Capital Group rating to get even lower and lower.

Is TDS Capital Group fraud?

After reading quite a few reviews, we could hardly find anyone praising the TDS Capital’s deposits and withdrawals, meaning that you as the trader will have a hard time monitoring account balance and send the possible profits to the personal wallet of yours. That’s why we have such a low impression of the TDS Capital Group FX brokerage – it offers underwhelming trading conditions and certainly fails to offer sophisticated transaction mechanisms.

Speaking of transaction platforms, the broker only offers Credit Cards, Wire Transfers, and some e-wallets, which is less than enough for a modern Forex brokerage. It’s common knowledge that the traditional financial mechanisms, such as those mentioned above, are susceptible to security threats and hacker attacks. And it seems that the broker doesn’t offer any financial protection to its users. So, the answer to the question of whether the broker is legit or not: no, we don’t feel like it is.

Final TDS Capital Group opinions

Even having the experience of working with leading companies of the crypto world, including Binance, CoinPayments and Bitstamp didn’t make it easier for us to register on the platform, not to mention our fears of the potential scam. And to be perfectly clear, there is quite a big possibility that the TDS customers are being scammed. And the lack of TDS Capital MT4 (MetaTrader 4), the most popular and easily-discernible trading software, makes the trading experience even more underwhelming. So, our final conclusion is that the TDS Capital broker is a very suspicious entity and isn’t worth a risk.

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