A Vestle review explaining all of the details about the company

A Vestle review explaining all of the details about the company

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After years and years of exploring the internet, all scams start seeming like they are the same. So much so that I wouldn’t be surprised if it was one guy going around and starting the same scams over and over, just to see how many times he can get people to buy-in and deposit loads of money. This is probably not true for all of them, but the truth of the matter is, there are certain telltale signs of a scam that will indicate whether a broker is a scam. These signs are exactly the same in the case of the Vestle Forex broker, which, in our opinion, is one of the better-crafted scams out there. Some of you might now even notice it is a scam, but that is what we are here for. To yell you to pay attention, so you know what the signs are.  This way, you can avoid the scams. Let’s talk about Vestle now and learn, why you should avoid them at all costs.

Vestle.com review

The first thing very scam messes up is the website. Well, not every single one. In the case of the Vestle scam, the website is not the worst thing we have ever seen. It is actually a serviceable website that would garner some criticism from us if the broker had been legit, but we would have let it slide. Bu in the case of the broker we are discussing right now, no mercy shall be shown. Simply because, despite the design being serviceable, there are many holes in it and in the navigation of the website that point confidently towards the broker being nothing more than a scam. These holes are the ones that every scammer leaves behind, except in the case of this one, they are better masked than with other such scams.

When getting on the Vestle fraud website, you find yourself looking at something that might look legitimate. But, the more time you spend here, the more you realize what kind of a hole it really is. The first thing you will notice is that, while the homepage is designed well, it is incredibly general in the information it provides, while the imagery and the overall design is also quite static. With brokers that try very hard to create good websites, the design always seems organic, while with this one, the design seems a little off. Whether it is because of the lame picture they have, the strange scrolling experience, or whatever else makes the website hard to endure, it tips us off that something isn’t right.

This feeling is only reinforced by the fact that despite this being the Vestle FX brokerage website, there is little to no information on what they are offering you. Yes, there are some general statements here and there, but overall it seems like the website is mostly dedicated to seeming like it offers you something. Most of the pages that you can travel from barely elaborate on anything, simply providing you with repetition of certain facts about what the broker offers. The navigation is fast, but there aren’t really many places to navigate you. Moreover, there is little to no information about the company on the page. There is no information about the team that works with the company, no information when they were founded or where or by who, and no information about how many traders work with them on a day to day basis. All of this only goes to show that the company does not want you to know anything about them and that they are only trying to seem like they are reliable, while beyond the surface remaining a scam without any substance or use to anyone.

Vestle review of platform and offers

The fact that there is little to no information on what they actually offer also translates into us trying to analyze the rest of the information. There is basically nothing available that would detail what the broker offers to the users. The information that is available is very surface level and does not allow us to determine whether the business is working at all, which is why we think that the broker is trying to scam the users. The only information we were able to find when trying to answer the question “is Vestle legit” was the fact that they do not have a downloadable platform and the fact that they have an app. Except, even in that case, there is no real app to talk about. The trading platform that the broker offers is a browser-based trader, which is often offered by all brokers as a solution to not being able to download their full platform. The broker claims that they created this one themselves, but the template for the platform was taken from all of the other versions that already exist. Furthermore, the app that they are talking about is nothing but the browser-based platform accessed from the mobile browser. So you know, nothing special.

The broker also does not talk about the financial terms of working with them. It does provide information on all of the assets that users can trade with the broker. The page specifies that there are several asset classes that CFDs can be traded for: currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks and so on. When trying to access the information about each individual asset type with the broker, there is little to no information on how these assets are traded. There is no information about spreads or any kind of monthly or weekly or per trade fees on each of these pages. There is information on the broker allowing for the highest leverage that is allowed in the EU, 1;30, but that is all.

What is even more disturbing is the fact that, when you go looking for information about Vestle withdrawal, or deposit or any kind of financial transaction, all you get is a list of credit cards that can be used for the purpose. While this might seem like a useful list, there is then no information about the details of using each of these cards, so that you don’t know if there is anything more than them being allowed. Moreover, the broker does not seem to accept any of the online wallets that are usually to the industry now or cryptocurrencies as payment and withdrawal options. With no information being available on whether the broker even allows withdrawals, rather than what the broker charges for them, we cannot help but be cautious and think that the broker does not want their users withdrawing any funds from their accounts at all.


Brokers that want to deal with traders on good terms usually are able to provide users with information about all aspects of their trading from the very moment that the potential trader makes it onto their website. This is why when we see a website that does not provide this information easily, we start forming negative opinions. In the case of our Vestle opinion, we think that it is a scam that needs to be avoided at all costs, otherwise, any trader is facing the danger of losing a significant chunk of all of their trading capital. But, don’t just listen to our team, check out some of what everybody else is saying about the broker.

Vestle reviews found online

There are many people on the internet who would want to try and talk about the company. The reason is that, while the company is relatively young as it has been branded, most of the Vestle opinions that you see are based on the fact that within the past year people have been doing nothing but losing money with the broker. The reason you don’t see these reviews is that the company is doing its best to prevent them from existing. Combine the fact that the broker spends a lot of time managing their reputation with the fact that they are relatively young, and you will realize why there are so few reviews of the broker available online.

Still, we were able to find a significant number of reviews for the broker, that all talked about how they ended up losing money after trading with them. Whether this is because for some reason they could not make the right trade, or because they were unable to withdraw the funds after a while. Some of them even mention some strange charges that the broker charged to their account, which resulted in the money being fully depleted.

Furthermore, after doing some research, we also found that the license that the broker claims they have is not actually real. The CySec license that the broker talks about has no counterpart in the register of CySec that we went through in order to find it. This is why the Vestle rating is so low – they are nothing but a scam, and it shows in their reviews and in whether they have a license or not (they do not). The fact that they are lying about having one is another showcase of how a scam goes about attracting new users – they will do everything in their power to attract people who do not know to look beyond the surface. As a result, many people who start trading with them end up losing money.

Vetle bonus offers

There also are some seeming bonus offers that the broker talks about. These bonus offers are not legitimate in the closest. In reality, these bonus offers are simply offering the same things that all brokers offer, except they are marketing them as unique Vestle promotions. If you have done any research in the past, you will know that all brokers offer all users a chance to start a demo account and some education, even 1 on 1 education, when they first start out. It is one of the most important productions that every broker offers for the betterment of their clients. The fact that Vestle is trying to make them into their bonus offers only shows that they will do anything the attract the attention of those, who know nothing about the industry, in order to be able to scam them.

Vestle fraud and conclusion

There are many more things that we could say about the broker. Most of these things involve us being very negative and very angry at the broker for being a scam. Most of them are not going to say, because it does not fit into the kind of polite conversation we like to have on this website. Still, we would like to say that you should do anything in your power to avoid the broker. If you have ever asked the question “can Vestle be trusted?” the answer is no, and this should be pretty clear by this point.

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