Vistabrokers Review

Vistabrokers Review

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ForexTradingBonus heard a lot of different opinions about Vistabrokers that we decided to take the time to look at their offering and see if there’s a fit between needs of a trader and what the broker offers. Continue reading Vistabrokers review and find out if it is good!

Vistabrokers review at Glance

A simple Google search for Visabrokers or Vistabrokers Forex brings you on top of the search page the website link but what is interesting is that if you look on the right side of the screen for the description you’ll find out there are no more no less than 258 Vistabrokers reviews and all of them have a five star rating.

Vistabrokers review at Glance

It should be enough for any serious trader to stop at this very moment and skip this broker as in real world something is wrong with this kind of advertising. But we decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and see if there is a Vistabrokers scam or not.

Vistabrokers Review: First Problems

Website looks well-structured with a nice chat option and with the possibility to open a demo or live account pretty fast.Overall, Vistabrokers scam looks like any regular FX broker. It claims to have CySEC regulation, segregate funds and MT4 trading platform. Also, it is described as “Best Online Forex Trading & CFD’S” but what makes this broker to be the best if everything offered is a basic standard for a brokers nowadays?

Also, Vistabrokers scam advertisement suggest that opening a demo account can be done in less than a minute. Such claim has nothing to do with reality, since captcha simply is not working and even though you type the correct one, you will not be redirected to the next page.

Vistabrokers scam Review

In order to trade CFD’s (Contracts for Difference) one needs to have access to some stocks. But while trying to access them, you will be  directed to non-existing page and your Vistabrokers scam CFD’s trading will look like this:

Vistabrokers scam CFD's trading

Not exactly the result one is looking for when clicking a link, right? It is important to know what you will be able to trade before opening an account. But with Vistabrokers scam you will have no clue as the website simply doesn’t work. So how come there are over two hundred Vista brokers reviews and none of them had these issues? Vistabrokers scam review recons this to be suspicious.

It is being said that a broker should be a trader’s partner and this makes the process of choosing the right broker a difficult one. People are afraid of scams as there are a lot of brokers that fit into this category and this is why a good Vista brokers review would matter for a trader.

But such a review is no easy thing to earn and certainly the examples above are enough for at least a small “downgrade” when it comes to the five rating star it has on Google. This is why we question these reviews to be real ones.

Vistabrokers Scam Review Conclusion

AS you can see, this broker offers questionable conditions and is definitely not one of the best CFD trading brokers that you can find. The fact that their website is not working properly and opening demo account takes a great effort puts this broker below the best Forex brokers. Is this Vistabrokers scam review enough to say Vista brokers scams people? Probably not, but we question its reputation and do not recommend any trader to open an account at this brokerage.


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