Alpari Virtual Reality Contest (Ltd)

Alpari Virtual Reality Contest (Ltd)




6,000 – 10,000 USD PAMM


11 weeks


up to 1:1000

Do not be affraid, this contest is not from Alpari UK, this meant that no payout problems are present here. Alpari Ltd is a creator of this contest, so you can keep calm and win real money.

Alpari Virtual Reality Contest is one of the best demo contest that do exist now. This contest allows you get a share of the awesome prize pool and if you are really good and really lucky, Alpari has an additional huge bonus for the best trader of the contest. Read full review of this contest to find out what awesome prizes are waiting for you!

Alpari Virtual Reality Demo Contest Registration

You should know that Alpari Virtual Reality Contest is divided into 4 rounds. Registrations for the first two rounds are already closed, but you still have two rounds to show how good you can trade.

3rd Round

The registration for this round is available from 26.06 to 25.09.

Contest of this round will begin on 13.07 and will end on 26.09.

4th Round

Registration for the last round of this contest in 2015 is available from 25.09 to 25.12.

Contest will be held between 12.10 and 26.12, so be ready!

Alpari Virtual Reality Demo Contest Details

Each round of the contest goes for 11 weeks, so there is no reason to make as much trades in one day as you can, so trade with caution. Also, there is no difference if you start trading on the first day of the contest or will register in the last minute and just beat everybody else in one day.

The prize pool of each round is 6,000 USD and since most of the participants do not last longer than few weeks, your chances are getting the piece of prize are pretty high. So, just trade safely and make your way to the top. Also, if you will be the best of the best, there is a special prize for you. Top 1 performer of Alpari Virtual Reality Contest will get 10k USD PAMM account. This is just super cool.

More to this, this broker has no limitations imposed on your winnings. So you can withdraw them the moment you receive them or trade and get some more profits. Yes, you do not have to clear it!

From the point of view of Forex Trading Bonus, Alpari Virtual reality contest is interesting and prizes are generous, so we advise you to take part in it, if you are interested.