IronFX Forex Contest

IronFX Forex Contest




30,00 USD


1 month


up to 1:500

Want to participate in the IronFX Demo Contest? It is quite difficult to find one these days. So what actually happened to IronFX Demo Contests? It is difficult to say, but we try to find the truth behind these recent changes. Read about our investigation and findings in IronFX Contest Review now!

IronFX Demo Contest Description

Putting all eggs into one basket, it has to be said that during recent years, IronFX Contest actually were somehow attractive. Most of them had quite an awesome prizes as Google Glass, for example. But from the beginning of 2015 the situation actually changed and there are no championships anymore.

IronFX Demo Contest Review found out that during 2014, broker offered several pricey contests, including IronFX Google Glass contest, Trip to Stunning Paris Championship and IronFX 2,000 USD Demo Competition. But now, in 2015 there are no new demo contests from this Forex broker and no prizes are coming to clients of this Asian Forex Broker.

IronFX Demo Contest Review

It seems like since Black Thursday some of the Forex Brokers decided to cut their spending and IronFX Demo Contests are one of the things are that has been dropped by this broker. It is a bad update for championship seekers, but were these contest actually good? It claimed that maximum prize you should be able to win equals 30,000 but afterwards it says, that any trader can win up to 2,000 dollars. Controversial, right?

Forex Trading Bonus supposes that none of the demo contests from this broker were any good and were not worth your time and effort. Actually, IronFX just tries to look like a good broker, but in reality, its conditions are rather questionable. Spreads are too high and commissions are pretty high as well. As for IronFX Bonuses, bonus clearing conditions are unreachable unless you trade 24/5.

So, IronFX Demo Contest Review suggest, that recent market changes forced this broker to drop its demo competitions. It can also be the case that clients actually understood that there are much better Forex demo competitions available and switched to them.

More to that, every IronFX Contest took at least one month. In terms of Forex trading, it is a lot of time, especially in times of high volatility. You can take no deposit bonus and make more profit in this timeframe.

Overall, we are not sure if IronFX Competitions will be back anytime soon. What we can say with confidence is that we would not recommend you to take part in any upcoming IronFX Demo Contests as well as trade with IronFX. There are just better possibilities in Forex market.

 If you want to get more from Forex than imaginary possibility of getting 2,000 USD, we suggest you pick up one of our two best No Deposit Offers and start trading there. Believe us, if you spend as much time and effort on trading with them as you would do on Forex Championship, the result will be definitely better.