Atirox Deposit Bonus Review

Atirox Deposit Bonus Review






30 days

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Brokers operating across various markets, whether it’s Forex, stocks, or commodities, are trying to make the online trading experience super convenient for their clients. For that, they mainly strive towards making the actual trading terms and conditions as lucrative as possible.

However, there are other aspects of online trading that also fall in their focal point: they are trying to offer streamlined payment platforms, trading pieces of software, and exciting bonuses. This last offering may seem like a superficial addition to the trading experience but for many traders, it’s what ultimately decides which broker they choose.

For that reason, we’ll be taking a look at yet another bonus from a popular Forex broker, Atirox, more specifically – its Welcome Bonus.

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Atirox Deposit Bonus Overview

Atirox’ Welcome Bonus is actually one of many bonuses present on the platform, mainly the 50% Deposit Bonus, Prime Bonus, Welcome Bonus itself, and lots of different contests. Because of the abundance of various bonus promotions, we cannot help but feel affection towards Atirox.

Atirox Welcome Bonus review

However, when it comes to the terms and conditions of the actual bonus, we have some second thoughts. But first, let’s talk about what it offers.

The Atirox Welcome Bonus, as its name should imply, is a promotion that mainly applies to the new clients on Atirox. However, the broker claims that it is actually accessible to both “new and existing” clients.

Its main offering goes like this: whenever a trader replenishes their trading account – regardless if it’s the Micro, Classic or Fix account – with at least $15, they’ll be getting a +$5 bonus, +3 days of trading with that bonus, and the +$30 extended withdrawal limit.

And here’s where things get a little blurry: according to the broker, traders should be getting a $60 bonus right after they make a $15 deposit, however, if we do the math correctly depending on the above-mentioned condition, a $60 bonus will only be available to the traders if they deposit a total of $180. It seems like either the broker is intentionally trying to provide blurry information or it actually works the way we explained it. Either way, the Atirox Welcome Bonus is already pretty suspicious to us.

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How can you use it?

Alright, let’s say there was nothing suspicious about this bonus and you managed to get it. The next question is, how can you use it? Well, according to Atirox, there’s only one way of using it: to trade with it. Unfortunately, the Atirox Welcome Bonus isn’t available for withdrawal, like many other welcome and deposit bonuses are.

The money is deposited to your MetaTrader 4 account and you can only use it for the next 30 days. And one more thing: you cannot even withdraw profits made with this bonus before the 30-day restriction is over; you need to wait before that and generate as much as you can, at least that’s how Atirox is trying to justify this counterintuitive condition.

FAQs on Atirox deposit bonus

Is Atirox a good broker?

Atirox is an average Forex broker. It has more or less flexible trading conditions, however, spreads are higher than the market average. Also, the regulatory framework of the broker is not as reliable as it should be. We would recommend Atirox for experienced traders only, while we suggest that newcomer traders seek more beginner-friendly brokers with highly convenient conditions like XM, AvaTrade, HotForex or similar.