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City Index is definitely not one of the unknown brokers. But does it offer a reliable deal on your deposits? Well, we can honestly tell you that there are much better deals in our Deposit Bonus Category. But if you want exactly this deal, we advise you to read our full City Index Deposit Bonus Review!

City Index Deposit Bonus is not reliable

So, how do you think, is this deal reliable? We actually do not think. We know that City Index Deposit bonus is not a reliable deal. It offers a small percentage of incredibly high deposits. And they expect you to go with such deals.

Moreover, there are probably people that are taking such deals, but we want you to be cautious. This deal is highly unreliable. And, probably, most of the people that do claim it, do not hope to get their money back. Because if you are trading with City Index, it is impossible.

If you claim City Index Bonus, do not expect to claim your deposit back. This is basically the rule. And, as you would expect, we are not guided just by opinions of the internet. We have tried it on our own, and there is still no money returned. So, learn from the mistakes of others, stay safe!

City Index Deposit Bonus Alternative

If you want our recommendation, it is really simple. There is no reason to look for some highest bonus or something like that. You should just take 50% from XM and trade with them. They are reliable and will not ever fool you and take your money away. Of course, if you do not like this deal, you take part in some Forex Contest, but we like this deal more.