ClickTrades Deposit Bonus Review

ClickTrades Deposit Bonus Review




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ClickTrades Forex broker that is operated by the KW investments company has a deposit bonus available for both new and current customers. You can get up to $5.000 or a 30% bonus on your initial deposit, because of the high leverage you will be able to start making profits from the bonus fast and in a simple way. But before you get excited it is always a good idea to see what the broker has to offer besides the bonuses, you can check the trading conditions and assets in the detailed ClickTrades Review. Otherwise, you can explore what is the deposit bonus about, how to claim, use, and cash it out in this ClickTrades deposit bonus review.

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ClickTrades Deposit bonus details

The first deposit bonus as the name suggests is applicable to the customers who are making their first deposit. The amount of the bonus varies from $50 to $5000 depending on the initial deposit amount.  To get the minimum deposit bonus of $50 one needs to deposit $250 – $499, for $100bonus the initial deposit must be from $500 to $900, and so on. The maximum deposit bonus can be claimed via depositing more than $25,000 and in this case, the customer will get $5.000. Sound good right? but how to get ClickTrades no deposit bonus? or who is eligible to get it?

ClickTrades deposit bonus review

Who can claim the bonus?

The bonus is available for the customers who are fully registered with the broker, it means that the person claiming the bonus should open an account with ClickTrades. The account must be approved by the compliance department after it the person should make the minimum deposit that is required. Only after this, the customer will be able to claim the bonus.

ClickTrades deposit bonus withdrawal

Terms & conditions of using ClickTrades deposit bonus

Once you get the deposit bonus on your account there are several ClicktTrades deposit bonus terms and conditions to keep in mind.

  • As you have the initial deposit money and the bonus on your account the one which is active when you open a new position to trade is your initial deposit. Meaning that if you sustain loss it will be first deducted from the deposited account and only after the initial deposit money will be zero, it will be deducted from the deposit bonus.
  • If the deposit bonus is applied to your account but you do not want to use it or you want to cancel it you may contact the customer support department for further actions for ClickTrades deposit bonus removal

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How to withdraw money

The broker has several withdrawal restrictions. To be able to withdraw ClickTrades deposit bonus or the profits generated with it, you need to generate a certain trading volume in 90 days. Let us make the example:
– Joe has created an account and made the first deposit of $500, meaning that the $100 deposit bonus was applied to his account.
– Now Joe needs to generate a trading volume of $10,000 for every $1 of the bonus he was awarded.
– As the ClickTrades deposit bonus Joe got was $100 overall he needs to generate the trading volume of $1,000,000 in 90 calendar days. This sounds much to him at first sight but as the leverage, the broker is offering is 1:300 it is an achievable amount for a trader like him.
Until Joe does not complete the bonus conditions he is not eligible to withdraw the funds from the trading account. If Joe decides to withdraw the funds anyway, the following consequences occur:

  • The bonus will be removed from Joe’s account
  • The profits that Joe has made will be removed
  • Joe will be able to withdraw the balance

Otherwise, if Joe completes all the conditions ClickTrades deposit bonus withdrawal is a simple and standard procedure that requires filling up the withdrawal request form.

How to get Clicktrades deposit bonus

Is ClickTrades deposit bonus good for me?

As you could see by yourself deposit bonus is very attractive, it gives you the possibility to choose the amount of the bonus you want, the amount of the bonus is high and with the high leverage, you can generate more profits. However it comes with certain terms and conditions, so how do I know if the ClickTrades deposit bonus is good for me? First and foremost keep in mind that you have the choice to accept or deny it, while the profits that can be generated are high bonuses that require trading turnover. Therefore, if you are looking for more flexible terms and conditions and ease of withdrawal sign up for the XM deposit bonus instead.