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Getting good Forex Deposit Bonus is not as easy as it seems, especially if you have already started to trade with scam broker. This is why it is important to search for real terms and conditions before you take a deal. Today we present you FBS Bonus on Deposit Review that will tell you if you should take it!

FBS Deposit Bonus is not reliable

Yes, as the title suggests, this deal is one of the unreliable deals that exist now. And, it is not just about a deal, the broker is unreliable as well. Overall, deal has such conditions that none of the traders will be able to fulfill. And, there are always problems with withdrawals at FBS.

Have you ever heard something good about FBS from real people? We didn’t. Of course, there are some robots that comment such reviews and tell that FBS Bonus is awesome and they have made 1000% profit in one day using this bonus. But we do not believe in such stuff.

Furthermore, this broker often forces its employees to comment on posts like this, stating that we are not telling the truth and trading with this broker is all sunshine and rainbows. But, whom will you actually believe, broker with scam reputation or us?

FBS Deposit Bonus Alternative

Of course, you can take FBS Bonus deal at your own risk, but our advise is staying away from it! If you want to trade with reliable broker that will not fool you, there is always XM. We are not forcing you to take 25% Deposit Bonus from a reliable broker, but our opinion says that such deal is much better than 100% from unreliable broker.