FX Flame deposit bonus – Should you trust the offer?

FX Flame deposit bonus – Should you trust the offer?







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FX Flame is an inactive Forex broker that once operated among the popular MT4 brokers and offered many benefits to its users. The brokerage company does not offer its services to traders anymore and cannot be found online. However, its previous users, as well as newcomer traders who have heard about the broker are looking for FX Flame deposit bonus which was a once very popular bonus program.

The broker offered a 25% deposit bonus for the new registering clients across the globe. Even though the bonus program quality was average and definitely not among the best offers on the market it still had loyal users and attracted a significant number of traders. Since nor the broker services or the bonus program is available at the moment we offer that you go through available Forex deposit bonuses to find a convenient program for you. We recommend that you try the best offer in the industry provided by XM broker – 50% deposit bonus along with a 20% extra bonus on high-volume deposits.

The Forex broker is no more operating! Claim XM 50% bonus instead.

Try instead 50% deposit bonus at XM

FX Flame deposit bonus program specifics

fx flame deposit bonusFX Flame deposit bonus program was dedicated to encouraging prospective clients to register on the broker’s platform. The broker promised new clients to grant a 25% deposit bonus on their initial investments with the broker. The new clients had to make a deposit of at least 100 US dollars in order to be eligible for the program. Those users who made deposits in accordance with the minimum deposit requirements of the broker would receive up to 25% credit upon their investment available on their trading balance. The confusing part of the program was the amount of bonus that the client was receiving. 100 USD deposits were not eligible for the full 25% deposit bonus but instead a tiny portion of it (5%). The bonus amount grew in accordance with the size of the trader’s investment with the broker. So, clients would have to deposit up to 1,000 US dollars in order to claim 25% deposit bonus money.

FX Flame Deposit Bonus Alternative

As in almost every other deposit bonus program, the FX Flame program did not allow bonus amount withdrawal. In order to withdraw the FX Flame deposit bonus, clients had to satisfy the trading volume requirements. FX Flame had one of the most extensive requirements which would take several weeks to months to accomplish. Since both the investment amount and trading volume requirements were highly inconvenient for the traders we never recommended the FX Flame deposit bonus for our readers. Instead, we suggest low-cost and flexible bonus programs such as the one that XM Forex broker offers.

FAQs on FX Flame deposit bonus

Which broker offers Deposit bonus?

XM Forex broker offers a 50% deposit bonus with an extra 20% bonus on high-volume investments. The minimum deposit requirement with the broker is 5 US dollars. The total bonus amount can achieve 500 US dollars. If your investment exceeds this bonus limit then the rest of the amount will receive a 20% deposit bonus on top of claimed 500 USD.

Which brokers give no deposit bonus?

XM, Tickmill, and few other Forex brokers offer no deposit bonuses. However, XM no deposit bonus is considered to be the best one currently available on the market. XM runs a 30 USD no deposit bonus program. The eligibility criteria of the bonus is extremely flexible, as well as the terms and conditions applicable to trading volume requirements and withdrawals of the bonus amount.

What is Forex no deposit bonus?

Forex no deposit bonus is a free welcoming bonus program that the best Forex brokers will often incorporate. No deposit bonuses are certain funds that the broker will credit to the new user’s balance after registration. The no deposit bonus amount is not withdrawable, however, as it is meant for trading purposes only. Therefore, users can trade with the free bonus money and after satisfying the trading volume requirements as per bonus terms’ they will be able to withdraw the profits generated through trading with no deposit bonus amount.