Non Stop Bonuses By Global GT Financial Broker

Non Stop Bonuses By Global GT Financial Broker


60% up to $600





Min. volume


Global GT financial broker incorporates different types of bonuses for its traders, traders around the world can increase their gains from trading activities as well as from the promotions that are provided by this reliable broker.

Since it was founded in 2020, Global GT oriented its services and offerings to attract as many investors as possible and to retain them on the platform as long as possible, by operating in a safe platform, regulated by the license of FSCA issued by the regulatory body of South Africa, and the FSA license issued by the regulator of the Seychelles islands, making it a legit broker that many traders would want to seek opening market positions with.

The generous Global GT bonus system is given as either a welcome bonus or loyalty bonus, which can be considered one of the best deposit bonus programs among brokers, with both being automatically initiated once a trader makes a deposit in their trading account.

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Welcome Bonus

A generous welcome bonus is offered for every new trader that opens a trading account for the first time, though opening multiple accounts under the same name or same IP address makes the client not eligible for receiving a new welcome bonus on every new account they create.

Global GT’s welcome bonus amounts to 60% of the first-time deposits done by the new trader, with a maximum limit of $600. The amount is credited directly to the trader’s account and is valid for trading activities only.

Loyalty Bonuses

After the welcome bonus, a series of loyalty bonuses start kicking in, this bonus system is designed to keep the trader with Global GT financial broker as long as possible, with a generous 30% every time a trader deposits money in their trading account.

Under the condition that the second-time deposit takes place 30 days after the first-time deposit or the welcome deposit, a trader can receive 30% of the second-time deposit, which is credited instantly to the trader’s account and only available for trading activities.

From this point on, this Global GT deposit bonus program keeps going for a third, fourth, and many rounds, until the Global GT bonus maximum of $6,000 is reached, this is where the loyalty program stops.

The trader is eligible for this bonus only if there is a gap of 30 days between the deposits periods, which keeps the traders on the platforms as long as possible, without taking advantage of this bonus system by depositing multiple amounts in a shorter period of time.

Cash Rebates

Occasionally, a Global GT no deposit bonus is introduced as a cashback which is offered under different circumstances and given under the instruction of the website, trader are to be notified through the trader’s portal.

The rate of the cash rebate offered by Global GT Forex broker is defined by the broker once the offer becomes available, and it can be revoked in case the trader opens and closes a market position in less than 60 seconds, or deposits funds then withdraw in less than 60 seconds window.

Important Considerations

Since traders are checking all around the Global GT bonus review, there are some important things that shall be considered in order to receive these types of bonuses, especially when it comes to the loyalty bonus.

  • The bonus credited to the trader’s account can be used only for trading activities and cannot be withdrawn.
  • Traders can only withdraw the profits generated from the trading using the bonus money.
  • If a trader tries to withdraw the bonus money during or after the bonus is credited, the bonus system will be canceled for the trader.
  • ECN account type is not eligible for any bonus program.
  • The bonus cannot be transferred between different accounts of the same trader.
  • These bonuses have limited offering time as shown in the trader’s portal, and the broker has the right to stop offering at any time.