KeyStock Deposit Bonus – What does the broker offer?

KeyStock Deposit Bonus – What does the broker offer?







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KeyStock, a Forex broker under the brand name of Nuntious Brokerage and Investment Services does not offer brokerage services anymore. The broker stopped its operations a few months ago due to unknown reasons. However, it has been an average MT4 Forex broker with hundreds of financial assets available to trade. The broker was also known to have very high trading costs which significantly reduced the number of customers that would register on the broker’s platform.

In the beginning, the broker was offering several promotional programs. However, since the minimum deposit requirement was extremely high with the broker – exceeding 1,000 US dollars, not many traders expressed interest in the promotional campaigns of the broker. In a very short period of time, the broker stopped offering bonuses altogether. There are plenty of options when it comes to deposit bonuses in the Forex industry. You can find an extensive list of the top deposit bonuses available on the market. Furthermore, we recommend the bonus program of the leading Forex broker – XM offering a 50% deposit bonus on investments from 5 US dollars.

The Forex broker is no more operating! Claim XM 50% bonus instead.

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KeyStock deposit bonus terms and conditions

keystock deposit bonus There are two types of bonuses. in general: deposit Bonus and no deposit bonus. In the past, KeyStock has been running both campaigns but conditions and the bonus amounts are no longer disclosed on the internet. However, according to the reviews of the past KeyStock clients, the bonus terms were overcomplicated and kept traders from withdrawing it at all. Usually, the bonus programs will come with terms and conditions which have to be met in order to claim the bonus and withdraw the profits. None of the deposit bonus programs will allow its users to immediately withdraw the bonus amount. Instead, the traders will have to complete the trading volume requirements to later cash out any earnings that they make through trading with the bonus money.

KeyStock bonus alternatives

Unfortunately, KeyStock bonuses are non-existent and what makes this even worse is the fact that Keystock’s minimum deposit is $1000. In this case, a no deposit bonus would have been greatly appreciated by any broker. Bonuses can be extremely beneficial to you and since Keystock does not offer any, we recommend you find a reputable broker that does and reap the benefits that bonuses offer. At this moment, the best offer on the market is XM’s 50% deposit bonus. The clients will receive an XM deposit bonus on investments starting from 5 USD. The maximum bonus amount can reach 500 US dollars. However, even afterward the high-volume investments are subject to receiving 20% bonus.

FAQs on KeyStock deposit bonus

Is KeyStock legit?

KeyStock Forex broker was a legit broker. However, the brokerage company does not exist anymore. It has closed its operations recently and does not serve traders anymore. The broker did not hold any regulations whatsoever. It might mean that the traders who held funds with the brokers were not able to get refunds for their investments. That is why it is always important to trade with regulated Forex brokers even if unregulated broker is legit and has no negative reviews.