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London Capital Group Bonus







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The London Capital Group is a UK forex broker founded in 2005 by their holding company, London Capital Group Holdings. This holding company has been in operation since 1996 and is known by numerous traders. Since recently London Capital Group has undergone a major rebranding effort and is known commonly known as LCG. Take a look at our review of the London Capital Group’s bonuses and offers and see if they have an offer that interests you.

London Capital Group Offers

London Capital Group Offers

London Capital Group currently offers two promotions which are:

  • 10% Deposit Bonus
  • Rebates

10% Deposit Bonus

The current London Capital Group deposit bonus is 10% of any sum up to £100,000 which means the maximum bonus you can receive is £10,000. In addition to that, the terms of the bonus make it tedious to receive the bonus as well as use it.

First off, the promotional period ended on June 30, 2016 which means that this bonus is currently unavailable yet still the offer is still on their website. On top of that, the LCG bonus is not automatically added to your account, you have to contact the London Capital Group for the bonus funds to be added to your account.

Finally, the London Capital Group bonus on deposit is only received once you have met the notional requirements set by London Capital Group. If after 180 days, you have not met these requirements then they’ll retract it. Also if they for some reason believe that you “violated” their policy then you will not receive the bonus.

The deposit bonus London Capital Group offers is not guaranteed in any way.


Rebates are another one of the London Capital Group’s offers. They will give you cash rebates if you meet the notional trading volume for Forex, Indices or Commodities.

The lowest amount is £10 million which is for Commodities. Both forex and Indices carry a £50 million minimum requirement. Also if you participate in the rebates offer then you are not eligible for the 10% bonus offer.

Quite frankly the London Capital Group’s bonuses and offers are clearly difficult to receive and take advantage of. We do not recommend you sign up for their bonuses but rather register with a broker with better bonus terms.