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by Gerard on May 6, 2019

How to become a successful trader in Forex? The Only Guide You Need

Nowadays everyone wants to find out how to become a successful Forex trader. However, a proper understanding of the market, a combination of soft skills, including patience and consistency are required to achieve some sort of success. Unfortunately, the majority of worldwide traders lose money, but of course, there’s a reason for that. We will do our best help you lead in the right direction, minimizing the chances of facing failure.

Before getting into details, I want to drag your attention to the crucial part of this game. Without putting the right amount of time and dedication, there’s no single piece of content, that will provide you with the exact blueprint to becoming a successful Forex trader. Don’t even think of giving up, stay consistent and never quit practising, that’s the only way of achieving the desired result.

Surely, as I have mentioned above, none of the guidelines will answer the question of yours. Nevertheless, we’ve decided to write down a list of mandatory steps, that will most probably help you avoid facing the financial loses, especially if you are among the newbie traders, who have no prior experience in trading.

The Basics of Forex

Without having a proper understanding of the fundamentals, you will have a hard time making the profits, that everyone tends to be making. Invest a tiny bit of capital into learning the crucial details, such as reading the Forex charts, estimating the currency pairs, experimenting with various trading strategies and predicting the upcoming trends, based on given signals.

mandatory steps showing how to become a successful Forex day trader

It does not matter whether you trying to learn how to become a successful day trader or just rooting to gain the knowledge into the long-term investing game, taking a couple of months in order to become familiar with the trading terminologies is a kind of obligatory of yours. Educating yourself will help you properly experiment with varieties of platforms, leading to finding the type of trading strategy that suits either your needs or the way you enjoy making money.

Embrace the Hustle

“Without hustle, the talent itself will only get you to desired destination” – best-loved quote of mine, crafted by Gary Vaynerchuk, the so-called entrepreneur and a founder of VaynerX. Miserably, most of the beginners have no idea how to become a successful currency trader, meaning that earning millions of dollars through trading isn’t part of the pyramid schemes.

Forget all kinds of people, claiming to be making a fortune, flexing their profits. Remind yourself that there are millions of traders like you on the market, competing and trying to be the best one. Don’t set imaginary goals, failing once in a while being onto the journey should not affect you negatively.

The dreams of becoming rich quick should have disappeared because having realistic results to achieve is the only way to becoming a successful Forex trader.

The Consistency of Learning Experience

The ones who have managed to attentively read the previously described steps are surely ahead of other traders. According to the official sources, only 7% of the total people, starting the trading experience remain into the business after 5 years of grinding.

Usually, being profitable from the first day of the entering Forex market is part of the imagination. Sometimes it takes months and even years to making profits. Learning along the way, estimating potential problems and finding the ways of dealing with them will help you get to the advanced level, where the so-called magic happens.

‘How to become successful trader?’ – forget the most commonly asked question of the community. Stick to the well-scheduled plan of yours and achieve some sort of consistency in trading as well. It may take hundreds of loses, worth thousands of dollars until you make that profitable trade, changing the entire career of yours.

Having the Right Amount of Trading Capital

More than $5 trillion dollar per are traded every single day, making the Forex market the most profitable one among its competitors. Fortunately, the term of having a certain amount of capital to get started out in the niche does not exist. Partially, it depends on the Forex brokers you are working with because they are in charge of setting the required amount of deposit to have the trading account registered. Additionally, trading on margins removes the part of investing millions of dollars.

how to become successful Forex trader - that's the only question to ask

However, we do recommend starting out with at least $1,000. It will help you experiment with trading strategies and in the case of facing loses, there will be no need for quitting the market straight away. Considering the fact, that the amount of investment you put in into the account directly affects the income should make you save even more money until getting things sorted out.

Saving Records Every Single Day

If you want to know how to become a successful trader in stock market, then recording every single day of your trading experience is the only thing that you should emphasize on. A high percentage of beginners don’t find the process of calculating daily incomes and expenses enjoyable. That’s the reason why most of them have no idea how much money they’re profiting.

Consider building some sort of excel sheet, helping you to write down the margins on a day to day basis. Identifying what kind of currency pairs are worth investing in will lead you to remove the loser ones. Sometimes experimenting with various trading strategies requires us keeping the records. The information, that you should have gathered during the period of the months or days will help you identify how profitable the certain methodology is.

Keep Yourself Updated

You may not be familiar with the fact that some sort of economic data and a collection of news influence the Forex market movements. That’s the reason why you should take some time finding the leading publications of the niche and subscribe to their newsletter to have the articles delivered into your inbox every single day.

Indicators are indeed the most crucial factors, influencing the upcoming changes, especially if you are eager to find out how to become successful day trader. The central banks of the countries alongside with their announcements regarding the policy affects the outcome. For having the greatest trading experience, one of the leading currency trading platforms have added news section into the dashboard in order to keep their users updated without even leaving the system.

Follow the Most Successful Forex Traders

Take some time to research the elite traders of the 21st century. They’re the ones who have the experience and knowledge, that you should be trying to acquire. I mean, it will not be the easiest thing to get to know them, but becoming the loyal member of their so-called tribe may be the way of connecting with them.

You can even implement some of the well-known strategies of theirs by imitating the same actions at the live market. By the way, you can follow their social media accounts and even the blogs for the purpose of getting some kind of information in advance regarding the possible trend.

George Soros surely is among the most successful Forex traders

It does not really matter how much money you are making per day or what kind of car you drive, you as a trader should always keep yourself updated with the currently trending topics of the market. Even the professional ones never stop learning in terms of competing against the young core, that does have a vision of becoming the best one.

How to Become a Successful part-time Forex Trader?

We do get the idea that not everyone is interested in pursuing the professional career path. Sometimes trading part-time is a way better idea than putting the entire investment of yours into the market, that you are not familiar with. We do recommend keeping the stable income source until the money you earn through trading exceeds the salary of a certain job.

Experiment With Demo Accounts

If it’s your first time getting involved in trading, then starting out with a demo account would be the best choice of yours. Basically, you can use the so-called virtual currency, the monopoly money to place the orders onto the dashboard what represents how the currency changes in real time.

Many of the first-time customers ask: ‘how to become successful Forex day trader?’. There’s no exact answer to that question, but one thing is for sure clear. Day traders are in charge of placing orders with thousands of dollars on an hourly basis. Despite having the trades executing all the time, profit margins are pretty slim because of that demonstrating the actions beforehand may give you a hand.

how do I become a successful FX trader? the answer is simple - never quit the market

Gaining the experience within the help of this accounts will help you operate without having pressure to speed up the actions. Don’t forget to utilize some of the latest strategies, tending to have the biggest potential. Having no risks and obligations while placing bids worth hundreds of thousands of dollars does not seem a bad idea at all.

Don’t hesitate to make the traders into a virtual environment because some of the best trading platforms to provide its traders with the possibility of competing against other traders while operating with demo accounts. It does create some sort of urgency and makes you as a trade to stand out among the others.

Managing Emotions

While making the first steps in exchanging currency pairs, the emotions will worsen the trading experience, especially in terms of making profits. Never let them dictate to bid high, sell the amount too quick or just quit the market straightaway without even waiting for a couple of hours. In order to provide a quick solution to the question: ‘how do I become a successful day trader?’, you should try your best to get rid of an impulsive decision as fast as possible till they put you into the worst financial situation.

Controlling Risks

Learning the risk management tactics of the Forex market is the first thing you should do, before placing any bids, worth thousands of dollars. Overall, the general quality of the trading platform itself does not really matter without having no risk management system to be implemented.

Traders should limit the lot size, focus on hedging and operating onto certain hours of the days. Always pay attention to these details to maximize the chances of having success, especially in the Forex market where every single action of yours has its meaning.

Have Close to Zero Expectations

There’s no way of earning thousands of dollars with just a tiny piece of investment. We do recommend having no expectations at all in terms of getting profits while trading, especially during the period of the first year.

It may sound silly for the first-time traders, but that’s exactly how the reality looks like. Always remember the fact that all the brokers claiming to offer step by step guide to becoming the best Forex trader, while earning X amount of money on a day to day basis is kind of scam-oriented promotion.


We’ve tried our best to write down all the possible useful Forex trading tips, helping you to become the successful Forex trader in the shortest period of time. It takes some time to get to the level where you want to be on.

Considering the fact that the only things that you need are a connection to the internet and a computer. Once you have the setup running, the knowledge of yours will help you enjoy the trading experience along with having desired profit margins.

By Gerard

Gerard contributes his 10 years of experience to the Forex Trading Bonus team by reviewing different brokers, outlining regulation, and reporting on the most important news in the industry. His brief stint in the Bank of England gives him the edge over many other writers to deeply analyze a policy change and come up with a distinct result that could come from it.

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