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by Gerard on June 26, 2022

iFOREX: An Established Name in Online CFD Trading

For all those people looking for an online trading brokerage, the most important task is to sift out the trustworthy brokers from those who offer little more than a trading platform. An obvious point is that, ideally, you should first become familiar with the brokers who have been in the business for a good many years before considering the newer names. The fact they have endured so long gives an indication not only that they have a good formula going, but that their operation is legitimate. There must be a large portion of pleased customers and loyal users to sustain a business for an extended period of time. In this article, we’ll look more closely at a brokerage that has been operating for over 25 years and which enjoys a solid reputation in the business: iFOREX.

When was founded in 1996, online trading was still developing and CFD trading was in its infancy, so it had emerged as a pioneer in the industry. iFOREX set about developing their own trading platform from scratch, in consultation with trading experts, in order to construct an ideal user experience in terms of sleekness, simplicity, and technological power. Since then, they haven’t stopped enhancing the platform, all the while keeping in touch with their customers’ feedback. The result has been an ever-expanding user base that now includes several million clients who remain satisfied with the iFOREX trading experience and continue to trust the company. Let’s look at some of the things that are keeping iFOREX so popular among online traders.

A Social Broker

One of the secrets of iFOREX’s success in recent years has been their strong presence on social media. Through their social broker pages on , Facebook and Twitter, they maintain a human connection with their clients, while at the same time offering them a whole range of helpful content like news of central bank announcements or spikes in commodity prices. Users will find explanatory articles on a variety of relevant topics, such as “?” or Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, that may help provide a more well-rounded picture of the financial markets. There are also interesting descriptions of financial instruments that may be less familiar to some users, like copper of coffee, or enlightening introductions to complex topics like leverage. iFOREX users spend their social media time gleaning quick, informative summaries of the recent share price movements of big companies like Tesla or Ford, or the performances of currency pairs like EUR/USD or USD/JPY. Contemporary trends in the financial world like looming recessions or sectors that are creating headlines for all kinds of reasons, such as cryptocurrency, as well as influential business personalities keep up a presence on iFOREX’s social pages. Finally, iFOREX keeps up a steady stream of insightful quotes about financial trading to help inspire traders.

A Regulated Company

iFOREX is a regulated broker, and regulation is a crucial ingredient for any broker you may choose because it is your assurance that an official regulator is making sure all their dealings are both legal and honest. The regulator’s role is also to ensure consumers are not exposed to excessive financial risk (for example, by regulating the amount of leverage that is offered on the platform and making mandatory such policies as negative balance protection). If your broker is regulated, you’ll have someone to turn to for mediation if, for some reason, you are unable to withdraw your funds and your broker refuses to assist. Regulatory bodies also mandate that trading brokers keep their own funds separate at all times from their clients’ money, and they keep a trained eye out for any signs of fraudulent activity. One pointer is to actually search the regulator’s database for your trader’s name. It’s been known to happen that a brokerage will falsely claim it is regulated by a certain authority, or even mention the name of a non-existent regulator on their website.  

Summing Up

Some of the key draw points for a broker are in their online platform itself because this is the interface you actually engage with every day. iFOREX’s platform works just as well in desktop format or on your smartphone, and quickly connects you with hundreds of different financial instruments, from shares to crypto prices to indices, commodities, foreign currencies and ETFs. iFOREX’s many years in the business has endowed it with a great deal of valuable client interaction that the company uses, time and time again, to make improvements, aiming to be one of the best and most trusted in the industry.

In addition to variety, trustworthiness and selection, iFOREX also provides clients with excellent trading conditions and a wide range of trading tools to help them make more informed trading decisions. Choose from market alerts, trading signals, technical analysis, interactive charts, market news, and an economic calendar. As far as CFD brokers go, iFOREX is a broker that makes an effort to relate to its clients and build trust.

By Gerard

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