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Want to try some new strategies or just looking for a no deposit bonus without id verification? There are a few of such deals in the Forex market. Most of similar campaigns have shady conditions and you have to dig deep in order to find real terms. This review shows what no deposit bonus is actually hiding behind its curtains. We will tell you if this deal is worth the effort or should you rather stay away from it. Read full No Deposit Bonus review  and get all the information now! No Deposit Bonus 15 USD Description

It is clear that is definitely NOT one of the major Forex brokers right now, probably this is why it tries to get a part of the market using a no deposit bonus campaign. This deal supplies you with 15 dollars that will be credited to your account in two days after you have made an account at

But, in order to get this no deposit bonus, you will have to give your real cellphone number at the time of the registration. This broker will verify your number and if everything goes smoothly, you will have your free cash.

No Deposit Account Types

It is important to remember that only two types of accounts will allow you to claim free 15 dollars. They are STP and Crypto currency accounts. From the view of Forex Trading Bonus, there is no much difference between accounts, except for your preferences. If you really prefer bitcoins or dogecoins, go for Free Crypto 15 bucks. In case there is no much in crypto currencies for you and you trust the power of all mighty dollar more – just choose STP.

Bonus Deal Expiration

Remember, no deposit bonus has no specified expiration date, it can mean that this bonus will be with you forever, or they will just change conditions after some time and take this bonus away from you. Nevertheless, it is also important to bear in mind that the moment you claim your bonus, your first deposit will have increased withdrawal fee. As you can guess, withdrawal will cost you additional 15 USD, which is, not surprisingly, equal to your bonus amount. Bonus Conclusion

Putting everything together, the no deposit bonus feels like an okay deal for people who just want to try crypto trading or are simply bored and want to trade without giving their identity away. This broker will not need any of your details, except for the phone number, of course. Furthermore, no bonus expiration time raises more questions than excitement and can mean anything from an awesome deal to an unrealistic deadline. From our experience, we would not recommend this deal to anyone who perceives Forex trading seriously. If you are looking for a reliable bonus – try XM 30 USD account, the conditions of it are much better and bonus amount is actually 100% higher, which is awesome.

It is better to take free unquestionable deal from reliable broker that to get something questionable and expose yourself to risk.

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