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FxNet is an online brokerage company, claiming to be one of the best choices for traders from around the world. However, we highly doubt the legitimacy of this company, considering the fact that they do not hold a license for now. When it comes to their no deposit bonuses, you should be extremely careful as once you try to claim the gift, they either close your account or do not give you the ability to withdraw profits.

Update: Unfortunately, FXTM No Deposit Bonus is not available at the moment!

Thankfully, the Forex market is pretty competitive and has a lot of reliable brokerage companies that can offer you something more valuable. We advise you to check out XM Group, which offers a generous $30 bonus for free.

How does FxNet No Deposit Bonus work?

First things first, you have to understand that Forex Trading Bonus is not one of those websites that are going to fool you and tell you that the FxNet bonus is awesome and you should take it now. There is absolutely no way that this bonus can be good.

Firstly, it comes from an unreliable broker that does not have a good name. We have absolutely no idea where did this broker came from and how actually it started to accept deposits. What we know is that they were regulated by CySEC, but an audit revealed the violation of terms which resulted in the removal of the license. Trading with a scam Forex broker, no matter what kind of bonus it offers is not a good idea.

Secondly, as we already mentioned, there is no FxNet No Deposit Bonus available. They either close your account if you claim it or give you this bonus but you will not be able to withdraw anything. So, withdrawing the amount of bonus or the profits made from it is impossible.

Considering these facts, we advise you to stay away from FxNet bonuses and do not open an account with them. It is definitely better to trade with someone with a reputable name. In the beginning, you can go for XM Group, which is a popular trading destination offering you no deposit bonus to boost your trading performance.

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FxNet Bonus – Is it worth your attention?

In the end, it is clear that we will never advise you to go for an unreliable broker when this industry has much more to offer. Trusting a company that is not considered trustworthy is never a good idea, as if something inconvenient happens, you will not be able to do anything in terms of legal actions. Now is the best time to sign up for XM and take advantage of their no deposit bonus that gives you $30 in total, which is a pretty good amount especially for beginners that want to test the company’s services for free.

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FAQs on FxNet No Deposit Bonus

Can FxNet bonus be withdrawn?

No, the FxNet bonus can not be withdrawn, meaning that you will not be able to turn it into real cash. Even if you make profits using it, the broker will either close your account or still give you the bonus without the option of withdrawal. That’s why it is always a good idea to check terms and conditions before choosing a specific promotion for trading purposes.

How much time does it take to claim FxNet bonus?

FxNet bonus usually may take up to 24 hours to reflect in your trading account. However, the duration may vary, depending on how much time it will take for a brokerage company to approve your account. Account approval includes providing the website with the documentation that confirms your identity.

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