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FxPrimus has been in the trading game for a long time now and they have been known to provide some very useful tools for traders. Registration to their account is free and they offer a $33 bonus deal upon selecting a live account type. Signing up to their trading platform is really simple and takes a few minutes before your account is ready to trade.

The various account types you can create are:

  • 60 days practice account- this account uses virtual money and your bank account will not be charged for transactions done in this type of account.
  • Individual account- this is an account made for 1 person trading only.
  • Joint account- if you have a trading companion you will benefit from this type of account that offers two users access to a single portfolio.
  • Corporate account- this type of account is reserved for companies that wish to use FxPrimus as their trading platform.
fx primus no deposit bonus

How to access the FxPrimus bonus $33

Once you have created your account through the simple to use forms, you will receive a couple of emails from FxPrimus and one of them informs you about the promotions currently running. Amongst them is the $33 – no deposit bonus that you can access as soon as you decide the type of account you will be using from the ones described above. This promotion is available and useful only if you have a live account compared to a practice account. Once your account has been approved by FxPrimus’ compliance department you will automatically receive your MT4 trading account number as well as your $33 free trading bonus.

What other bonuses are being offered by FxPrimus?

At the time of writing, FxPrimus also offered a 100% bonus on all the money deposited when starting a new account. This promotion matches all your deposited investments to the last dollar and in effect doubles your balance available to trade with.

Why would I signup with FxPrimus besides the bonus?

If you are new to the trading world you are best signing up with FxPrimus for their virtual trading feature available in the practice account. This will allow you to:

  • Access real-time trends,
  • Use virtual/fake money to trade,
  • Learn and establish your trading style

Ultimately it removes the risk of losing real money while allowing you to try out strategies on real markets. Sadly the profits made in the practice account also remain virtual.

Separating the practice and live account is to the advantage of traders because once one is confident in their practice trading they can then create a live account and continue working in a profitable way in the same environment they learnt how to trade in. This is also when they can access the $33 kickstart and more promotions as they trade.

FxPrimus also boasts one of the most responsive online support services we have experienced so far. With support for a broad language range all the queries and questions you may have are usually attended to within minutes and you can trade happily.

Recently we have received claims that this deal is unreliable. Furthermore, FxPrimus is now a questionable choice. We advise you to stay away from this deal and take free account from reliable broker XM!

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