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Bonuses are a way for you to increase your trading capital and in some instances begin trading without any investment on your part whatsoever. Numerous brokers offer various bonuses and offers to attract new clients and reward traders who trade high volumes with them. One popular type of bonus is a no deposit bonus which requires no personal investment for you to begin trading. While there are legitimate brokers and bonuses out there, there are also a number of scams as well. One such bonus is the Grand Capital welcome bonus.

Grand Capital No Deposit Bonus Review

grand capital no deposit bonus

The Grand Capital no deposit bonus is primarily attractive due to the amount you receive which is $500.

This is definitely a great amount to start trading with and is in fact higher than many other brokers however the terms and conditions make the Grand Capital’s bonus practically useless.

First of all, the Grand Capital $500 bonus is only available for 7 days, after that period, it is taken right out of your account. If something happened during those 7 days and you were unable to trade then that bonus is gone and you would not have gotten the chance to take advantage of it.

Secondly you cannot withdraw a partial amount of the profit, in all actuality you cannot withdraw the profits at all. They must be transferred over to a regular account, whether it be a Standard or Micro for you to be able to withdraw them.

The Grand Capital bonus without deposit also does not belong to you in any way, shape or form. While Grand Capital may make it seem like it is yours and will be used first when you trade, it is not. Also after some digging, we found out that Grand Capital uses your investment first rather their bonus funds.

This is made even worse by the fact that the bonus funds run out after 7 days.

The truth is, the no deposit bonus Grand Capital  gives you may seem attractive because of the amount but in actuality, it does not belong to you nor will you ever actually get to use it if conditions are favourable.

When you consider the terms and conditions, the Grand Capital welcome bonus stops being attractive and starts seeming more like a hassle. There are a number of other great brokers out there with better bonuses and better conditions. Avoid Grand Capital and register with a better broker.

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