Plus500 30 USD Practice Account

Today we are reviewing the offer that is probably the finest Contract for Difference starter’s pack – a 30 USD Account for your practicing (also available in 25 EUR, 100 PLN, 20 GBP and other currencies) . When you register with Plus500 and validate your phone number via a text message, your account will be awarded with Plus500 Balance of 30 dollars or its equivalent in another currency. This way you can use Plus500 30 USD Practice Account to get a hint of the trading platform and place orders for one out of the hundreds of CFDs. Please note that Plus500 only offers CFD services and even though you are trading on a Practice Account, you capital still may be at risk.

This deal is no longer available.

plus500 30 USD account
Size of Bonus:
 N/A     Trading Platform: Plus500 Trader

Expiration: 90 Days      Min. Volume: 60 Points

Leverage: 1:200               Required Action: SMS Verification

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Plus500 30 USD Account Description

Since Plus500 lets you work with a web trading platform, the only thing you will need to start trading is the Internet connection and nearly any type of a device that supports trading. You will not need to download any undesired software on your laptop or desktop, you would just need to access the platform via your browser and start trading in a matter of seconds.

Before taking out your 30 USD, you will need to gain 60 Points. Unlike most of the MetaTrader brokers, which focus on volume in lots, Plus500 sets the target in the Trader Points aka TPs or TPoints.

Trader Points are gained by a combination of the spread and the popularity of any determined asset. Trading a contract of 1000 EUR on EUR/USD (or, as it is known in MT4, one micro lot – 0.01) would provide you with 0.1 TPoints, while the same size of the contract on, let’s say EUR/PLN, would give you 15 times more volume, or 1.5 TPoints.

The practice funds will be active for 90 days, so you will have to make less than 1 Trader Point daily to get the full bonus amount into your ownership. This deal has also the withdrawal advantage, as it is in your hands to manage the profit gained from trading. You are free to withdraw the profit of 100 dollars without actually achieving 60 TPs. You only need to achieve the volume to withdraw the principal amount. But this is also not a hard task, after generating some income and increasing the size of your account, the Trade Points will come along easier.

This deal is no longer available.

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