Is Trade360 No Deposit Bonus Worth a Try?


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Trade360 is an online financial platform that offers trading services to its customers. From time to time, the broker announces promotions for people that want to start their trading journey without making personal investments. With Trade360’s bonus feature, you can trade before depositing money. They are giving away a $50 bonus when a user verifies their new or existing account.

Update: Unfortunately, Trade360 No Deposit Bonus is not available at the moment!

However, you don’t have to worry much as the market is quite competitive and has other options as well. In this case, we recommend you to check the page of XM Group, which has much more attractive offers for new customers.

Reviewing Trade 360 No Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions

The process of claiming your bonus is really simple and takes less than a few minutes to complete.

  • Register an account if you are new to the platform.
  • Enter your active mobile number
  • Receive a unique 4-digit verification code
  • Verify with the website

Completing these simple steps will get you a starter bonus of $50 to use while familiarizing yourself with the website and trading. However, the promotion is only available to newcomers, so if you are someone who has been trading on Trade360 before, you will not be able to claim this offer.

One thing that traders might not like about this bonus is that it is available for 7 days only. So if you somehow manage to not deposit funds within the first seven days, the bonus will automatically get canceled and you will have your positions closed.

Another disadvantage of using this offer made by Trade360 is that it has high requirements, meaning that in order to be able to make withdrawals, traders need to deposit at least $100 which is more than the original amount of bonus. Additionally, you have to open at least one trade and they should be open for more than 10 minutes, otherwise, it won’t count towards the requirements of a no deposit bonus.

Considering all these facts, we advise you to look out for some alternatives as a lot of other companies have promotions with much more beneficial trading conditions. If you are someone who is not very familiar with the industry, then we can recommend XM Group – with its $30 no deposit bonus, you can easily start your trading journey with a reliable broker.

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Can you benefit from Trade360 Bonus?

Trade360’s bonus might look attractive at first but when you look deep into its terms and conditions you will find out that disadvantages definitely outweigh advantages. For instance, the fact that the bonus is available for 7 days only is a big minus, along with high deposit and withdrawal requirements. As we already mentioned, you are always free to look out for better options. Now is the best time to sign up for XM and claim its $30 bonus that does not require any deposit.

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FAQs on Trade360 No Deposit Bonus

How can I claim my Trade360 No Deposit Bonus?

In order to claim your bonus, you need to register for trade 360’s main webpage. All that is required is a username of your choice and an accompanying password, and you are set. They even made it easier to claim the bonus, you can sign up using your Facebook or Google account data and then complete the required procedure so that you get your $50 bonus.

Who is eligible for Trade360 No Deposit Bonus?

Trade360 No Deposit bonus is only available for new clients, meaning that if you are someone who has been using the services offered by this company earlier, you will not be able to get the bonus. Newcomers can simply use the registration form, enter their personal information, get the confirmation from the broker and claim their $50.

Does Trade360 No Deposit Bonus Expire?

Yes, Trade360 No Deposit Bonus expires in 7 days. If you are not able to meet the requirements set by this broker within 7 days, the bonus will automatically get canceled, and you will no longer be able to use it. That’s why it is a good idea to sign up for the website when you are ready, otherwise, the bonus is going to be wasted.

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