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Have you ever wanted to give a trading platform some period of trial before depositing and trading with your hard earned money? Well now you can, Trade360 has come up with a bonus feature that allows you to trade before depositing money. They are giving away a $650 bonus when a user verifies their new or existing account. You don’t even need to deposit money into your new account to qualify for this $50 bonus. This will surely help to boost new and existing accounts trading profits.

How do I claim the $50 bonus?

The process of claiming your bonus is really simple and takes less than a few minutes to complete.

  • Register an account if you are new to the platform.
  • Enter your active mobile number
  • Receive a unique 4-digit verification code
  • Verify with the website

Trade360 BonusCompleting these simple steps will get you a starter bonus of $50 to use while familiarizing with the website and trading. Some users have made up to a hundred dollars in profits on the first day and the bonus was part of their investment.

Getting started with Trade360 could never be simpler, all that is required is a username of your choice and an accompanying password and you are set. They even made it easier to claim the bonus, you can signup using your Facebook or Google account data and then complete the required procedure so that you get your $50 bonus.

What benefits do I get apart from the bonus?

Apart from the obvious boost from the welcome $50 bonus, you will be joining a community that has some of the best traders and you can monitor how they trade and if you like, you can copy their trading behaviors so as to increase your profits. You get to follow brokers with a proven trading record and learn how to trade like they do.

Trade360 accepts most payment options and that makes it easier for you to deposit funds when buying stocks as well as to withdraw your profits whenever you need to. With their pool of funds safely secured in top tier banks, you can trade with a clear mind and not having to fear the loss of your money to fraudsters.

Unlike trading with their competitors, you don’t even need to deposit funds in order to get access to their trading tools. They have centered the trading experience around user satisfaction instead of the usual money centered platforms. With the user in focus, this brings a social aspect into the mix and making huge profits with motivation from others always ends up with richer traders than on platforms where the user is isolated from other traders’ activities.

Trade360 is a fully regulated and licensed EU broker. This should put your fears to rest when doing transactions that may be of large amounts as all their money handling ethics are above board and you will always be responsible for how your money is spent.

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