XTB No Deposit Bonus


40 USD



Min. volume

3 Lots



Getting ready for deep water but still not sure with whom you should make a deposit? In today’s Forex market you have opportunities of testing real accounts from some brokers without any deposits. And XTB No Deposit Bonus is certainly one of such deals! So get ready to check how good xStation platform really is using your free money. Important update: This offer is over. We recommend XM 30 USD Account!

XTB No Deposit Bonus Description

Crucial thing about XTB No Deposit is common for most of the no deposit deals, it is not available for traders who already have an account with this broker. So if you do have an account, ForexTradingBonus advises you you to check our deposit bonus section and grab something great for you!

Furthermore, the amount of bonus you receive depends on currency of your account. If you prefer US dollars the amount of XTB No Deposit Bonus you receive will be 40 USD. In case your main currency is British Pounds, you will get 25 GBP. And with Euros, xtb free bonus will give you 30 EUR to your fresh account.

How to Get XTB No Deposit Bonus?

In order to get XTB No Deposit Bonus you do not have to do anything extraordinary. Actually, the process is no different from normal registration. Yes, you just follow buttons from this post and open real account at XTB. Be prepared for identity check and do not cheat with name and surname while registering.

When your account is cleared, there is one thing you have to do. You have to write an e-mail to the xtb support telling them that you are ready for free bonus from xtb. In case you do not know, their email is ukservice@xtb.co.uk. So, there is nothing difficult.

If you did not cheat during registration, you will get your XTB No Deposit Bonus 40 USD!

Withdrawal of XTB No Deposit Bonus

Be aware, that your free xtb bonus can be used for trading only. So, there are absolutely no chances of transforming it into real cash. That’s a pity, but still, you can get your profits out.

You will not be able to transform your profits into cash before you make trading volume of 3 Lots. Three lots is not too much, except for the fact that CFDs trading will not count for this volume, so you will have to trade currencies.

Summing up, the deal is cool and the fact that you have stable amount for each preferred currency makes everything even better. Which means that trying it will not make you anything bad!


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