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by Gerard on April 2, 2021

Top 5 Richest Uruguayans

Uruguay is one of the most promising places to live. The country is rapidly developing and expanding its economic scopes. Surprisingly to many people, the state has one of the most advanced and educated communities. However, the country still remains objectively underestimated, as not many people are aware of the conditions in the country. Uruguay is famous for its exquisite nature and astonishing culture. But, we have to mention the brilliance of the local community in Uruguay, as many of the representatives of the young generation are becoming world leaders nowadays. Despite that fact, there are not many young Uruguayan entrepreneurs or business figures that are famous worldwide. Most of the wealthy community members of the country come from entertainment, sports, or political industries. We prepared a list of the top 5 rich and famous people of Uruguay.

Luis Suarez

uruguay populationSurprisingly to many, the famous football player Luis Suarez is also the richest Uruguayan currently residing in the country. However, a lot of people claim that factually, it may not be true. Since Uruguayans are humble people and old generation representatives are ashamed to display their fortunes, many might be covering up their wealth. Whatever the reason behind it, in fact, today, Luis Suarez is dominating the list of the wealthy individuals of the country.

Luis Suarez is relatively young, being 34 years old at the moment. He plays for the popular Spanish club Atletico Madrid currently, as well as the national team of Uruguay. Being one of the richest Uruguayans Luis is also the most famous name from Uruguay. Almost any football fan from any country would be able to recognize the successful striker and would succeed in naming the clubs that he played with. Luis started playing football at a very young age. He was 8 years old when his parents first signed him up for the minors’ football classes. However, he got a serious injury after the car accident very soon. Despite the recommendations from the doctors to abstain from playing, Luis continued with his career.

Currently, Luis Suarez accounts for 19 career trophies, six league titles, Copa America, and a title of the UEFA Champions League. He scored over 500 goals both for his clubs and Uruguay. Luis Suarez, who is the richest person in Uruguay as per official sources, has a net worth of over 70 million US dollars.

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Edinson Cavani

uruguay famous peopleIronically, the second place holder in our list is again the famous football player Edinson Cavani. Edinson also plays as a striker and has been playing in numerous successful and famous Premier League football clubs. Currently, he plays for Manchester United, as well as for the national team of Uruguay. He was very talented as a teenager and his playing style attracted various clubs. However, in the beginning, he played for Danubio in Montevideo. Edinson remained in the club for about two years until he finally moved to Palermo in 2007. Edinson Cavani spent around four seasons with the club. During this time, he managed to score 34 goals which is a significant result taking into account his 109 appearances.

When Cavani moved to Napoli, he was already the second highest paid Uruguayan player close to becoming the second richest man in Uruguay too. At Napoli, he was receiving over 17 million Euros as a salary. His career in the Italian club was very successful. In 2012, he earned Coppa Italia where he scored 5 goals. He finished the season as a Serie A top scorer, as well. After a year, Cavani appeared in Paris Saint-German, where he was acquired for over 64 million Euros. Until finally signing with Manchester United where he remains today. At the moment, Edinson Cavani is 34 years old and he is not planning to abandon his career any time soon in the future.

Edinson Cavani has a chance together with Luis Suarez to get on the list of the currently non-existent Uruguay billionaires someday. His total net worth at this point is exceeding 40 million US dollars.

Tabare Vazquez

richest person uruguayOne of the most beloved and respectable names in the history of Uruguayan famous people is Tabare Vasquez. Tabare was one of the rare cases of the second term elected president of the country. Despite the fact that the president had numerous failed attempts for the presidency before eventually becoming one, he never disappointed his people and remained as a strong influential politician till today.

President Vasquez was part of the political party Frente Amplio. However, as a young adult, he had completely different interests and career goals. He studied and worked as an oncologist for few years at the early stages of his career. But, it was not long before he realized that he preferred politics. During his middle ages, Tabare Vasquez became the major of his hometown. Soon, the public recognized Tabare Vasquez as one of the most famous Uruguayans and decided to enter the presidential elections. His first two attempts were unsuccessful. However, as a representative of the Frente Amplio party, he managed to win the elections on his third try.

As the president of Uruguay, Tabare was very much respected by the local community in the country. For that reason, people re-elected him for the second term, as well. Vasquez was also known to be a very dedicated husband and a father. He had three biological children and an adopted son. Unfortunately, Tabare was diagnosed with cancer in 2020, when he was still on his presidential term. Despite the multiple attempts to improve his medical condition, the most famous person from Uruguay passed away on March 1, 2020.

The net worth of Tabare Vasquez is estimated to be 5 million US dollars.

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Jose Mujica

uruguay richest manAnother president of Uruguay, Jose Alberto “Pepe” Mujica Cordano was born on the 20th of May, in 1935. He went through a life full of a lot of controversies, struggles, and difficulties, however, still remains one of the most beloved names in the history of Uruguay. Jose Mujica even spent more than 12 years in prison during the dictatorship era in the country. The government eventually released Jose Mujica from prison during the early 1980s. At that time he joined the Broad Front coalition. After some time, Jose Mujica became the Minister of Livestock, Agriculture, and Fisheries. Later, he was a Senator for some time, until finally becoming the candidate of Broad Front for the presidential elections in 2009.

Jose Mujica, who is the most famous person in Uruguay became the President of Uruguay on 1 st of March 2010. Frequently, people mention him as the world’s humblest head of state and indeed he well deserved the title. After completing his presidential term, Jose went back to his austere lifestyle and donated over 90% of his fortunes to charities. He always refused to live in a presidential palace and rather preferred to live on a farm together with his wife. He never had any of the staff to take care of the household duties.

Due to his incredible popularity, in 2013, Serbian film director Emir Kusturica began to shoot a documentary movie about the life of Jose Mujica. The director eventually released the movie in 2018 under the name of “the last hero of politics”. Furthermore, Frank Iodice, who is a famous Italian writer, published a book about the president’s life.

Jose Mujica net worth is estimated to be over 4 million US dollars.

Eduardo Galeano

famous people in uruguayThe writer, journalist, and the notable public figure of Uruguay, Eduardo Galeano is a national literary giant, who is recognized and beloved on the whole continent of South America. Galeano was born on the 3rd of September, in 1940 in Uruguay. He studied journalism and produced quite many notable works. Some of his books are best-sellers even today, such as Open Viens of Latin America, written in 1971, and Memory of Fire Trilogy, produced between 1983 and 1986. Probably, his greatest accomplishment is the fact that he preserved most of the Latin American culture and recent history in his works. He did a nice job of spreading the knowledge about the region, its culture, and ethnicity.

Eduardo Galeano is one of the richest people in Uruguayhowever, he accumulated most of his wealth as a writer and a publisher. Similar to President Jose Mujica, Eduardo was also a victim of the dictatorial regime. In 1973, during the military coup, they imprisoned Eduardo. Later, he had to abandon the country and live in exile in Argentina. While in his exile, he established the magazine Crisis. He published one of the most significant words, Open Veins of Latin America during that period, as well. However, at first, almost every country of Latin America, including Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay banned the book. For some time, he worked at the University Press and edited the daily Epoca.

Unfortunately, Argentina fell to the Videla regime in few years and Galeano’s name once again appeared on the list of the condemned by the death squad. This time, Eduardo had to leave for Spain, where he produced another notable work Memory of Fire, often regarded as the most influential literary indictment of colonialism in the Americas. 

Nowadays, being among the richest Uruguayan men, the net worth of Eduardo Galeano is exceeding 6 million US dollars.

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